Apex Legends Sprays Leak Reveals New Cosmetic Type

by in Apex Legends | Jun, 26th 2020

Respawn Entertainment looks to be gearing up for Apex Legends Season 6 early, even though this current Season 5 has only been around for about a month. A recent Apex Legends sprays leak has revealed that there could be a new cosmetic type coming to the game soon.

Data Miner Reveals Apex Legends Sprays

The Apex Legends sprays leak comes from the Twitter data miner Shrugtal who we have covered in the past for releasing somewhat accurate info about the game early. The user showed off a new cosmetic item coming to the game soon.

That new cosmetic type would be sprays, something that players who have played other battle royale games out there might be familiar with. This category of items allows the player to equip a specific art piece, like graffiti, and use it to tag various surfaces and locations in the middle of a match.

The sprays aren’t the most popular cosmetic items in battle royale games like Fortnite, but they are a staple that lets them express themselves while also potentially poking fun at the opponent. It is a great way to note that you’ve explored an area, renovate a random location, and so on.

And it looks like this Apex Legends sprays leak points towards the cosmetic items making their debut soon in this game. It is surprising to realize that they aren’t already in the game, given that other staples like weapon skins, emotes, and so on are here, but it is welcome anyways.

What the Different Sprays Look Like

The Twitter user Shrugtal discovered the new cosmetic spray items in the data files of the game following the recent update for the Lost Treasures limited-time event. Among other interesting findings, the user was able to acquire images of six sprays in particular.

Given the sheer number of sprays that they were able to find, it seems that Respawn is already hard at work on the sprays. We could see these six debut soon. The data miner posted low-resolution UI icon images for all six of them on Twitter.

In the images, you can see that there is one for Gibraltar that shows the character yelling “Gibraltar’s You!” at anyone who sees it for some odd reason. Then there is a second, more stylish one for Crypto that shows him looking at a screen.

The third leaked spray is of Caustic looking rather crazy and almost Kraken-like, telling the viewer to “breathe it in,” likely referencing the poisonous gas that the legend is known for using. The fourth is of the most recent legend, Loba, making fun of the enemy player.

Leaked Spray Hints at New Bangalore Skin

While the fifth and sixth are of Wattson and we believe Bangalore, respectively. The final one with Bangalore is interesting as it both looks like her and doesn’t at the same time. She seems to be wearing an eye patch in the wanted photo, so we presume that this is a possible new skin for her.

That, or else this is also leaking a new legend character that we haven’t seen before, but we doubt it. Either way, several of these sprays like those for Crypto, Loba, and Bangalore are awesome and seem to be even better and more meaningful than some of the sprays that we have seen in other games like Fortnite.

Given that Respawn Entertainment is prone to doling out the various cosmetic items for characters a little bit at a time for only a few legends, we may be looking at the only six sprays available in the game when they launch in the future.

But then that begs the question of when we would see these sprays introduced in Apex Legends? This is something that will likely be marked by a major event in the battle royale game, so we wouldn’t expect it to be something that suddenly drops in a random week.

Sprays Aren’t the Only Leak From the Recent Update

Instead, it is more likely that it will come out for a specific occasion. In all honesty, the timing of this is weird as a major limited-time event like the Lost Treasures one would have been a great time for the sprays to release in Apex Legends, but that hasn’t happened or been announced.

It could still happen later in the event, but we doubt that it is the case. This is more of a feature that we think would release at the start of an event. Another event may happen before the end of season five, so it could happen there, but it’s more likely to wait until the new season.

Season 6 will likely have the spray items released then and perhaps be part of the new battle pass for that season. For now, though, we will have to wait and see. In the meantime, there is a lot more information coming out of the Lost Treasures update than just sprays.

The same data miner Shrugtal recently uncovered some mention of a paintball-like game mode that will likely come to Apex Legends. This mode would likely switch bullets to paint and have that paint show up on players when different colored paintballs hit them.

We now have new details about the abilities of the previously leaked character Rampart, who might also be coming in Season 6. With so much coming out of this most recent update, it looks like Respawn has a lot in store for players to enjoy soon.


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