Apex Legends Swear They Are Working On The Arena Matchmaking

by in Apex Legends | May, 27th 2021

Season 9 of Apex Legends has a new mode, but the 3v3 Arena has some serious matchmaking flaws. The Bocek Bow is amazing, and Valkyrie could have launched too powerful, but it also came with this awesome new 3v3 Arena Mode. There are some awful matchmaking problems in Arena, and Apex Legends’ devs over at Respawn Entertainment swear that they’re working on fixing the problems that have cropped up since launch.

Brutal Matchmaking Is Not The Move:

Apex Legends new Arena mode has been pretty darn popular, but the matchmaking? Not so much. It’s been said that the veteran players are pretty tired of being matched up against new players, but that sounds more like it would be the other way around. Some players definitely feel this way though. Reddit user JimeeB points out they have about 3k hours and are 500:

But I just played 10 matches of arenas where not one of my teammates was above level 150. The majority were below 50. I’m not normally one to notice something like this, but it’s incredibly frustrating to constantly be matched with people this low in level. I solo queue the majority of the time, and am normally with duos but that’s a whole other bag of worms. With the recent influx of players for legacy, it really seems like it broke matchmaking.

They go on to say that if it’s a move to get high-level players helping the newcomers, it’s certainly not working. We imagine that the new players getting hammered by all the high-level, experienced veterans probably feel worse. How do we know that Respawn isn’t happy though? A player suggested that this is what Respawn is after in Arena matchmaking on Apex Legends. One of the devs responded with a simple:

Not really. I am working on it. Overall the fairness of a game is pretty even but we understand it is a bit tiring when level disparity is high in your team composition. It will improve.

That’s at least something. We have no further information on what they plan to do, but as a long-time player of online games, it’s infuriating when you’re playing against constantly high-level players. As a high-level player, it can also be frustrating to only play with/against players with less experienced. Sure, everyone likes winning, but you don’t grow any when you just stomp newbies into the ground every match. It’s not the worst idea to pair new players up with more experienced ones, but it would be better for overall competition to have your teams be of a similar experience level. You don’t want your teams to be unbalanced in a competitive mode like Arena in Apex Legends, so the matchmaking is being looked into. At least we are aware that it’s being worked on. Communication is key for things like this.


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