Are DJ Zedd And Dr Disrespect Going to Stream Together?

by in Entertainment | Feb, 12th 2021

DJ Anton ‘Zedd’ Zaslavski is a huge name in both the DJ scene and in Valorant, apparently. We had already heard of him as a DJ, with over 7 million followers on Twitter. But what we didn’t know is that he’s a brilliant Duelist in Valorant, having hit Immortal in the past. So we’ve seen that the DJ is wildly skilled at Valorant. What would make for a huge crossover with someone of his talent and personality? How about Zedd x Dr Disrespect in a livestream?

Potential Record-Breaking Stream?

We actually spoke about the tweet that led to this just the other day. Dr Disrespect posted this clip when he suggested making a map for Valorant. Zedd’s response to this was, “Doc, it’s time for us to duo!” and this, of course, got people on Twitter talking. It’s a pair of huge personalities that could come together for a seriously major livestream.

Sadly, Dr Disrespect has not responded to Zedd – at least not in public. It’s still something we would love to see, and if there’s anything the Two-Time knows, it’s when something is going to benefit him. If only we could get to see the two of them together on a map that Dr Disrespect himself has designed. On that note, Joe Ziegler, Director of Valorant has suggested Dr Disrespect send some thoughts and ideas for a map, so that’s pretty awesome.

It would no doubt have two incredible duelists just smoking people non-stop and making it look really cool in the process. I’ll admit, I was really surprised at just how good Zedd is at Valorant, so it would be two people of a similar skill level and a pair of tremendous followings. What would we get? Six-figure viewers, easy.

I desperately wish we knew more about this, but it’s something we’ll keep an eye out for. If an announcement is made about a Zedd x Dr Disrespect livestream is made, we’ll get it to you! It’s a big deal, after all, and we’d love to see it. All I know is that it’s a good time to be a Valorant fan. A great time. It’s still fresh, but it’s growing in popularity at a rabid rate. This could be exactly what Valorant streams need to get even more people watching. Cross-promotion is such a valuable tool, and we think Dr Disrespect will be game for it.


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