Apex Legends Season 9 Legend Revealed

by in Apex Legends | Apr, 20th 2021

EA and Respawn Entertainment have announced the long-awaited details about the upcoming season of Apex Legends. We now know the name of the season, some general information, and the reveal of the Apex Legends Season 9 legend, who will be joining the roster soon. 

Apex Legends Season 9 Revealed to Be Legacy

As always, the new season of content will include a brand new season of content, changes, and the Apex Legends Season 9 legend. However, things are being handled differently when it comes to this upcoming new season of content. 

For some reason, Respawn is making this season have a brand new name rather than what we have known it to be thus far. Usually, it will have the number, like Season 8, and a theme name, like Mayhem. This is how the season’s name is determined for the battle royale game. 

However, the numbers are seemingly being dropped when it comes to this ninth season. It will not have a number attached to it but, rather, be known as the Apex Legends Legacy season. This is odd and random, considering that we haven’t even reached the 10th season yet. 

Usually, with some games like Call of Duty Warzone and Call of Duty Mobile, what they are doing is resetting the season name when something really important happens, or the numbers are just getting too out of hand. However, that hasn’t happened just yet with Apex Legends. 

Apex Legends Season 9 Legend Will Be Valkyrie

Unless this season will be so radically different, it warrants a brand new name and style. In Legacy, we have more than just the new naming convention revealed. We also know the identity of the Apex Legends Season 9 legend, who will be joining the other characters. 

The new legend is named Valkyrie and has lore behind her to be very familiar to the Titanfall fans out there. Her real name is Kairi Imahara, and she is the daughter of none other than one of the villains from the Titanfall 2 campaign: Viper. 

This character was a villain in the beloved story campaign. However, the new short for the legend has shown off a different side of him. It shows that he loved his daughter, Valkyrie, and instilled a love for mechs that have shaped the ability kit that she will have in the upcoming season. 

With her father’s death, the Northstar short cinematic video (that we highly recommend you check out some time) shows Valkyrie taking apart the titular mech that her father was famous for riding. In the process, she repurposes the mech for her unique style and preferences. 

Northstar Mech Is Part of Her Abilities in Some Way

We don’t get too many details about Valkyrie’s legend, but we have more details regarding the general key art for her in the Apex Legends Season 9 legend announcement. We can see that she has a unique jetpack/wings of sorts on her back that is seemingly built from the old Northstar mech. 

This gives us an idea of her ability kit, noting that this repurposed mech will likely be a huge part of her character. We imagine that she will likely have a heavy focus on movement, similar to Horizon, and like that previous legend, could be one of the most popular and successful ones in the game. 

This does fulfill what Respawn was promising that this new season would be bringing back some classic Titanfall aspects into the game. However, we aren’t sure if there will be any traditional titan mechs for players to use during the middle of the battle royale matches. 

Valkyrie is described as bold, brash, fiery, and fierce, and someone who grew up in the shadow of her father’s legacy. With the name of the season being Legacy, you can see the connection there. However, we hope that there is more to this season than just this general familial connection to Respawn’s Titanfall series. 

New Weapon and Map Changes Teased

There will also be a new battle pass and Legacy Ranked game mode dropping this season. Players will be able to collect items and move through the ranks and tiers as usual. By far, the most interesting changes come with the new weapon and map changes that have been teased. 

The new weapon is the Bocek Bow, a powerful and deadly weapon that can deal some amazing damage at mid-range. However, because it is a bow, it is going to be slower than other weapons. Every arrow will need to land if you will do well with the new bow weapon accurately. 

It will be interesting to see how this new Bocek Bow will change up the meta for the game dominated thus far by more traditional guns and nothing unique like this bow. It will also be intriguing to see how this could affect the future and bring in more non-traditional battle royale weapons. 

On the map side, it looks like the focus this time around will be Olympus as it will be getting its first major changes since it was introduced almost two seasons ago now. Olympus will become infested, with the city being strangled by roots and natural growths around it. 

The infested name is interesting, though, and there are hopes that it is more than just an overgrowth of nature as it would be great to see some undead or other creatures start to roam the city of Olympus. No details have been revealed about what the other map will be, but we expect it to return to World’s Edge. 


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