Arena Mode Is Coming to PUBG Labs for a Limited Time

by in PUBG | Sep, 16th 2020

PUBG Corp. has announced that the popular battle royale game PUBG will be getting a major new game mode soon. The new PUBG Arena mode will soon debut in the game, but unfortunately, it will only be available for a limited time.

PUBG Arena Mode Announced

The PUBG Arena mode will add some large-scale gameplay to the title, much different from what you know from the typical battle royale matches. It is a nice balance between many players and a more intimate experience that can be quite challenging.

The immediate comparison might be between this new Arena game mode and the one already part of PUBG Mobile, but they are quite different. This Arena mode in the main PUBG title on PC and consoles is different and a unique take on the usual experience.

According to the new PUBG Arena mode’s official description, players will thrust into a large match made up of 64 players. Players will be placed into a squad for the match’s duration and compete against other squads but only in a limited fashion.

The PUBG Arena mode will only be offered on three maps at its launch for a limited time, including Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok. But you won’t be exploring the entire map looking for supplies and trying to survive against the circle like in usual battle royale matches.

How the PUBG Arena Mode Works

Instead, you will be in a much smaller sectioned off zone of one of those three maps and compete against up to only two squads in total. You will battle against one another in a smaller arena-like setting until you have taken out the other squads you are up against, or your team is taken out.

Given the nature of the Arena, the teams will have only one life per round to fight in the area. Getting taken out means that you have to rely on your pals to win the match for you or revive you if knocked down. Revives are much faster here at only five seconds. That said, the actual match features multiple different Arena rounds.

If you can win a particular round against another team or two in the match, you will then move onto the next Arena round to face another squad or two. The twist is that these will be stronger teams, likely ones that won their respective first rounds.

On the other hand, if you are part of one of the teams that lose a round, not all hope is lost. Every team gets three chances to think of loss counters in which your team is eliminated from the match if your team loses all three times.

How Winning in Arena Works

So, losing once or twice doesn’t mean total game over as you can make a comeback and still win the whole match, but it does mean that you will have to work even harder to win every round from then on. The match will continue like this with teams eliminating other ones and moving throughout the map until only three teams are left.

With up to 64 players in each match, about 16 teams will likely be in each match. The rounds won’t change until 13 of them are gone. When three or fewer squads remain in the match, Arena will change into something entirely different.

The three squads (or less) will immediately thrust into a final Sudden Death Arena, where the winning team will be crowned the entire match’s victor. What players should keep in mind that your team’s chances have left don’t matter at this point in the game.

If your team has all three chances left, it won’t make a difference as your team is eliminated in the sudden death section if all of you are taken out. This will make it a situation where sneaking up on the other teams or taking advantage of them fighting each other could prove beneficial.

PUBG Labs Arena Dates

Lastly, the Arena game mode’s final new aspect is customizing your loadout through a loadout screen in the middle of a match. You will earn currency throughout the match for eliminating the other players and can use that to purchase items to better your chances of winning the next round, too.

This will allow the good teams in the match only to get better to reward those who are doing well. But it also means that you should come into the final section of the match with a stacked loadout as the other squads in the final Arena will likely have some impressive gear. It also means that looting will not be the main mechanic for new weapons in this mode.

Unfortunately, the new PUBG Arena mode will only be available for a limited time for now. It will drop for two weeks in total that players will check it out, and it isn’t even the full two weeks. On PC, the dates are set for Sept. 18-21 and Sept. 25-28.

The console version of the Arena mode will drop slightly later, with the first week happening simultaneously with the second part of the PC release Sept. 25-28. The final week is Oct. 2-5 for consoles. It is only being tested in PUBG Labs for now, but it could very well become a permanent addition to the PUBG experience if popular.


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