Are CoD Cold War Players Getting Banned for No Reason?

by in Call of Duty | May, 26th 2021

We recently received a tip that CoD Cold War players are getting banned for no reason at all. Whether it’s true or not, that’s not for us to decide but it’s certainly worth a look at. From what it sounds like, innocent apps that don’t cause any problems are being flagged as problematic for a variety of players. A player reached out to us to about a post that wound up being deleted by the mods of the CODZombies subReddit. It’s an interesting, but also awful situation.

What Is The Problem?

Do we want to see cheaters banned on CoD? That’s not even a question. It’s been my experience that people who cheat in CoD typically do it in ranked lobbies or Warzone, and don’t complain about their innocence. Especially in Warzone. They just use another account and get right back into the game. I’m personally more inclined to believe that this player and others in the Reddit threads are actually being banned for no reason in CoD Cold War. Why? These games are absolutely riddled with bugs. It’s not a far leap in logic to see there’s a conflict in the game code.

The reader in question, Emile posted the following message (now since deleted) on the CODZombies reddit:

Activision’s response to the banned player

“Like many people, I was permanently banned on Cold War for cheating. It’s sad, truly. I never cheated, had Dark Aether unlocked with over 300h and I was in the top 5000 leaderboards. I’ve bought every CoD for the past 15 years but I don’t see myself buying another game if this doesn’t get fixed.”

For those not in the know, Dark Aether is a camo unlock in CoD Cold War and is a faction within Cold War Zombies. The final mastery camo is “Dark Aether”, and is pretty challenging to unlock. Someone who spends this much time playing Zombies is, in my estimation, unlikely to be cheating. That’s a lot of hard work to lose over zombies.

Another Reddit thread is stating that players are being banned while aiming for higher rounds in CoD Zombies on PC for no reason. One player in particular actually managed to get unbanned and posted a list of every false ban to their support forums. To this player, it’s targeting players that go for 50+ rounds and receive a “Sail 640 Nuclear Bug” error. They exit the client and wind up permanently banned.

There’s a pattern to the (many) links in this thread. They’re all PC players, playing zombies, on 50+ rounds, and all saw the same error. Activision’s not helping, and instead, give the canned response of “Your appeal has been reviewed” and they “confirmed” that these players’ accounts have been banned for unauthorized software and manipulation of game data. Thanks to that, the bans aren’t typically overturned.

Players are rightly upset as well. Though it does feel like a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t scenario” when it comes to bans/anti-cheat solutions, it doesn’t seem like things are working quite right. Another Redditor in one of the CODZombies threads, Spectre2K, didn’t even get past 15 rounds before it happened to them. They did previously get to 45, but it wasn’t until a brief set of Zombies that they caught a banhammer.

“Glad this is getting traction. I’ve been banned since last Friday and it wasn’t even from a high round, just a round 15 game I did before work. The last high round I attempted was that Tuesday, where we got to round 45 before a game crash. It’s honestly disgusting that it’s even lasted this long without being addressed, let alone fixed. Can’t even escape the copy and pasted “review process” bs on this website either”

It’s sounding like in other threads, people are finding third-party apps (that aren’t cheating apps) are causing bans to come up. One Redditor, Dekzo claimed Activision made them delete Overwolf they use for another game (Rainbow Six) to even play. Overwolf doesn’t help players cheat, but it does give useful information. Curseforge is also apparently on that list, which is now also owned by Overwolf.

A Growing Issue

Instead of focusing on banning cheaters, it sounds like things like this are becoming more and more common. It’s unfortunate that the original post was deleted, and a host of really offensive ones just stay up. Despite it being deleted, we have a link to his post right here that you can view. Activision is not always the most forthcoming company, so if there’s a genuine problem and CoD Cold War players are being banned for no reason, something should definitely be done. Some kind of conversation needs to happen about it. Yes, third-party apps are used to cheat. But not every third-party app does this. It’s a shame to have someone lose their invested time and money over something they have no control over.

We will just have to see how things play out from here. When the original bug happened in April, Treyarch pointed out that if players had additional infractions on their account, it would stick, but otherwise, the bans would likely be removed. Despite the notification from Treyarch back in April, it doesn’t sound safe to come back to the game but again, time will tell.


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