Apex Legends Season 8 Ranked Mode Changes Revealed

by in Apex Legends | Jan, 29th 2021

It is that time of year once again where we get a new season of battle royale content for Apex Legends. About four seasons happen a year in the game, and it is high time for another one to arrive. With the arrival of the eighth season coming soon, we now know about the Apex Legends Season 8 ranked mode changes that are coming alongside it. 

Apex Legends Season 8 Ranked Mode Details Revealed

The eighth season of Apex Legends is right around the corner with a new legend like always, some map changes, the return of a fan-favorite map location, and much more. While we are still finding out what this new season will be about, there is a lot to glean from what we know. 

Respawn Entertainment and EA posted a new blog post announcing all of the details that we need to know about the Apex Legends Season 8 ranked mode changes that are coming very soon. The popular ranked play in the game will significantly change from what it has been for a while now.

With the release of Season 7, Respawn was likely focused primarily on the game-changing events like the release of the third map in Olympus and the seventh post-launch DLC character Horizon. This meant that the ranked play had few changes beyond new features and a new map.

But now that we are heading into the next season with Olympus now several months under our belts, it is high time for some significant Apex Legends Season 8 ranked mode changes. 

Respawn promises some feature changes, new map rotation, and points system changes that should make the ranked play much more involved and appealing. We will go over all of the changes you can expect to see when Season 8 drops soon. 

Season 7 Results Released

First and foremost, Respawn has released the preliminary final results for the current Season 7 of ranked play. Though it is technically going on still at the time of writing this, and perhaps even by the time you are reading this, the developer has already shared basic results. 

Keep in mind that these results are as of Jan. 21, which is already more than a week in our rearview mirror at this point, so they may not be accurate. But they should give us a general idea of what the Season 7 layout was across the world. 

The results from the current seventh season reveal the general distribution of players across the second split. This only considers the players who played more than five hours of ranked play during this current split rather than everyone. 

The ranked Season 6 results included everyone across the board, including those who just turned up to do a few matches, be put into a bronze tier, and then bounced, never to try ranked play again that season. As you could see, that would skew the results in favor of bronze a lot.

But with the stipulation that players must have played ranked play for at least five hours to be included in this, the bronze tier is much smaller than expected. The results play out for Season 7 that only 16.35% of the players have ended in the base tier for the ranked mode.

Meanwhile, the silver tier is also slightly lower than we anticipated, with only 23.86% of players, less than a fourth. The number jumps to the highest group of players with the gold tier with 32.09% of players in Season 7. 

It drops back down from there, with 23.13% of players being in the Platinum tier, which is still a fair amount on its own. Then it drops significantly to only 4.37% of players who are in the Diamond tier. Of course, the final two tiers, Master and Apex Predator are very small with their limited numbers, so they only have 0.20% of the ranked players. 

Overall, though, this is a pretty healthy representation of the current seventh season of ranked play. There were higher player counts and more playtime overall than in previous seasons. This resulted in a much healthier and more evenly distributed player base compared to the past. Ranked matches even take up around 30 to 40% of all matches in the entire season, nearly matching the unranked play. 

General Changes to Ranked Match Queues

When it comes to the new Apex Legends Season 8 ranked mode changes this season, some general changes have been made. In general, it looks like there are some significant changes to how the queues will work when it comes to who you will be partied up with and against. 

This season’s primary goal is to make sure that players are queueing up with other players around the same skill level as them. If this isn’t right now as much, the hopes are that you should find this to be the case in the new season. 

The general idea is that most, if not all, of the ranked matches you are in will be filled with players in the same tier. If you are a gold-ranked player, you should be effectively playing with other gold players and so on. 

The same goes for bronze, diamond, and so on. This is especially great for the bronze players who are just getting started in the tiers for the new season since they will have the certainty that they should only be fighting against other bronze players in matches. 

While this is great since it will make matches much more evenly balanced, hopefully in Season 8, it also negatively affects it. The fact that match queues for ranked play may be a bit longer than before the new season. 

This is unfortunate. It could mean that you will be waiting for a match for more extended periods, especially if you are in a tier that has a smaller group of players in it or if you are playing at weird times of day in which other players might not be as commonly online. 

Ranked Points Changes

The beneficial changes for the ranked play should be significant for the ranked points as well. The whole ranked system works to earn or lose points based on how well they do in each of the ranked matches they play in.

Gaining enough points will grant you the next tier ranking system, while losing too many points might bump you down to the next lowest tier rank. The ranked points change again in Season 8 to ensure players gain more points on average than usual.

It starts with the placement points you can get to place high enough in an online ranked play match. Before, you would only get placement points starting at the 10th rank in the match and lower until you get to the overall winning team in the ranked match. 

But from now on, you should get ranked placement points just for getting to 13th in the match or lower, making sure that three more squads will be able to get points than before. Also, the kill and assist count has been raised to six overall. 

This means that players who are good at getting kills and assists will get more points than before, allowing the excellent players to climb through the ranks much faster and for the best players to truly show off just how good they are at the top of the leaderboards. 

And the assist counter has been increased from 7.5 seconds to 10 seconds, meaning that you have a larger window of time to get credit for a teammate or another player taking someone out that you were able to deal some damage to. 

Diamond and Predator Changes

When it comes to the top of the leaderboard, there are three main tiers for only the world’s elite players: diamond, Master, and Apex Predator. Only the very best of the Apex Legends players in the entire world will be affected by these particular changes.

There was a problem in the diamond rank where they would have too small of a pool of players to play against. This would cause issues where they would be competing against one another. 

Hopefully, the ranked play points changes will help with that so that more players will reach the diamond tier rank from now on. That should make the matches much fairer than they were before. Also, the Diamond Skydive Trails will be returning as a ranked reward.

That is excellent news for those players who missed that particular ranked reward. There are some general changes for the Apex Predator tier rank that should make it quite a bit different from how it was working before. This elite group includes only the very best in the entire world. 

Before, there were a handful of them per server in the world. They would move up and down through the ranks as the season goes on. There will be more players in the Apex Predator tier, with the top 750 players on the leaderboard now being included in the group. 

So, while more people are making it to diamond and potentially Master ranks with these Apex Legends Season 8 ranked play changes, this should help because there will be more and more vying for the top spots for the season. 

Season 8 Ranked Maps

As always, the eighth season of ranked play will include a split right down the middle of the season that will be like a soft reset for ranks and the like. This will also include a change to the ranked play map used for the season, with two maps that will focus this season.

In Season 7, the focus was on the new map Olympus and then World’s Edge, but at Kings Canyon’s sacrifice, that was a beloved map. Fortunately, Respawn has heard the issues with this and is fixing it by bringing it back into the new season that is coming up. 

The first half of the season will include the original Kings Canyon map as the main one for the ranked mode. It will be a changed-up version of this map that will include some explosive new areas due to Fuse’s addition. The first half of the season will come to an end on March 23. 

That will be where the second-ranked split in Season 8 will start. Then Olympus will come back to close out the season and give players another chance to show their skill on the latest battle royale map. Meanwhile, World’s Edge will be taking a break from ranked play. 

It is uncertain at this time if World’s Edge will be available in unranked, though. We could see all three maps available simultaneously in unranked, as that would be great for those players who are fans of one or all of them. Stay tuned for more Season 8 details when it launches on Tuesday, Feb. 2. 


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