U.S. Army Esports Team Announced

by in General | Nov, 15th 2018

The US Army has announced that it will be putting an esports team together as part of its marketing campaign to increase recruitment. In a Reddit AMA earlier in the week, Army recruiter staff sergeant (SSG) Meaux invited veterans, reservists, and active Army to sign up and get involved.

SSG Meaux explained that they were working on two different outreach teams – an Army Functional Fitness team and an Army Esports Team. According to Meaux, soldiers have expressed a desire to represent the Army in competitive gaming to be more visible to the youth.

According to Meaux, the Army seeks to repair a perceived disconnect with society and hopes these outreach teams will help in dealing with that issue. They will be sending the esports team to tournaments to build interest in the Army and make them appear more relatable.

While veterans, reservists, and active military were invited to sign up, only those with remaining service time would be eligible since it is designed as a division of the Army.

SSG Meaux Reddit Post

Pay wise, the esports team outreach members will get the same pay and benefits as soldiers of equal rank across the Army. Army esports team members will also have all expenses associated with the job paid for by the Army, including certifications, competitions, and anything else needed for the job.

The Army has set up web pages to provide further details about their esports initiative that explains how interested candidates can get involved.


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