Ash Apex Legends Will Be the Season 11 Character

by in Apex Legends | Oct, 18th 2021

Respawn Entertainment has finally opened the doors on Apex Legends season 11, revealing the name of the new season and some of the content that it will contain when it releases. This new season will include the latest character addition and that will be the Ash Apex Legends addition. 

Ash Apex Legends Character Announced

Ash Apex Legends is a character who has been quite prominent in the battle royale game’s lore and the world of even the Titanfall series. This is a person whom we have heard about for some time now and Respawn is finally making the time to launch this character as a battle royale participant. As with every season of the game to date, one of the expected and continuing additions to the game is a new legend for you to play as. This time around in season 11, the new character in the ever-growing lineup of  legends will be Ash Apex Legends.

This is a person who has been a constant in the background of the game for some time now and we will finally get to see her in action in the coming weeks. Though no release date has been revealed for season 11 at this time, we can expect that it will come out in just a few weeks from now. After all, the current Halloween event is happening for a limited time in Apex Legends, which tells us that we are likely to see a new season come out shortly after the conclusion of that event. Until then, we have a good bit of info to go off of based on Ash Apex Legends. 

Ash Is a Very Important Apex and Titanfall Character

For starters, Ash is a character who has been in the lore and known about for a while, with many players thinking that she would pop up in the game at some point as a character. Finally, she is doing so since she is done just overseeing the Apex Games and wants to win them herself. What is fascinating about this situation is that Ash Apex Legends will not be the first time that we see her in action in this series. If you played the Titanfall games, chances are that you already know about this character, who she is, and why she is so important. 

What is notable about Ash is that she is not a hero at all, but actually one of the several villains that you will face in the Titanfall 2 story campaign. She joined the Apex Predators group that was led by Kuben Blisk and was one of the main bosses that you could fight in a singleplayer mission. At the time of the campaign, she was already a simulacrum due to a severe injury that she sustained as a human, which led to her brain being transferred into a robot body, much like other characters like Revenant who are already playable in Apex Legends. 

Fans Have Waited a While to See Her in Apex Legends

In the singleplayer campaign of Titanfall 2, you face off with her and ultimately defeat her, but she is not destroyed entirely there. She is rebuilt and serves an important purpose in the multiplayer segment of Titanfall 2, which would then lead to her service in Apex Legends. Then, in the years that follow, her head is severed from her robot body and yet remains alive. During the lore of Apex Legends, it is revealed that Ash Apex Legends is found and then rebuilt to serve as the announcer for the Apex Games. 

As the announcer and host of the battle royale games, this is a character that veteran Apex Legends players will know quite well, even if you never touched the Titanfall series before it. With such a storied history with the franchise, it is no surprise that she is finally coming to the game. And better yet, players will be able to play as her, the latest simulacrum to join the ever-growing roster of characters. Not much is known about what her abilities will be at this time, but we are likely to find out more about this latest addition in the very near future. 

As mentioned, the end of the Halloween event will likely soon be followed by the launch of the new season of content. That will likely happen in early November, so players only have a few more weeks to wait for it. Until then, there is a launch trailer for season 11 that is coming later this week. 

More Season 11 Details Are Coming This Week

In that launch trailer, we will get our first glimpse at Ash Apex Legends in action and the other new content that will drop. Presumably then, we will have an idea of what this new robotic character will be like in a game that is continuously growing and changing in its meta. It would be really interesting to see a character that harkens back to the Titanfall 2 days and the Titans that are featured in those games. Valkyrie sort of did this as an homage to her father, another villain from Titanfall 2, with her repurposed jetpack, but that is only so much. 

It would be really awesome to see Ash bring back the Titans in some form or another in Apex Legends, but that might be too much honestly. Beyond the Ash Apex Legends release, season 11 Escape will include the launch of a new ranked season and a new weapon, too. However, the most significant addition other than Ash Apex Legends is the likelihood of a brand new map. It has been four seasons since the last new map dropped with Olympus, making it about time for another one. It is rumored to be a tropical map and, if true, we should see it very soon. 


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