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One of the newest and most popular battle royales to emerge in recent years, Apex Legends is constantly changing! Join us here for our Apex Legends news to stay in the loop on everything going on in the scene. Whether you’re looking for information on upcoming Legends, details on limited-time events, or just want to hear about the latest glitch causing issues our Apex Legends news reports have you covered.

Apex Legends News and Updates

Cody Perez | May 21, 2020
Starter packs aren’t the most common in Apex Legends like they are in other games, […]
Cody Perez | May 15, 2020
Now that Apex Legends is in full Season 5 mode, players are already looking ahead […]
Cody Perez | May 12, 2020
EA and Respawn Entertainment have changed everything by releasing the Apex Legends Season 5 update […]
Cody Perez | April 17, 2020
EA and Respawn Entertainment have revealed some major announcements for the Apex Legends Global Series. […]
Cody Perez | April 1, 2020
Electronic Arts has made fans wait long enough to see what’s next for the Apex […]
Cody Perez | March 27, 2020
The Apex Legends Global Series might be up in the air currently regarding the future […]
Cody Perez | March 25, 2020
Respawn Entertainment is expanding the Apex Legends scene with the latest small update for the […]
Cody Perez | March 18, 2020
Apex Legends is growing even more in Season 4 with the addition of the latest […]
Cody Perez | March 16, 2020
The spread of the coronavirus pandemic has lasting effects across the world in so many […]
Cody Perez | March 9, 2020
EA might be delaying some competitions part of the Apex Legends Global Series, but that […]
Cody Perez | March 4, 2020
The Apex Legends System Override collection event is going on right now as the first […]
Cody Perez | March 2, 2020
Fortnite battle royale is, arguably, the king of the battle royale genre, standing above other […]
Cody Perez | March 2, 2020
One of the most controversial and hated features in Apex Legends is the skill-based matchmaking […]
Cody Perez | March 2, 2020
Apex Legends experienced a ton of leaks over the past year. Across the four seasons, […]
Cody Perez | February 28, 2020
EA and Respawn Entertainment have announced that Apex Legends is getting a new event soon. […]