Apex Legends Writer Dismisses Leaked Rampart Abilities

by in Apex Legends | Jul, 22nd 2020

Apex Legends has had many leaks in the past, but what is interesting about this current situation is that this is a rare moment where a developer on the battle royale game has dismissed a recent leak. The leak in question is the recently leaked Rampart abilities for the potentially new character.

Twitter User Replied to Apex Legends Writer With Leaked Content

We recently covered the leaked Rampart abilities as part of a hint that this character would likely be the next hero in the battle royale game when season six drops soon. Many hints were pointing to that fact. The abilities uncovered were rather interesting.

However, if and when Rampart does release in the game for players to unlock, it is now likely that the battle royale legend will be a lot different than the leaked Rampart abilities that we recently went over. This is because an Apex Legends writer has taken the time to dismiss them.

On Twitter recently, a user replied to the Apex Legends writer Tom Casiello regarding a different post. The writer responded in their original tweet to a user’s question regarding the lore of the game. Then out of nowhere, another Twitter user replied with a simple screenshot.

The screenshot was of the leaked Rampart abilities revealed recently and nothing else. The user didn’t go into details about why they commented with that screenshot or asked if it was real. They just randomly responded with that, which is nothing unusual.

Leaks Have Been a Sore Subject in the Past

It is unusual, though, that it elicited a response from an official writer on the battle royale game. Another random Twitter user replied to the comment that the user had the guts to reply to one of the actual developers on the game with leaked content.

This was likely the user’s response since leaked content has always been a sore subject in the video game industry, especially when it comes to Apex Legends. Developers in the past have noted that leaks are disheartening and take the shock and surprise out of things.

This, specifically, came up during the release of season four when we originally thought that Forge was going to be the hero for the new season but, because of leaks, we knew that this wasn’t the case as Revenant was the one who was showing up as the season four legend.

That became a controversial moment for Respawn Entertainment as some of the developers were bothered heavily by this situation. It even caused at least one leaker to quit doing it entirely to not bother them anymore as the reason that leaks are known in the community.

Apex Legends Writer Dismisses Rampart Leak

Hence, this user’s response, but this reply caused yet another reply, this time from Casiello. Casiello noted that in a joking fashion, the user has the guts to “reply with ‘old’ leaked content.” The writer continued, telling players to watch as the user will likely next tell players that Revenant’s original name was Nomad.

In the midst of that, Casiello dismissed the leaked Rampart content from before. This tells us that the content we covered in the past is actually rather old, and old enough to be emphasized in the post.

So, this could be taken in a couple of different ways. The first is that the leaked content is old and not relevant anymore, as maybe Rampart themselves aren’t even in consideration for being the next legend in the game as the files seemed to suggest in the past.

The more likely scenario at this point is that the leaked Rampart abilities are too old at this point to base anything off. It could be that Rampart is planned to be the next legend in the game in season six (or perhaps later on), but the kit that the hero will have will be very different when they launch.

What Rampart’s Abilities Were Before

This wouldn’t be surprising at all. The legends in the past who have released in seasons had different abilities and kits when they first leaked rather than when they released. Such was the case for Revenant, especially, who was very different from leak to release.

The general concept of the character and what he does on the battlefield stuck around. In this way, Rampart’s general idea will likely remain as a sturdy wall that will protect the team, give them an advantage, and possibly drop a machine gun.

In the leaked abilities from before, Rampart had a tactical ability where the player could build a wall that protects the team from enemy shots while boosting them in the process. And then the ultimate deploys a powerful machine gun that anyone can use.

Already, we can see the problem with the Rampart moveset in this case. There is almost a tale of two different legends here that divide the character’s focus too much between protecting the team with the wall and the offensive nature of boosting power and deploying the machine gun.

It could work, but it could also limit, water down, or worse, overpower this hero if they had this currently leaked moveset. And that’s not even considering that the leak had three whopping passive abilities listed, so obviously some changes are on the way for Rampart. We will have to wait and see for now as season six isn’t here yet.


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