Arena of Valor Announces Upcoming Anime

by in Entertainment | Nov, 13th 2020

Anime’s pretty awesome, and so is Arena of Valor. For a few months, it absolutely hooked this writer, to the point where he grinded ranked every day. With a peak of 100 million active players daily in China, Arena of Valor is making waves in communities around the world. So what better time than now than to announce some new projects? According to TiMi Studios’ game director/general manager, Li Min, they’re going to “create a multi-dimensional brand experience”, which also includes an Arena of Valor anime.

Arena of Valor is definitely popular right now. The Arena of Valor International Championship for example, has a 500,000 dollar prize pool, which is the biggest Mobile MOBA prize pool of all time.

What’s Next for Arena of Valor?

Some might know Arena of Valor better as Honor of Kings, one of the biggest mobile games in the world, largely due to China’s support of the mobile MOBA. This news of an Arena of Valor anime is partially conjecture. Li Min has pointed out that they are expanding the ways Honor of Kings could interact with the world.

Anime, Live Action, Music, you name it, they could do it. There’s also going to be two more games in the Arean of Valor/Honor of Kings games, that are not MOBAs. Sounds to us like they have seen one of the things that are making Riot Games so popular right now. Between K/DA, Valorant, Legends of Runeterra, and League of Legends, there are so many ways to absorb more of the lore of that world, and various genres to enjoy it in.

We’ve got a lot of questions though. This anime is confirmed, yes? If so, what style of anime will it be? Will it be focused solely on the characters that make up the world, or something more meta like Gundam Build Fighters? That would have people playing Arena of Valor in the anime, creating a world where the mobile game is the focal point of the story while also building up people who love it.

At least we do know that Arena of Valor is doing some big things, and perhaps in the spring anime season, we can look forward to a new series to binge.


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