Apex Legends Wattson Skins Bug Is Affecting Mirage’s Invisibility

by in Apex Legends | Jun, 1st 2020

Apex Legends is no stranger to bugs and glitches that cause trouble for players and make the game unfair, but this latest one is rather annoying given the recent nature of the gameplay feature itself. Some Apex Legends Wattson skins are causing a bug where Mirage’s invisibility is ineffective.

Some Wattson Skins Aren’t Going Completely Invisible

In particular, the particular skins are causing problems for Mirage’s ability that allows him to revive a downed teammate while making him and his partner invisible for the duration of the revive. An excellent passive ability that is now rendered potentially useless by this particular bug.

The new Apex Legends Wattson skins bug was revealed by Reddit user Puedd who posted about it on the official sub-Reddit page for the battle royale game. The user just encountered it for the first time in the game and captured gameplay of exactly what it looked like and everything.

They began the post by stating that many of the Apex Legends Wattson skins are affected by this bug, causing her to not go completely invisible when being revived by Mirage. The clip shows just that as the Wattson player is downed on the map in an outside area at the start.

Their Mirage teammate runs up to them and begins to revive them, immediately switching the viewpoint from the first-person perspective to a third-person one to show that the player is being revived. Normally, this would result in Mirage keeping both of them invisible but this isn’t the case.

This Doesn’t Seem Limited to Just Wattson

Instead, we can still see parts of the Wattson character and it is likely due to the actual skin that they are wearing on her. This is because only specific parts of the skin are shown, with the rest of the character and all of Mirage being completely invisible to the naked eye, for the most part.

The glowing parts of the back of the skin, that just so happens to be the Cyber Security one, are one of the more striking parts of that skin and seem to be the culprits behind why this happened. If you take a look at the comments on the Reddit post, it seems that this is a common bug.

From what other users are saying, it looks to be only skins for characters that have glowing parts to them like in the case of this one. One user noted that it happens to the Cyberpunked skin that Wattson has as well. Also, another player noted that it isn’t just happening to the defensive tank either.

There are other characters like Bangalore that are affected by this glitch as well. One user brought up the fact that one of her skins has her visor glow and that shows up in this glitch as well. It is likely then that any character with a glowing part to their skin are likely to see this happen.

Weapon Skins Are Also Reportedly Affected

The worst part is that it doesn’t seem to be just affecting the character skins, either, as it can happen to the weapon skins, too. There are weapon skins that let the gun have a glowing effect to it and this glitch seems to include that as well in this issue, as noted by a Reddit user.

And one character even noted that a newer skin for Mirage will even make him show up partially when reviving other players. Overall, this looks to be a widespread problem across platforms and characters, making it difficult to use specific skins and utilize Mirage’s new passive at the same time.

Mirage was recently buffed significantly at the start of Season 5, giving him a new passive that is much, much better than the almost useless one he had before. This new one lets him revive downed players, turning himself and the other player almost entirely invisible.

For the most part, the two will likely be unseen by other players, giving them a good chance to revive the teammate so long as they are unseen beforehand. At the end of the clip on Reddit, the two players are seen being fired at soon after starting the revive sequence.

Mirage Got an Overhaul in Season 5

It is uncertain if they perish there or if they are successful because the clip ends, but this is a problem for sure. It is always possible that they were spotted before Mirage began reviving, but the glowing parts of the skin gave them away regardless.

This is unfortunate for something that is otherwise a great boon for Mirage players that makes the character a lot more interesting and palatable to users in Season 5. This is in addition to the near-complete overhaul of how his Mirage copies work when they are summoned.

Instead of being sent out and looking like stationary dummies, they will respond to what the original character is doing and mimic his movements more naturally. While this doesn’t stop players from completely figuring out the original quickly, it at least gives a much better chance.

Overall, Mirage is a much better character in Season 5 and one that we have to give credit for not being one of the worst legends in the game anymore. Well, that is if Respawn Entertainment gets rid of this annoying bug that is causing him to be not super useful right now for some skins.

Unfortunately, Respawn has yet to acknowledge this bug at the time of writing this and hasn’t even responded to the Reddit post as has happened in the past with stuff like this. Given how widespread this issue is, it is only a matter of time until the developer responds to this issue. Stay tuned for news of that and a potential fix in the future.


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