Apex Legends Steam Release Date Revealed

by in Apex Legends | Oct, 23rd 2020

Apex Legends is coming to Steam. It will be released for the second PC platform soon. Respawn Entertainment announced today the official Apex Legends Steam release date, and it is coming a lot sooner than you might expect.

Apex Legends Steam Release Date Revealed

The Apex Legends Steam release date was revealed in a blog post that EA posted today. Chad Grenier, the game director for the battle royale title, wrote the post and noted two major announcements for Apex Legends. One was for Nintendo Switch. The other was for the Steam version.

It has been officially revealed that the Apex Legends Steam release date is going to happen next month. It will be early in the month, taking place on Wednesday, Nov. 4. That is about a week and a half away from the time of this announcement, so it is very close.

If that date sounds a little bit familiar to you, we wouldn’t be surprised because that is the start date of something else that is just as important to the Apex Legends community. That is the same day that the next season of battle royale will begin.

So, not only did these two announcements happen for both Steam and Nintendo Switch, but this blog post also confirmed what we already expected and found out about the Apex Legends Season 7 release date.

It Releases Alongside Season 7

That release date makes sense since we had just heard this week that the game files had changed the release date for the new season to make it be a week earlier than initially, happening on Nov. 4, and this has officially confirmed that.

Alongside the release of the new season for Apex, the Apex Legends Steam release date will happen on that same day. So, if you prefer Steam over Origin, this is excellent news as you will be able to download the game, install it, and enjoy all of the new content alongside everyone else.

That isn’t too crazy since the Steam version is just adding to the PC platform that already exists. It isn’t like it is offering the battle royale game to a new group of players like the Switch version would unless you are someone who doesn’t want to download Origin, which we understand.

We are happy to announce, though, that for those of you who are enjoying the game on the original EA Origin PC version of the game, you will be able to continue playing it on Steam with no problem. That is right; we have final confirmation that cross-progression will be there for Steam and Origin.

EA Origin Accounts Will Carry Over to the Steam Version

We already knew that cross-play would be available to the Steam version of the game, allowing it to play with the three already existing platforms, but this is even better news. Your Apex account will carry over from Origin to Steam for those of you who have already played there.

And if you are someone who is looking forward to the Apex Legends Steam release date in less than two weeks from the time of this announcement, you could jump into the Origin version of the game and start progressing through everything in preparation.

This is especially important since the very awesome Apex Legends Fight or Fright Halloween event is happening right now. This limited-time event will mark the end of the current sixth season. It has a lot of goodies that you might want to check out.

There is the brand new Shadow Royale game mode where death isn’t the end as you will be able to torment other survivors after dying, the new prize track will let you earn at least one skin for Pathfinder, and there are tons of other skins that you can purchase throughout the event.

Apex Will Come Out on Steam After the Halloween Event Ends

A lot is happening, but, unfortunately, this is all stuff that the Steam version of the game will not have access to, at least until next Halloween in 2021. This is because the Steam version’s release date will not happen until the very next day after the end of the Halloween event that will cap off this sixth season.

Anyone interested in it should check out the limited-time Halloween event on the Origin platform. Then you can transfer all of your account progression and unlocks to the Steam version when it releases on Nov. 4, keeping your new skins and anything else.

Unfortunately, the one thing that wasn’t necessarily good news in the blog post that announced that the release date is that the Switch version of the game will not be coming out this year. Instead, it will release in 2021 with no specific date or window of time given for it.

Respawn Entertainment is still hard at work on the port for the Nintendo Switch version. Still, unexpected issues appeared and have forced the team to move the release back to next year to ensure that the experience when it does come out meets the fans’ expectations.

We predict that the Nintendo Switch version of the game was supposed to come out alongside the Steam platform’s release and Season 7, but this decision was made when it was clear that that wasn’t possible. For now, Switch players will have to wait.


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