Apex Legends Summer of Plunder Sale Begins for Voidwalker Bundle, More

by in Apex Legends | Jul, 22nd 2020

Though a new event isn’t beginning in Apex Legends this season, there is a new sale in the game. Normally, a standard discount on an item or two wouldn’t be too important, but this Apex Legends Summer of Plunder sale is an amazing one that includes a wide range of items.

Apex Legends Summer of Plunder Sale Is Live Now

The Apex Legends Summer of Plunder sale begins this week and is live right now if you are reading this. It will only be available for about a week or so until Tuesday, July 28 when the sale will end. That isn’t a lot of time to get in there and get these items, so don’t miss out.

The Summer of Plunder sale has an actual name attached to it because of the awesome items discounted for a week. Many of these are not only returning items that were only available before for a limited time, but all of them are some of the best items around.

Players will be able to find deals on these exclusive skins and bundles that haven’t been seen much, if at all, since their original launches in the battle royale game. There is the Holy Grail bundle that is part of this Apex Legends Summer of Plunder event for starters.

The Holy Grail bundle is available once again in the game for a week only. Still, it is at a reduced price of only 700 Apex coins, which is around $7 in price, though you probably will have to spend around $10 on Apex coins if you don’t have that currency already in your account.

Holy Grail Bundle Detailed

The Holy Grail bundle includes a ton of goodies that more than make up for the discounted price, including seven Apex packs, one legendary pack, and the Golden Chalice gun charm. The exclusive and unique gun charm is a golden cup of glory and an excellent add-on for your weapons.

As for the Apex packs, you likely already know about these, but they are the loot boxes of sorts for the battle royale title. These packs will typically give the player three items that could range from cosmetic items to just currency for buying items.

You will get seven of those packs to open up in the game with this bundle, which is already worth about the price of admission of $7 on its own, but then you get the eighth pack as well that is guaranteed to be a legendary pack.

This means that one of the items in that legendary pack is guaranteed to be a legendary item, which could be a range of things. Add in the Golden Chalice gun charm, and you have quite the deal on your hands for this discounted bundle.

Lucky Cat and Treasure Trove Bundles

Next up in the Apex Legends Summer of Plunder sale is the Lucky Cat bundle. This adorable bundle comes with the Lucky Cat charm and 25 Apex packs for you to open up; that’s it. It will cost you around 2000 Apex coins, which is about $20, so you get your money’s worth if you want to open up some loot boxes.

The third bundle available in this limited-time sale event is the Treasure Trove bundle. This one is significantly more expensive than the other two bundles thus far, but it also has some impressive savings through this discounted price for a limited time.

The Treasure Trove bundle includes the rare R301 weapon skin and a whopping 70 Apex packs for you to open up. That is enough to guarantee not one but two legendary packs alone. But it comes at a steep cost of 5000 Apex coins or around $50, so this isn’t going to be for everyone.

The final three bundles in the Apex Legends Summer of Plunder sale are skin bundles that include some of the best skins in the entire game. The first is the Voidwalker skin bundle, which is easily one of the most popular skins in the entire game.

Voidwalker and Counter-Culture Bundles Are Back

Wraith has what could easily be her very best skin in this set: the legendary Voidwalker skin. It takes the portal-jumping character and gives her a white and black armor set that looks like it just came straight out of EA’s other sci-fi property, Mass Effect.

The helmet is especially awesome, giving some shiny purple vibes and completing this amazing skin. In addition to this legendary skin for Wraith, you also get the Voidwalker banner frame and the rare Gnarly skin for the Re-45. But this bundle will set you back 2500 Apex coins.

If $25 is a little too much for you, there is a cheaper skin bundle that will give you two character skins. The Phase Shift bundle is the next one, including the red and black Lifeline Blossom skin that is nice and the Counter-Culture Bangalore skin that gives her some rad hair dye.

The Phase Shift bundle also gives you a Night Light weapon skin for the Prowler to round out this set. Those are a lot of great goodies that you will get, and it will only set you back 1000 Apex coins during this Summer of Plunder limited time sale.

Unlock Loba and Her Best Skin to Date

Last but not least, the final bundle in this sale is the Dressed to Kill bundle for Loba. This one is rather special for many reasons, not least because this is the greatest skin available for the latest battle royale character to date (in our opinion, of course).

You will get the exclusive rare Loba skin Elegante that gives her some fancy garbs to show off in combat plus the exclusive legendary P2020 skin Ivory Fang. And if that wasn’t enough, this bundle will unlock Loba as a character for you if you don’t already have her. All of this for 2500 Apex coins if you grab it before the sale ends on July 28.


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