Apex Legends World’s Edge Bug Reveals Nighttime Map

by in Apex Legends | Jul, 31st 2020

Apex Legends is full of bugs in its history, many of which we have covered before and even recently. But it is rare for a bug to do something that reveals something before Respawn Entertainment is ready to show it. But such is the case with the recent Apex Legends World’s Edge bug.

Reddit User Shows Off World’s Edge Bug

The latest Apex Legends World’s Edge bug was shown by Reddit user Rumpost, who posted an image of something reportedly spoiling an unannounced feature in the battle royale game. The user posted an image of the World’s Edge map earlier today and something that happened to them on it.

In the rumored image, the player is on World’s Edge, but the map itself is different. Instead of the typical bright and sunny location, it is dark and very blue. That is because this image is reportedly our first look at a nighttime version of the map.

Of course, this is something that has come from a random Reddit user, so you should take this picture with several grains of salt. A night version of the World’s Edge map is something that dataminers haven’t uncovered before, so it would seem surprising for a random player to find it.

Regardless, the picture is rather convincing and shows nothing that would alarm us to it being faked or created by them. The image does look to be a picture of a television playing the game and an Apex Legends World’s Edge bug, causing them to be on the nighttime version.

Bug Looks Like World’s Edge at Night

The user is shown in a section of the map looking up at a large building looming over them. The building’s entrance has a blue spotlight showing in front of it, illuminating that area. The sky itself is dark as if it is nighttime with some clouds and the like.

What is interesting about the night sky is that it is several different colors, including some blues, whites, and even a tinge of purple. The edge of purple seems to possibly indicate that the sun had just gone down and that this was only early in the evening.

The presence of the blue spotlight and the overall blue tone of the setting seems to indicate that this is more than just a simple Apex Legends World’s Edge bug. It looks like the player did stumble upon a nighttime version of the map currently being developed.

Given the state of the map version with the special lighting and tone, it is possible this nighttime version of the map is done and ready to be used in the future. Fortunately, the user posted some further info about how this happened to them.

How This Glitch Happened to the Player

In the comments, the Reddit user followed up with a lengthier comment explaining how this Apex Legends World’s Edge bug occurred. According to the user, they were specifically playing a match of ranked battle royale on the map when they were killed in combat.

Their helpful teammates were able to pick up their dog tag from their dead body and take it to a respawn beacon to respawn the player. The strange thing that happened is that when they spawned back into the game, everything was darker and had the blue tinge to it.

They immediately thought that this was some strange graphical glitch that had caused the map to look like this for them, but then they arrived at the Harvester location and saw the special lighting that isn’t generally like that. This made them believe that they had somehow glitched into a nighttime version of the World’s Edge map.

But there is another possibility for what this glitch is, as the story doesn’t end there. The player kept playing in this rumored nighttime version of the map, but then the game reportedly completely crashed for them after they entered one of Wraith’s portals.

Is This Real or Fake?

This is the exciting part that could debunk this as a nighttime version of the map. It is already known and seen that being in the phased world that Wraith goes to, the map looks different and darker. It is not quite as prominent and nighttime-like as this picture, but it could be a glitch related to that.

However, I doubt that this is the case here. It is most likely either a fake image or a real glimpse of the nighttime map. The latter wouldn’t be surprising as Respawn is teasing the next season already, there are possible leaks for the new legend, and the original Kings Canyon map has a nighttime version used a couple of times.

With Halloween and a new season on the way in the next couple of months, we may soon see the night version of World’s Edge. Again, the one thing that makes this post somewhat questionable is the fact that it is only an image.

It is quite the convincing picture all around with nothing alarming or ordinary that would give away that it is fake, but there is the fact alone that it is an image. If the player had uploaded a clip showing them walking around the nighttime map in the middle of the match, that would confirm this as true.

But for now, we will have to wait and see if this is real or not. Unfortunately, it could be a while before Respawn implements this nighttime map. The most likely time for that to happen would be in season six, but it would also make sense to wait for the Halloween event again, but that is more than two months away.


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