Apex Legends Switch Delay Announced

by in Apex Legends | Oct, 23rd 2020

It looks like we were half right when it came to the upcoming release of Apex Legends on new platforms. Players have been waiting for a while now for the Switch version of the game to release, but it will have to be a little bit longer now due to the recently announced Apex Legends Switch delay.

Apex Legends Switch Delay Announced

The Apex Legends Switch delay was revealed in a blog post on the EA website today where Chad Grenier, game director on Apex Legends at Respawn Entertainment, updated players. It seems that the development of this port of the game didn’t necessarily go as planned originally.

As part of this blog post, the developer went over the two platforms for Apex Legends: Switch and Steam. They have very different situations, so we will go more into detail about the Steam stuff in a separate post deserving of its own, but as for Switch, it’s not good news just yet.

There is an Apex Legends Switch delay now. The game will no longer be coming out in the fall of this year as we originally expected. It won’t even be coming out this year at all. Grenier notes that fans looking forward to this version of the game will have to wait until next year.

The Apex Legends Switch delay means that players will now have to wait until 2021 to release that port. That is a lot longer than fall this year as we thought it would be, so this is unfortunate news for those excited for the new platform.

Why This Delay Was Made

As for a reason behind this sudden Apex Legends Switch delay now of all times, it is due to the development process not being quite where it needs to be for a full release. It seems that some “unexpected new challenges” popped up this year, which resulted in this announcement.

Those new challenges aren’t mentioned, but they could very well have to do with the current pandemic situation globally and develop the Nintendo Switch version while dealing with working from home and the other organizational struggles right now.

Even still, Respawn is “hard at work on the port,” but the team needs more time to get it to the necessary standard that it is known for. The team ensures that players will have the great experience they deserve with the Switch version when it releases next year.

So, while this is unfortunate news overall, it does mean that, hopefully, the port will be in the best possible condition for release when it finally arrives rather than releasing with a ton of problems right now to meet the fall window was originally given.

No New Release Window Was Given Other Than Next Year

Unfortunately, no specific release date was given for the Apex Legends Switch delay other than coming out sometime next year. There isn’t a hint to when it will release, such as early spring, summer, fall, and so on.

This could mean that the issues that the developer is running into with the port are substantial enough that there is no estimate of how long it will take to finish it up at this time. It could just be that there is an estimate, but Respawn isn’t going to reveal that for now.

It could be a situation where the developer doesn’t want to reveal another window of time in which the Nintendo Switch version will release, just for another delay to happen later on. This would be even more frustrating to players, so it is understandable to be vaguer for now.

Development can lead to numerous unforeseen issues, so there is no telling if new problems could appear for the version in the next few months. Hopefully, though, it won’t take too long to come out. When it does, though, it will be feature-complete as you would expect.

The Switch Version Will Have Crossplay

The Nintendo Switch version of Apex Legends will come complete with full support for cross-platform play, the latest seasonal content at whatever point it releases, and full feature parity with the already existing versions of the game.

You will be playing the same game with the same content on Nintendo Switch and will be able to play with other platforms as well. This is great, but it makes us wonder if the crossplay part of the game could have caused issues for the team.

It could even be a situation where the game is pretty much ready and can be played pretty well, but crossplay isn’t working well. It would be understandable if Respawn didn’t want to release the game, and it is the only one out of the crossplay picture.

That would only frustrate the audience even if the game is finally available on the platform. The real problem is likely a mix of stuff, but it is good to know that crossplay will be there when released. On the Steam side of things, the announcement is a bit more positive.

The Steam version of the game will drop alongside the release of Season 7, allowing players to choose between Origin or Steam for their preferred PC store platform of choice. The Switch version was most likely aiming for that same date, but it will not meet that now.

Stay tuned for the Nintendo Switch version’s official release date in the future once we have more info.


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