Apex Legends Season 8 Mayhem Revealed: Fuse, Kings Canyon, More

by in Apex Legends | Jan, 19th 2021

Respawn Entertainment has announced that the next season of Apex Legends is coming soon. Mostly following the general schedule that we have for more battle royale seasons in the game, the next season is coming about when we expected and will be known as Apex Legends Season 8. 

Apex Legends Season 8 Mayhem Revealed

The eighth season of the game will have a theme much like the seasons before it. This time it is Mayhem. That name was picked for a good reason as the next hero to join the battle royale game is going to be all about causing chaos and mayhem.

Lore-wise, this character seems like they will be pretty chaotic, so we expect the gameplay style to be equally so. Apex Legends Season 8 Mayhem will be the first new season that we will get in the new year, so it will be interesting to see how that affects the metagame.

Will Respawn start the new year with some massive changes to usher in the new legend, map changes, and so on? It will also be a notable season for being the first one to release after the third map, Olympus, came out during the current seventh season of Apex Legends. 

There are many firsts and unknowns at this time, but we do know some general details about what is coming when Apex Legends Season 8 Mayhem finally drops, including the release date. Players will not have to wait too much longer for this season as it will release two weeks from now.

It will release on Tuesday, Feb. 2, to kick off the new month and be a celebration for all things Apex Legends. As you likely already know, the beginning of February 2019 is when the game surprise dropped and became a worldwide phenomenon, and the second anniversary is looming closer.

The launch of Season 8 will be just a couple of days before the second anniversary, so there is even more riding on this new season of content. While we don’t expect the level of content that we got in Season 7 by any means, it looks like it will be a pretty good season in its own right. 

For now, we know that there is a new legend coming, the return of a fan-favorite map with some significant changes, and much more. Here’s everything that you need to know about Apex Legends Season 8 Mayhem from what we know at this time. 

Could the Nintendo Switch Version Come Out Then?

First and foremost, there is a significant rumor that Apex Legends will be growing on the day of the release of Season 8 in terms of platforms. At this time, Apex Legends is available on every single modern console and PC except for one: Nintendo Switch. 

Fortunately, we know that the game is coming to that platform and will join Fortnite and Spellbreak as one of the only other battle royale games in the space that can claim the title of being available on all consoles as well as PC. 

The Nintendo Switch version of the game was supposed to come out initially alongside the Steam version, which happened to come out at the start of Season 7 but was delayed to make the experience the best possible one could be. 

We knew it was going to come out, instead, at the beginning of 2021, which the Season 8 release date happens to be targeting as well. Before the official details about the new season were released, a leak happened to make matters more interesting. 

The possible leak happened to show a launch date for the Nintendo Switch version of the game coming out on Feb. 2. It wasn’t long after that the Apex Legends Season 8 Mayhem release date and details were given that revealed that Feb. 2 would be the new season’s date. 

It would be too convenient for both of these to appear for the same date, so we would not be surprised if the new season is also when players on the hybrid handheld console will play Apex Legends on there for the very first time. 

Of course, we will have to wait and see for now since Respawn Entertainment has, oddly enough, not confirmed the release date for the Nintendo Switch version. This could be because the version is still being worked out to make sure it will land that date, or more likely, the developer is trying to ensure that the news is spaced out enough over the next couple of weeks until the start of Season 8. 

After all, this is the same studio who shadow-dropped the entire battle royale game at once almost two years ago, so it would make sense to announce a Switch release date just before it comes out if they would like to channel that same hype level of energy. 

Fuse Legend Explained

Besides the possibility of a Nintendo Switch platform release in Apex Legends Season 8 Mayhem, the largest piece of content is the new legend. We get one every season. The eighth iteration is no different as this will be the launch point for the new character Fuse.

The 16th playable character in Apex Legends’ history will be an exciting one with this demolitions expert, if you couldn’t tell by his Apex name, from the planet of Salvo; again, there seems to be a theme here. Fuse isn’t a surprising character to release but one that we might not have expected so soon.

Fuse has been one that we have known about for some time. Like with Loba and Rampart before him, Fuse is one that we have known about. It looks like it is finally his time to shine. 

As you might guess, the fact of his name and his status as a demolitions expert means that he will be an explosive person. His abilities will likely reflect this, but we don’t know the fully confirmed ones at this time. We will have a full guide about that and how to play upon the release of Season 8.

In the meantime, though, we can take a look at his most recently leaked abilities set and get an idea of how he will play in the coming weeks when he releases. Much, if not all, of these abilities, have likely changed upon the final release, so bear that in mind. 

Fuse’s passive is currently unnamed but already gets his character’s explosive nature off to a good start. You will be able to store up to two frag grenades or two thermite grenades per inventory slot. It means that you will be able to carry more explosives than most players just by looting.

It gets crazier from there when you look at the actual activated abilities that Fuse has. The tactical ability is currently known as Airburst Grenade and allows him to shoot out a grenade using his arm. This is likely just a standard explosive that will deal some decent damage if aimed right. 

The ultimate ability is currently known as The Motherlode, something that Respawn has already hinted at so that this may be reasonably accurate, and it is a powerful attack. He has a cannon on his back that fires a missile that explodes and leaves a fire afterward. 

So, you are dealing with initial damage plus some residual damage to the enemies afterward as well. Overall, it sounds like Fuse will be a pretty aggressive and dangerous character, likely one that you should surprise enemies with and then have the rest of the squad join in to attack. Just keep in mind that these abilities are not finalized at this time. 

Kings Canyon Returns to the Map Selection

Fuse ensures that he is leaving some mayhem behind with the other legends and even the maps themselves. When he arrives in the new season, there will also be the fan-favorite Kings Canyon map’s return. It only makes sense with the second anniversary of its release. 

Season 7 saw it leave the game in favor of the third map Olympus and the second map World’s Edge being the focus of this season. But with Season 8, it is triumphantly returning and will be notably different than you likely remember it. 

With Fuse’s release, it looks like his explosives will reshape much of the map and even obliterate certain areas. This third major overhaul of the original Apex Legends location will likely be the most game-changing version that we have seen yet. 

We fully expect to see some locations destroyed by Fuse and turned into something entirely new. We also expect that there may be at least one cratered area where you can loot and engage in some more open fighting scenarios. 

Unfortunately, details are scarce for now about what will happen with Kings Canyon in Season 8 and whether all three maps will be available or what the second one will be, if not, but we expect that to be Olympus, honestly. We should find out more about Kings Canyon and what has changed with it as we near the release date of Season 8. 

New Weapon and Ranked Season 8

But Fuse is far from the only new thing in Apex Legends Season 8 Mayhem as we are also getting a brand new weapon for the first time in a good while. The latest addition to the weapon pool is the 30-30 Repeater, a brand new lever action rifle that players will be able to use in combat. 

Little is known about the 30-30 Repeater, but it sounds pretty menacing from the little details we know. We expect it to be either a heavy-duty sniper rifle or assault rifle. It sounds like a sniper rifle, but the repeater name makes it also sounds like something more automatic. 

Regardless, we expect this to be an extremely powerful new rifle that will likely change up the metagame quite a bit, which might be exciting for the more competitive players out there. The 30-30 Repeater could be the answer that we are looking for, for the long-range players out there to change up the gameplay and have a new favorite gun. 

The new repeater rifle will play a crucial part in the upcoming ranked season 8 mode. The new season means that there will be a new round of ranked play for players to check out across the season, likely split up into two different parts.

For Season 7, Respawn made the new map Olympus the main focus of the first ranked split, and then World’s Edge came back to be the main map for the second half that is going on right now. We fully expect a similar situation this season where one map takes over the first half, and another does the second half. 

With the focus on Kings Canyon and its changes this season, we wouldn’t be surprised if the first ranked split in Apex Legends Season 8 Mayhem is about that original battle royale map and the second half about Olympus since it is still fairly new at this time. 


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