Apex Legends Will Potentially Go Beyond Just Battle Royale This Year

by in Apex Legends | Apr, 8th 2021

It looks like the drought of new Apex Legends modes could be coming to an end soon, and those modes might be a bit more interesting than we expected. The massively popular battle royale title might not be just for battle royale in the future. 

Respawn Is Focusing on More Than Just Battle Royale for Apex

All of the speculation and teases surrounding this surprising news come from the recent Respawn Responds video on the official YouTube channel for the Apex Legends developer. The video was posted this week, allowing the community to hear directly from the developer. 

Respawn Entertainment’s design director Jason McCord was the host of the video and went over the various hot topics surrounding the game. This video was the latest in a line of direct responses to the players to know what is going on with the game. 

As part of this video, one of the most important parts of the entire thing was about the title’s future, specifically, when it comes to this year. It seems that Respawn is looking to a future of Apex that isn’t just a continuation of what we’ve had thus far, which is a battle royale-centric title. 

According to McCord, the design director noted that the developer is looking towards evolving the game and expanding it into something much more than just the battle royale game it has been to date. This is both exciting and surprising news for Apex Legends. 

Apex Legends Has a Huge Fanbase

McCord stated that “currently, Apex is strictly a battle royale” game, and that is all there is in the current Season 8. However, this could be changing soon due to the community, lore, and everything else built around the title. Respawn has crafted a world with characters who are beloved. 

There are whole fan bases and communities that have sprung up around Apex Legends’ characters, perhaps, much more so than any other game in the entire genre. Legends like Lifeline, Wraith, Gibraltar, and more have dedicated fans focused on these characters.

It is as if the lore and characters of Apex Legends have potentially become bigger than the game itself in many ways. There are countless fan arts that you can find around social media, blog posts, videos, fan creations, and more that are focused on bringing these characters to life. 

Respawn Entertainment understands that and takes it a step further, noting in the video that McCord thinks that players want to be in this world with these characters, “even if they don’t love battle royales.” This is something key for a game that is all about being the last team standing.

New Types of Apex Legends Modes Could Be on the Way

Because of this, Respawn is focusing this year at a high level on finding other ways to play the game. This is pretty cut and dry, telling us that there will be other ways to play Apex Legends in the future. Of course, this is pretty ambiguous as to what exactly these new ways will be.

For one, there is no guarantee that we will get new ways to play Apex Legends this year. McCord stated that the team is focusing on that point this year but didn’t say whether players will enjoy those new experiences this year.

We may, but there is also the chance that the development will be focused this year, but we may not see the actual results until 2022. It is hard to say for now, but we can guess what the results of this focus will be. 

There are many possibilities for what the new ways to play Apex Legends could be, but the main thing to focus on is that there won’t be more battle royale game modes when it comes to this focus. The possible new Apex Legends modes will be features that aren’t currently shown in the game. 

Other Battle Royale Games Have Already Done This

That doesn’t leave out the chances for some solo or squads battle royale game modes for the future, but just that the focus isn’t necessarily on those types of experiences at this time. This means that we could see more multiplayer game modes that aren’t battle royale-themed. 

This wouldn’t be too surprising since all of the other popular games in the genre — PUBG, Fortnite, and Call of Duty Warzone — are notable for having something other than just battle royale. Each of them at least has some sort of Team Deathmatch-like experience for players to check out. 

We will likely get some Apex Legends modes like this, offering some large Team Deathmatch battles or the like on the already existing maps. This is the obvious choice for what this will mean, but there are some more intriguing possibilities beyond just that.

Apex Legends, thus far, is all about the multiplayer experiences, and something similar to Team Rumble would continue that. But what if we got some Apex Legends modes that aren’t necessarily focused as much on the competitive aspect?

Possible New Apex Legends Modes We Could Get

Respawn has already delved into this some with the story-driven experiences that we have had recently. There were missions that players could go on with other players that were not fighting against other players but NPC enemies that were on the maps. 

We could see some cooperative experience in the future for Apex Legends that could be completing various story missions or trying to survive against waves of enemies. There is even the chance that we could get some more singleplayer-style story missions. 

There is also the fact that Fortnite has the paid Save the World portion of the game. Respawn could offer a similar story-driven campaign of sorts for the title. After all, many players are lamenting that Respawn hasn’t been able to make a first-person story campaign in a while. 

Given that Apex is set in the same universe as the Titanfall series, with the second game having a noteworthy singleplayer campaign, this could be a great second chance for Respawn to attempt this again with a game already leaps and bounds more popular and successful. For now, though, we will have to wait and see what the fruits of these efforts will be, so stay tuned. 


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