Apex Legends Shutdown Showdown to Spread COVID-19 Awareness

by in Apex Legends | Mar, 27th 2020

The Apex Legends Global Series might be up in the air currently regarding the future of it and its live events, but there is one new competition that is arriving on the scene. The Apex Legends Shutdown Showdown is a new event that will happen very soon and offer some great action.

Apex Legends Shutdown Showdown Event Announced

The Gaud-Hammer Gaming Group, Ultimate Gaming Championship, and Beasley Esports will host the Shutdown Showdown tournament. The three esports organizations are teaming up together to create an event that is not only shelter in place-safe but making a difference in the world.

The Apex Legends Shutdown Showdown event has the goal of being a charitable series meant to help spread awareness of safety measures for COVID-19 while also donating proceeds to charity in the process. It fulfills the former by being an entirely online, remote competition.

The event will last for five weeks in total, across the month of mainly April. It will start at the end of this month and go towards the end of the next as well. The action kicks off on March 31 and will continue April 28.

The event will follow the standard Apex Legends battle royale format of having teams of three players each competing against one another in intense first-person shooter action until there is one team left standing. Custom servers will play these matches.

Event Format and How to Enter

The Apex Legends Shutdown Showdown event will go through the custom server matches using the Ultimate Gaming Championship’s UGC Esports platform. For the most part, it looks like the requirements for entering the event are fairly lax, at least according to the information that we have on hand.

Players simply need to pay the entry fee and they are good to go. You are able to even bring along some friends to create a full party of three players for competing in the event. If you aren’t someone who has a couple of friends who are available for five weeks, that is fine, too.

You are actually able to just enter the event by yourself and then use the UGC’s official Discord server to find other recruits to join your squad for the upcoming weeks and matches. The Apex Legends Shutdown Showdown event costs $30 per team to register for the five weeks.

It is currently unknown if queueing up by yourself or with only one teammate will reduce the price of admission, but this is possibly the case. What is great about the entry fee is that 40% of that (so, around $12) will benefit the No Kid Hungry foundation.

Event Is Raising Money for Charity

That charity campaign gets kids the meals that they need during these school closures and all year long, so likely helping them during times like summer break where they aren’t getting any school lunches. It sounds like a great cause and players can contribute by just registering for the tournament series.

“The gaming community is tightly-knit and the instinct to come together is strong, especially during this time of global crisis,” said Anthony Gaud, CEO of Gaud-Hammer Gaming Group. “Esports organizations such as UGC, Beasley Esports and the Gaud-Hammer Gaming Group are utilizing their ability to move events from the real world to the online world as a means to stay home, keep calm, carry on, and help others in need.”

Matches in the event will take place on the World’s Edge map in Season 4, even though the Kings Canyon just recently returned to the main game with the start of ranked split two. In this split, the former will continue to be the unranked map while the latter will be strictly used for ranked matches.

The only platform at this time for the Apex Legends Shutdown Showdown series seems to be PC, so players will need to play on there to compete and it looks like it is only open to United States players who are at least 13 years or older. Players aged 13-17 will need a signed parental consent form.

Event Prizes for Competitors and Viewers

The teams will compete every week in battle royale format. At the end of the event, up to 80 teams will move onto the finals of the event, which will be held on April 28. There, the 80 teams will compete to see which of them will come out on top as the best team in the league.

Each week, the teams will be competing for some mystery packs that will be filled with gaming gear, snacks, and other fun prizes to elevate the stay-at-home play during these crazy times. These prizes will only go to the top teams for that week.

It is uncertain at this time what prizes the top teams who make it to the finals will get. But what is great about the mystery packs is that they don’t just apply to the players competing in the event but viewers can earn them as well.

The event will be live-streamed on both Twitch and Mixer on the official UGC channels. Even if you have no interest in competing yourself in the Apex Legends tournament, you can at least watch the event live on each Tuesday for the next five weeks and possibly win some prizes in the process.

As for the proceeds that come from the registration fees that players will submit to enter the event, the remaining 60% of it will go towards event operations to keep the tournament running, staff members who are working on the event, and further outreach efforts to ensure a smooth and enjoyable competitive experience.


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