Apex Legends System Override Event Kicks Off Soon

by in Apex Legends | Feb, 28th 2020

EA and Respawn Entertainment have announced that Apex Legends is getting a new event soon. The limited-time event will be called System Override and will be the latest collection extravaganza for players to enjoy as part of the Season 4 offerings.

First Event of Season 4 Is Apex Legends System Override

In fact, the upcoming Apex Legends System Override limited-time event will be the first one for all of Season 4. Though it isn’t the first event of the year (that honor goes to Grand Soirée 2020 New Year Celebration), it will offer plenty of new items to collect.

Since Grand Soirée was an arcade event focused on the various game modes, the new System Override collection event will be a welcome change of pace. It will usher in the second month of Season 4 in style with new cosmetics and more.

The collection events give players a chance to earn new cosmetic items, skins, and the like not part of the game previously. Thankfully, it isn’t all about purchasing them with real money either as many of them will be available for free.

All players need to do is complete various tasks and progress through the event until they can earn awesome rewards.

Apex Legends Event Start and End Date

Though the announcement is just now happening, players won’t have to wait long for the limited-time celebration to kick off. It begins on March 3 and lasts for around two weeks or so.

The end date for the event is currently set for two weeks later Tuesday, March 17. So long as there aren’t any issues with this event, it should stick to that schedule and offer a full two weeks of a new game mode, items to collect, and cosmetics to purchase.

The Apex Legends System Override event will not just affect players from an appearance standpoint, but it will also affect gameplay, too. An expected new game mode will shake things up and a new item to use in battle.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming event like cosmetics, the new game mode, and details regarding the new gameplay shield item.

System Override Deja Loot Game Mode Explained

The first major part of the System Override event is the new limited-time game mode to play. The name of the game is Deja Loot, a cute play on words with the phrase “deja vu.” The mode will stick around for the entire duration of the event and be the only one offered.

Just like the phrase that inspired its name, Deja Loot will offer players the chance to put their memory skills to the test. Normally, in a battle royale match in Apex Legends, players must deal with absolute randomization when it comes to the loot system.

Outside of vaults, loot found on the ground and in supply drops will be randomized. In one match, you might find yourself a golden armor set while that legendary piece might be a phoenix kit in another match at the same location.

This makes the game difficult to predict at times, except for heading to locations where powerful loot is known to pop up and causes players to favor a specific area or town over the loot drops. But this is all going to change during the Deja Loot limited-time mode.

In this mode, the loot drops are set from the start of the Apex Legends System Override event and will not change until the end. If you find a Spitfire in one match inside a specific building in a certain part of the map, you can rest assured it will be in that same place in the next match.

From the pistols that you hate to the highly sought-after golden armor pieces, this goes for everything found on the map. Respawn teases a nice R99 and extended magazine combo located somewhere around the Season 4 map.

Players can now switch things up and rather go for the same location over and over. You can find places that have the loot you need right from the start of the match. However, this does also come with some caveats of its own, though, that players should keep in mind.

Part of the problem is that not only can you memorize the locations of the loot but the other players in your match are, too. Play the event mode long enough to set destinations.

If you want to go for one of the best loot locations on the map, then be prepared for a difficult fight. It is likely that some several other players and squads are heading there for the same reason at the same time as you.

The purpose of this massively changed way of handling loot is to give players a short stint of shaking up the current metagame. As we mentioned, many players are set in their ways when it comes to where they land in each battle royale match.

Deja Loot won’t just feature set loot locations, though. It will also affect the plane starting path and the circle locations throughout the battle royale match. However, these are for one day and change the next day to stay the same for another 24 hours.

For example, the plane path in your first match one day will be the same as your fifth match that day and this includes the progression of the storm as well. It allows you to find loot guaranteed and know where to head before the storm even appears.

Kings Canyon Return and New Evo Shield

But the Deja Loot event game mode will not be the only epic thing about the new Apex Legends System Override event. During the first week of the event, players will play Deja Loot on the standard Season 4 version of World’s Edge as players have come to know it.

But during the second week of the event, it will change up considerably and the map for the game mode will be the original battle royale map of Kings Canyon instead. This will require players to memorize new loot locations, but it will also offer players the chance to head back home to the map early.

It is currently unknown if the return of Kings Canyon during System Override is temporary or if this is exactly when the first battle royale map will return permanently for the rest of Season 4.

After all, we already know that the battle royale map is coming back this season and sometime in March. However, the date has yet to be confirmed. Also, Respawn didn’t announce if this is the permanent return of it either in the initial event details.

Regardless, it will be back in the second half of the event along with a new item in the game that will be available for the entire duration of System Override. That item is the new Evo Shield item. It is the latest armor equipment type to join the game.

The Evo Shield is likely an evolution shield in short as the purpose of the item is to evolve throughout the battle royale match. When you first pick up this new shield, it takes the place of your traditional armor shield and is weaker than the normal white one.

The normal white shield starts at around 50 shield added to your character. So, it is presumed that this one will be around 25 or so, or the first block on the armor slot. However, this new Evo Shield will evolve as you do damage to non-downed players.

It evolves to the point that it will eventually become even stronger than the epic body shields that are purple. The shield item itself will change colors as the match goes on to indicate what stage it currently is in the game. However, there is something that helps players know where to find one.

No matter what color the Evo Shield is currently, it will always have a distinctive glow to it that will set it apart from the normal body shields that exist in the game now. This will let you locate those players who have one more easily, so you can take it for yourself.

After all, the Evo Shield will keep its progress from person to person throughout the match, so be sure to grab any that you find in deathboxes and the like as it could mean that you will be better defensively than you would have been previously.

The Evo Shield is an exclusive drop found in the Deja Loot game mode during the event. Afterward, it may get added to all match types, so be sure to give Respawn feedback if you end up liking it and wanting it to stay as a permanent addition.

Event Prize Track

The new prize track system from the Grand Soirée event carries over. It is back in this event with some improvements. Like before, players will need to earn a set amount of points throughout the event if they want to receive all free cosmetic items offered.

In this case, the max points needed for getting all the cosmetic items is 5000 points. There are 14 prizes that players can get for free in the event, ranging from banners to experience boosts for matches, and more.

In fact, one of the most impressive additions in this event is that players will be able to earn not one but two legendary weapon skins for free. All it takes is earning points through the event challenges. Players will earn up to 1000 points per challenge set and the sets will reset every day.

New Premium Cosmetics and Octane Heirloom Set Revealed

If you are looking for more items beyond the prize track freebies, you can also purchase new cosmetics in the item shop. There is a brand-new set of 24 themed limited-time cosmetics for players to buy. All of them will be available through a couple of different methods.

Players will have the chance to buy them directly through the in-game shop with no concerns about not getting what you want. If you don’t care about what you get and just want everything, you can use the event Apex packs to get a random assortment of items from the list.

Each event pack will come with one event item and two non-event items. If you don’t want to use your real cash to buy something specifically, you can alternatively use your hard-earned crafting metals, too. Like previous events, there is an incentive to get all 24 items.

Players who unlock all 24 new premium items will unlock the Octane heirloom set previously leaked in the game files. This is a great way to get the snazzy butterfly knife set in a guaranteed manner, especially if you are someone who plays Octane a lot.

Otherwise, it will join the rest of the heirloom sets in the future Apex packs once the event is over.


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