Arslan Ash Takes First Place in Tekken 7 at CEO 2021

by in Fighting Game News | Dec, 6th 2021

Arslan “Arslan Ash” Siddique took first place in Tekken 7 at CEO 2021, showing why he is one of the world’s best players. The fighting game pride of Pakistan defeated the “hometown” American hero Hoa “Anakin” Luu in a thrilling Grand Finals set. 

CEO 2021 was the first major open-bracket fighting game tournament since the COVID-19 pandemic. The victory is Arslan Ash’s first major win in the United States since his legendary performance at EVO 2019. It is also the second offline event he has won in 2021 after taking 1st at WePlay Ultimate Fighting League last April.

Arslan Ash Claims the CEO Championship Belt

Representing FATE eSports and Red Bull eSports, Arslan Ash absolutely dominated the competition. On his path to Grand Finals, he won every single match without dropping a single game. This came against some of America’s top players, including EVO 2021 Online champion Marquis “Shadow_20z” Jordan. Known for his ability to use several different characters, Arslan Ash stuck with Zafina for the entirety of the CEO 2021. After cruising into Winner’s Finals, he met his Red Bull teammate Anakin in a matchup the whole venue had been waiting for. 

Unfortunately for Anakin and the USA supporters, nothing appeared to be stopping Arslan Ash’s momentum. He and his Zafina routed the American’s JACK-7 3-0 to advance to Grand Finals on the Winner’s Side. The tournament favorite was right where everyone expected him to be, yet he still managed to impress with such flawless play. After his FATE teammates and fellow countrymen, Imran “Khan” Khan and Muhammad “Farzeen” Farzeen were eliminated, it was up to Arslan Ash to bring the CEO 2021 belt back to Pakistan.

The Runback

The Win That Almost Didn’t Happen

Arslan Ash’s CEO 2021 victory is a monumental and emotional feat for the international Tekken star. Last month, he was forced to pull out at Red Bull Kumite Las Vegas due to Visa issues prohibiting him from traveling to the United States. He managed to get everything cleared up in time to attend CEO. Now that he is free to travel internationally to tournaments with no dilemmas, expect Arslan Ash to continue his incredible run of success as more offline events return next year.

Check out the full results of CEO 2021 here.


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