Apple Will Not Let the Fortnite App Store Return Happen for Likely Years to Come

by in Fortnite | Sep, 22nd 2021

The seemingly eternal battle between Epic Games and Apple may have a somewhat possible ending in sight at this time, with recent developments, but that does not mean that we can hope for a Fortnite App Store return soon since that does not seem to be on the table for now. 

Tim Sweeney Shares Email From Apple

Epic Games recently revealed that it would like to have its developer account restored for the Apple services after the ruling was made in the trial, such as iOS and macOS, to bring Fortnite battle royale back to this mobile gaming market, specifically in South Korea and perhaps later in the rest of the world. 

However, this was shut down. Further details have come out about Apple’s decision about the Fortnite App Store return since then. Interestingly enough, the source this time around comes from the CEO of Epic himself, Tim Sweeney. 

Sweeney used Twitter this week to share the recent developments that have happened between his company and Apple. He shared an image of a letter that he received from what looks to be one of the legal counsels that have represented Epic Games.

Gary Bernstein of Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP is addressed as the recipient from a certain Mark A. Perry in the letter. The subject line for the email is a reply directly to an email titled “Developer Program Account” and then a string of letters and numbers that likely represent Epic’s Apple developer account. 

What Email Response Contains

The email begins by noting that this is in direct response to a request for the Epic Games developer account to be reinstated after its termination last year, about a year ago at this point. From there, there is a large amount of legal jargon about the supposed regulations that Epic broke then.

Some of the examples that are brought up include the “intentional breach of contract” and a general breach of trust in making omissions and other decisions. Since then, the courts have found that the termination of the Epic Games developer account and contract have been legally sound, so no reversal is technically needed. 

After that decision was made, Perry notes that Sweeney made a public statement about how the company would not give up the alternative payment system that it came up with (which sparked this entire lawsuit) to have the Fortnite App Store return happen. 

With all of these pieces in place, Perry noted that other parts add to it, like other statements from the courts and “Epic’s duplicitous conduct in the past.” Altogether, this has led Apple not to reinstate the Epic Games developer account at this time. 

Apple Will Not Reinstate Epic’s Account Until Appeals Are Completed

With all of this said and done, it is not surprising, but what is interesting about this situation is that the email did not stop there but continued with one final sentence that is quite intriguing. “Furthermore, Apple will not consider any further requests for reinstatement until the district court’s judgment becomes final and non-appealable.” 

What makes this part rather fascinating is that Apple is saying that there is no way for the Fortnite App Store until this entire lawsuit is over with. But not just finished, but to the point where Apple is unable to make any more appeals to the court to reverse the decision.

So, even if the final court decision favors mostly Epic Games over Apple, the iPhone company would choose to continue fighting in the courts with as many appeals as they are possibly allowed until they are unable to anymore. 

Then, and only then, would there even be the chance for Apple to reconsider having the Fortnite App Store return happen. Sweeney shared the letter in a tweet, noting that nothing will change with Fortnite and the App Store until all appeals have been exhausted. 

Fortnite App Store Return Could Take Years

To make matters worse, Sweeney noted that this could take as long as five years to run its course fully. To this point, there is the possibility that it could be five years (or even more) until we see the Fortnite App Store finally happen. 

This is quite unfortunate for iOS users worldwide who are fans of Fortnite and would like to play it again on mobile. Essentially, if that is you, do not expect the game to come back in the next several years, even if Epic Games “wins” the trial in the end. 

Take, for instance, how long we are in the trial at this point. We just now have received the ruling decision from the courts. With that in mind, there is likely much more of this trial to come. After all, there are several appeals that Apple can make, which each could take just as long as the initial trial to play out. 

With this in mind, we are most likely a long way away from the possibility of a Fortnite App Store return. With this now confirmed by Sweeney, it is time to find alternatives for players hoping to play Fortnite on their iOS or Mac devices.

There is always the ability to play on another platform, like console, PC, or Android, or you can play a different but similar game. There are other battle royale games on iOS, like PUBG Mobile, the upcoming New State, the currently-in-beta Apex Legends Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, and more. 


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