Apex Legends Winter Express Has a Legend Model Swapping Bug

by in Apex Legends | Dec, 2nd 2020

Winter Express is the current LTM mode in Apex Legends, and with it comes a pretty hilarious bug. This is certainly a game-breaking bug, and it can throw players for a loop. Seeing a character, knowing what they can do, and then seeing something else entirely, will ruin many people’s matches. We saw the video on Reddit, where a Pathfinder uses Bloodhound’s model. What do we know about it?

We don’t often find ourselves talking about Apex Legends bugs, but this one, in particular, is an absolute doozy and not hard to duplicate in-game if you’re playing Winter Express.

Chaos on the Winter Express

This is a model bug in Apex Legends, where the legends (characters) can have their model swapped with another legend. You still have all of the abilities and skills you had to start with, but now you look wildly different! This particular bug doesn’t seem to be all that hard to trigger either. The consensus seems to be you need to change characters in the last seconds before you respawn.

If you did it right, the legend you enter with resembles one legend but has the abilities and HUD of another legend entirely. Thankfully, this Apex Legends model bug is unique to the Winter Express mode and so far has not been triggered elsewhere. We can see this ruining people’s fun in Winter Express.

Not being able to know what you’re fighting is frustrating. Even down to hitboxes, this could be game-breaking. The legend might have one hitbox, and the model has an entirely different size. So you could be shooting someone in the head and doing no damage. As the player, you have no idea if the player you’re seeing is the visually represented player.

Hitboxes are a nightmare in Apex Legends, which we also reported on. A bug like this makes a bad situation much worse. If the hitbox of the character isn’t what you expect, how can you efficiently combat them? If all of the character hitboxes were the same, we wouldn’t be as put out by such a glitch. This is not a new bug, sadly. This model bug cropped up earlier in Apex Legends for Holo-Day Bash, and we’re not surprised to see it make a return.

We’re just grateful it’s restricted to the LTM modes like this and Holo-Day Bash. Some pretty hilarious clips have come out of this. One we saw on Reddit was using Mirage’s Decoy while playing as Wraith. It’s very funny to watch as someone on the outside, but we cannot help but feel bad for the people who get pub stomped by such a frustrating bug.


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