Apex Legends World’s Edge Season 10 Map Changes Revealed

by in Apex Legends | Jul, 30th 2021

Respawn Entertainment is gearing up for the release of Apex Legends Season 10 and that means a lot of new content is on the way for battle royale players to enjoy for the next few months. This includes the new Seer legend who will make his debut and the Apex Legends World’s Edge Season 10 map changes. 

Apex Legends World’s Edge Season 10 Map Changes Revealed

Though at the time of writing this, the new season is not out just yet, Respawn has gone ahead and revealed the Apex Legends World’s Edge Season 10 map changes for players to check out. This is a great way to get familiarized with what is happening in the new season ahead of time. 

Of course, you may be reading this by the time that the new season is out, in which case this will be great for getting to know the new locations and replacements that have happened. There is only one battle royale map that has been changed in this new season: World’s Edge. 

Though World’s Edge has had some minor changes in Apex Legends lately, it has not received major map changes and new points of interest on this level since Season 6, if you can believe it. This is because the seasons since then have been mostly focusing on changes for Kings Canyon and Olympus. 

Now it is finally time for World’s Edge to jump back into the spotlight for some long-awaited Apex Legends World’s Edge Season 10 map changes. What is fascinating about the changes to this map is that it is now one of the first maps in the game to get a full-on biome change in a way truly. 

Players will find that the upcoming 10th season known as Emergence has caused some insane changes to the map that will forever shape how we know this arena. The backstory for the map changes on World’s Edge has to do with the Harvester’s months and months of aggressive mining.

Because of this machine, the earth below has emerged, hence the season’s name, and erupted with lava on the map as expected. However, this was not the only major map change to happen there. Hammond Robotics has attempted to stop the flow of lava through climate change machines. It has resulted in some surprising map changes for World’s Edge. 

The general goal of the map changes from Respawn was to keep the general design idea of the arena while improving the experience and making it more fun. At the same time, though, the developer wanted to introduce some new gameplay areas and mechanics. Here’s everything that you need to know about these changes. 

New POI: Climatizer Is Here

The Apex Legends World’s Edge Season 10 map changes start with one of the most important additions to the location: Climatizer. The Refinery is no longer here on the World’s Edge map as it has been converted into the new point of interest known as the Climatizer. 

Because of the molten lava fissure that has emerged on the arena in Season 10, the Refinery has been completely destroyed. In its place has risen the Climatizer. Hammond’s main attempt is to contain the weather changes and climate issues happening in this arena. 

They have created massive cloud seeding towers meant to cool down the arena and help with the overflowing lava in many parts. For players, this has resulted in a larger point of interest that is bigger and more intricate than the Refinery that we had before. 

The purpose of making Climatizer a larger point of interest and one of the most important ones on the map in the new season is to persuade more players to visit this northern part of the map. It supports fights between lots of teams and plenty of loot for there to be found. 

There are more buildings to discover at the new named location, including more interiors to fight over for loot. Climatizer will have a nice mix of long-range areas when outdoors and close combat-centric interiors of buildings where players will be right up in each others’ faces. 

What players will also find at the new Climatizer location is the most striking visual part of it all: the entire point of interest is covered in snow. Sure, there is now a stream of lava that runs through the middle of the point of interest, but the rest of the location is blanketed in snow. 

This is a massive new biome change for the arena, likely caused by the cooling towers located here. In the attempt to contain and control the Emergence of the lava, Hammond has effectively turned much of the World’s Edge map into a winter wonderland, which is rather new for Apex Legends as we do not often get major biome changes like this one. 

The contrast of the wintery areas of the north and the lava flowing throughout the map should give a unique feel to World’s Edge moving forward that will further set it apart from the other two battle royale maps currently available in Apex Legends. But the Apex Legends World’s Edge Season 10 map changes are only getting started. 

Fissure Extension and Gondolas

Moving from the new Climatizer named location that has replaced the Refinery, we have the nearby Fissure. This main attraction for the World’s Edge map is still here. It has expanded quite a bit to cover a solid portion of this region of the arena. 

The planet has now had its Fissure extend and fracture from the new point of interest at Climatizer to Fragment East. This makes it cover a wider area on the map and gives it even more of a striking visual appeal, especially when contrasted with the snow covering the region around it. 

In the middle of the fracture is the aforementioned lava river that connects Climatizer to the Fragment East area. This lava river and the Fissure itself have a lot in common since they both have a similar effect on players who traverse across them. 

Gone is the air lift mechanic that was available when you visited the Fissure crack here, so players will no longer be able to use that to get around more easily. Instead, it is a traversable area like the other lava on the map, which will damage you if you happen to step on it. 

Overall, the Fissure area is a more vibrant location that offers more choices for going next as a squad and rotates around to the next circle on the map. This should also create some significant choke points, ensuring that fights will engage in this region. 

One of the long-missed mechanics that defined World’s Edge in its early days was the moving train that would circle the map. This was fun and dynamic, but it is not returning just yet. Instead, though, Respawn is trying to recapture that feel with the new gondolas. 

These moving and floating gondolas will travel above the lava in certain map areas, allowing players to get from one place to another. In particular, players will find the gondolas as a means of transport at two of the new points of interest of Climatizer and Lava Siphon (more on this one in a bit). 

The gondolas are a small, safe haven from the lava below, but this could also lead to some intense fights when squads meet to try and cross over to the other side using them. 

Sorting Factory Becomes Lava Siphon

As mentioned already, there is another brand new point of interest on the map that is known as Lava Siphon. Formerly known as the Sorting Factory, this massive and popular facility has become something quite different from what players might be used to. 

The Sorting Factory has been mostly destroyed by a sinkhole that appeared here due to the Emergence. In its place, there is now the Lava Siphon location where Hammond has created a facility meant to try and pump out the lava from the middle of the point to keep it from spreading. 

Sorting Factory was a large, free facility before, but the goal was to create a new place where players had a more limited and chaotic experience. The place here is more narrow and confined, given that the damaging lava is so prevalent in the middle of the location. 

There will be plenty of room for close combat, not to mention the additional tunnel in the mountain behind the POI that will allow for better rotations and other chokepoints. With the lava covering much, you have to worry about it as it damages the player, but it is technically something you can traverse. 

To help with this massive problem, the new gondolas here are the main feature of the new Lava Siphon location. Given how important they are and that they travel a much longer distance than the gondolas over at Climatizer, it is expected that some crazy fights will break out over trying to use them. 


Another location that is gone now is the Train Yard. The Emergence resulted in a landslide that destroyed this former named location and created, well, the new Landslide named location. Respawn was not a huge fan of the drawn-out fights that would happen here. This new Landslide spot is here to change that. 

It is a much simpler area now that features fewer large buildings to explore and smaller areas spread out with more open areas between them. In my opinion, it is visually less interesting minus the snowy mountains behind the named location, making me less wanting to go there personally.

There are fewer buildings. The engagements will likely feel less meaningful, in my opinion, given the changes made. It is understandable why Respawn would dislike how this area was before, but this is one of the least exciting changes, in my opinion. 

However, one of the concerns that players might have is about loot in this more simplified location. It is “almost” the same amount of loot as Train Yard had, but more spread across this more open area. Furthermore, the Hot Zone will no longer appear at this named location, so keep that in mind. 

Skybox Changes and New Rotations

With the arrival of these Apex Legends World’s Edge Season 10 map changes, the skybox has been changed. Instead of the dreary and red, sharp image in the sky, it will now be a brighter and bluer sky that is more cheerful overall.

This is to match the colder look of the map and still appeal to the desires of fans who liked the original look. Finally, two new rotation points have been added to the World’s Edge map in Season 10 that should help players move around the arena. 

For starters, there is the Overlook rotation that is now available at this point of interest. The Overlook area now has a pathway that goes through the mountain just behind the facility. It is a small, narrow path that should help with getting in and out of this location. 

And there is also another one that is found between the Geyser location and Overlook. The mountain here by the main road will now have a major tunnel entrance that will take players to and from the Geyser and Overlook areas. This is a key addition that should help with rotations for players heading to and from the northern region of the map.


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