Apex Legends Storm Point Is the New Map: What You Need to Know

by in Apex Legends | Oct, 26th 2021

Apex Legends is entering a new season soon and a new era for the game with a fourth battle royale map. Joining the original Kings Canyon, World’s Edge and Season 7’s Olympus is the brand new location officially known as the Apex Legends Storm Point map. 

Apex Legends Storm Point Map Revealed for Season 11 Escape

Instead of just being teased in cinematic trailers and the like, the new Apex Legends Storm Point map has formally been revealed, and we now know all about this destination. This is thanks to a recent blog post from the principal designer on Apex Legends, Rodney Reece, who shared everything we need to know about it ahead of the launch of Season 11 Escape

Launching in the upcoming 11th season is the Apex Legends Storm Point map on a remote island on a new planet that we have not yet visited in the Apex universe. Found on the planet known as Gaea, Storm Point is an abandoned IMC research base that is now home to the latest rendition of the Apex Games. 

One of the most notable parts of the new Apex Legends Storm Point map is that it is the largest one to date, beating out the previous record-holder, which was World’s Edge. It is 15% bigger than World’s Edge, making it a significantly large island to visit. This map is the culmination of two years of design work and studying what the public prefers and how they play, making it, hopefully, the best map ever. 

The location is widely diverse, featuring the usual tropical island locales you would expect, plus up the nearby mountains to higher peaks and destinations than seen in the other battle royale maps. There is so much to see and do on this map that we have a full Apex Legends Storm Point map guide for you below to go over it all. 

Gravity Cannons and Wildlife

The Apex Legends Storm Point map guide begins with two of the new features on this map. For starters, the gravity cannons are situated around the map in various locations, offering some unique ways of traversing the area.

There are no redeployment balloons like on the other three maps here, and the gravity cannons will be replacing them as the main way to quickly get to the next circle when the storm is just behind you. The gravity cannons are not just different in name and visuals alone, but also the functionality. 

They are much more limited than the redeployment balloons in that they only face in a certain direction, and you will not be gliding your way to the next area with more control. Instead, you will have to deal with the particular direction that they are facing and the more limited control that you have. 

You can control some of the pitch of where you are headed to avoid traps by other teams, but not much more than that. The one feature that does offset this negative is that you can do everything in the air, like using abilities and shooting your guns. 

Another major feature of the new battle royale map is the fact that there is a huge set of wildlife that has taken over this island. To help with this, there are new wildlife nest areas that you can visit to take on the NPC beast enemies and get some valuable loot in the process. 

There are different types of wildlife that you will encounter, and each of them will offer different types of engagements for players to battle with, starting with the already well-known Prowlers. These are the standard aggressive pack-minded creatures that live in dens that you can find on the map. 

However, the problem with the Prowlers is that attacking them will result in more of them emerging from the dens for you to take out before you can reach and claim their guarded loot for your own. The second enemy type that you can encounter is the spiders. 

Spider eggs are found throughout the map. Damaging them will result in the eggs hatching with the spiders overwhelming you. Unlike the melee Prowlers, the spiders have ranged enemies that are quite vulnerable, too, but they are extremely fast and attack with numbers. 

Lastly, the Flyers are individual enemies that randomly spawn around the map with great loot if you can shoot them down. You will find wildlife nests on your minimap with the red markers, always available in the same places (minus the Flyers) for you to visit over and over in matches. 

Points of Interest: Barometer, Command Center, Antenna

From there, we have the main named locations that you will visit on the Apex Legends Storm Point. There are 17 in total that will occupy the names of the main map, with other smaller destinations, like the wildlife nests that you will be able to visit. 

Breaking down the points of interest on the island, we first have Barometer. One of the larger locations on the map, Barometer, is the central point of the map with a great amount of loot and overlooking tower that is great for seeing the enemies approaching your location. 

Then there is the Command Center, a named location built into the inside of one of the mountains and is a huge facility that contains a lot of loot and will likely be another popular destination. It is also home to the longest ziplines in the game, allowing you to get to the top of the mountain.

From there, we have The Antenna that is divided into different vertical areas. There are the catwalks at the top of The Antenna, where loot is found and a center point where you can explore. 

Checkpoint, Lightning Rod, Storm Catcher

Then we come to Checkpoint, which is one of the more unique areas on the map. Found over a dense forest on the map, Checkpoint has a nice look over the forest below that you can always escape to whenever you need to for more intense, perhaps even scarier fights there. 

We come to Lightning Rod, a potentially popular landing spot found at the peak of the mountain and split into two main parts. A bridge connects the two, with the top part being the highest point on the map and perfect for those who want to start high and then head down to the bottom of the map later. 

After that, we have Storm Catcher, which is above a large map area, focusing on a more indoor point of interest than other locations. It has a huge focus on close-range combat, but there are a few balconies for longer-range fights, too, offering a unique gameplay style compared to other places. 

North Pad, The Mill, Shipfall

When you head to the North Pad, you will find a fascinating launch pad area for its trench-like design. These trenches are complete with loot and cover for players traveling through the area, plus some extra underground bunkers and watchtowers with more loot available. 

If you head to The Mill, you will find a location that is the farthest western destination on the map with a circular indoor location that features loot and a way to visit the central river that will likely take you to other main locations on the map. We expect this one not to be too popular, so it could be a great landing point for some. 

After that, there is the Shipfall destination. The original survivors of the map landed here in their ship, which is the main focal point here. Still mostly intact, you can fight through the ship as a defensive position, complete with some loot to pick up if you happen to head to this destination first. 

Cenote Cave, The Wall, Highpoint

The next location that we can visit is Cenote Cave, which, as the name implies, is a network of coral reef caves that you can explore. This area is the most remote area on the map in the southwestern corner, filled with plenty of loot and probably a great location for fans to avoid early fights. 

The Wall is up next, being one of the most important landing spots on the entire map. It is the dividing wall between the northern section of the map and the mountain in the middle, with a great chokepoint, making for a nice power position for the aggressive squads out there. 

From there, we come to Highpoint, which, contrary to what was mentioned earlier, has the only redeployment balloon available on the entire island. It is at the top of a huge hill, being one of the points on the way to the mountain at the top, with hidden tunnels and the balloon for repositioning to wherever you need to go next. This makes it a very important early game spot on the map and a solid landing spot for the talented teams out there looking to control it. 

Thunder Watch, Cascade Falls, Launch Site

Then we come to the Thunder Watch named location, found near the top of the mountain on the map. It is the gate to the peak, making it a strong power position and a place that focuses heavily on close combat. Perhaps the most notable part about this location is the gravity cannon that will shoot you to the bottom of the mountain for a quick escape, hence the name of the 11th season. 

After that, there is the Cascade Falls location. There is a major waterfall on the island. The Cascade Falls point of interest is the main facility right near there. Being near the center, hosting several buildings with loot, and having access to other parts of the map, Respawn is teasing that Cascade Falls will be the most traveled and likely dangerous landing location on the entire island. 

From there, we come to the Launch Site. Found at the river’s end, this is a large area with two landing zones with either the controlling building or the landing pads. You can land on the outer pads to make your way to the center building or vice versa for good loot, making it a great starting position for some squads on the island. 

Fish Farms, Gale Station, Camps

Coming up next is the Fish Farms named location, a chain of islands surrounded by the open seas. This is a dangerous area with buildings full of loot and the more vulnerable open pathways. You can make your way across the vulnerable paths or use a Trident vehicle to get across more quickly and safely. 

Last but not least, we have the Gale Station for the named locations on the Apex Legends Storm Point map. Found near the Fish Farms, this is another gateway location, which acts as a gate from the mountain and central area of the island to the southern section of the map. It is arguably more important than Fish Farms, acting as a nice traversal point and yet another powerful position for teams looking to take control of an area. 

While that is it for the named locations on the island, there are still some smaller destinations that you can visit, known as spill-off camps. These camps are typically near main areas and act as a substitute dropping spot for teams who do not want to get into the thick of the crazy early fights. There are other smaller locations beyond the camps that are diverse and unique, but Respawn saves those for players to find for themselves. 


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