Apex Legends Season 8 Is Here: Fuse, Kings Canyon, More

by in Apex Legends | Feb, 1st 2021

Respawn Entertainment is preparing players to arrive at the latest season of content in Apex Legends with the official Apex Legends Season 8 patch notes. This new season is almost here and will bring a brand new character, the return of a fan-favorite map, and a new weapon to use. 

Apex Legends Season 8 Release Date and Time

Celebrating the second anniversary of Apex Legends’ release, Season 8 will arrive on the scene with a ton of new content for players to check out. The newest season is called Season 8 Mayhem and will feature the titular chaos that has forever changed the world of battle royale. 

Players will be able to check out the new legend Fuse, the return of Kings Canyon and the new 30-30 Repeater rifle in the Apex Legends Season 8 patch notes that are available now. There is a lot to this new season, and it is coming very soon.

At the time of writing this post, the new season of battle royale has not dropped just yet but is getting ready to and may have already released by the time you are reading this. It will be available on Tuesday, Feb. 2, at 10 a.m. PT (1 p.m. ET). 

On that day, players can see all of the new stuff that has been released for the game. Also, there are rumors that the Nintendo Switch version of the game will finally release around then but, for that, we will have to wait and see as it hasn’t been announced just yet. 

We will unpack everything you need to know about the Apex Legends Season 8 patch notes, including the new hero and his abilities, how the new weapon works, changes for the existing heroes, and more. Let’s go ahead and get started with Season 8 Mayhem. 

Fuse Legend Abilities Revealed

First and foremost, let’s go over the biggest elephant in the room: the new legend that has dropped in Apex Legends. His name is Fuse. He is an explosive character with equally chaotic abilities that are fitting of the name. We imagine that he will be a meta-changing character in the future. 

Fuse is a mercenary who has turned into a cage fighter with an affinity for everything that blows up. He has arrived on the scene ready to win the Apex Games. To do so, he exploded part of the Kings Canyon map in the process (more on that in a moment).

With the Apex Legends Season 8 patch notes reveal, we now know what the Fuse abilities are this season. Like everyone else, he has a passive, tactical, and ultimate ability. His passive is known as Grenadier and has to do with the grenades he can carry into matches. 

Grenadier allows the Fuse player to stack an extra grenade per inventory slot, allowing them to have more explosives than anyone else in the entire game. Not only that, but they will be able to fire grenades farther, faster, and more accurately than all of the other legends in Apex Legends. 

From there, we come to the tactical ability that is known as Knuckle Cluster. This is a unique ability that Fuse has that takes advantage of the equipment that he has on his arm. You can launch a cluster bomb that continuously expels airburst explosives on impact at the enemies. 

It is essentially a remote bomb launcher that you have available to you that no other legend can do. So, when you are out of grenades in the middle of combat, you can always rely on the Knuckle Cluster to deal some severe damage for you, so long as the cooldown is ready. 

And last but not least, we have the ultimate ability for Fuse known as The Motherlode. This ultimate is similar to what we have for Gibraltar and others in that it is an explosive one. But this one will launch a bombardment that encircles a target area in a wall of flames that will deal some severe damage.

Overall, it is clear that Fuse is a very offensive character and one that might change up the meta balance of the game entirely in Season 8. For now, though, we will have to wait and see. Our full breakdown and guide to Fuse is coming soon, so keep an eye out for that. 

New Weapon and the Return of Kings Canyon

If you are not a fan of Fuse and playing as him in the new season, or you won’t have the real-world money or in-game currency to spare for him at this time, there is something else new that you will be able to use in combat starting in Apex Legends Season 8 Mayhem.

The new gun is dropping in the game, known as the 30-30 Repeater rifle. This is a new sniper rifle-like weapon that is a repeater and has the heavy ammo lever-action gameplay that players already know and love, bringing some much-needed long-range action to the game. 

The 30-30 Repeater is a weapon that has the user rechamber their rounds between every single shot they do, giving a rhythm and traditional feel to the weapon that isn’t seen much in the Apex Games. With its one round at a time style, it will require players to be the absolute best around when it comes to aiming. 

A single missed shot will mean that users will not fire again for another moment as they reload and get ready, leaving them vulnerable in the process. But if you are someone who doesn’t miss, this 30-30 Repeater rifle may be for you as a well-placed shot will likely spell doom for anyone involved. 

If that isn’t enough, you can charge your shots before firing, similar to some of the other weapons in the battle royale game. This will increase damage with each of your shots when you charge at the cost of the time it takes to build up the charge. 

For those of you who are fans of other weapons or the new sniper rifle, there will change up every gun for all players, and that is the addition of legendary magazines. We have seen gold attachments before for weapons but never for the magazines themselves. 

That is no longer going to be the case in Season 8, as the golden magazine attachments will be releasing then. It has the same general capacity as the purple ones but has a unique feature in that it will automatically reload your stowed away weapons after a brief delay. 

You can run into combat knowing that your backup weapon is already ready for battle when you need to switch to it without manually reloading it every time. The new gold legendary magazines will be available for light, heavy, sniper, and energy weapons. 

Players will be able to use the 30-30 Repeater rifle and the new legendary magazines on the various battle royale maps that will be available in Season 8, including the return of the beloved original Apex Legends map: Kings Canyon. That is right, the fan-favorite location that started it all is coming back once again. 

After being mostly gone for the entirety of Season 7 as the new Olympus map dropped into the battle royale space, Kings Canyon is making a triumphant return in this eighth season as the main map for the first half of the ranked season. 

This looks to be the most extensive overhaul for the Kings Canyon map of all-time, changing it and even expanding it in the process. Fuse’s arrival has led to some explosive changes on the Kings Canyon map, destroying certain places and opening up the pathways to other new locations at the same time.

Besides the general changes to several of the named points of interests around the map, there is a whole new sector to explore beyond Artillery where a ship has crashed into the map and opened a whole new part of the arena that was not previously available for exploration and looting. Find out more about the return of Kings Canyon in our upcoming map guide. 

Legend and Other Changes

There is some general quality of life changes coming in Season 8 for different aspects of the title, starting with the damage counter. A new damage counter is added to the HUD to allow players to track badges and other damage-related challenges more easily. 

Pinging your weapons or ammo in your current inventory will be more informational for your teammates. It will note your current ammo count and let everyone on your team know that you want that ammo in the quick chat. This is great for making everyone aware of how dire your current ammo situation is. 

There is an update to the colorblind settings, making it so that healing and reviving will now follow the colorblind rules when you have those settings enabled. When it comes to skins, some are just there for fun, while others are canon to the character. Those canon skins will now have a short blurb going into the lore behind them. 

There are many character changes in Season 8, from minor ones to overwhelming different ones. Even players who don’t want to check out Fuse will likely find something different with the characters they already know and love. 

For Wraith, there are some hit box adjustments. Trying to capture what happened with Pathfinder before, she now has a slightly larger hit box than her fellow small legends and will be slightly easier to hit. These changes were mainly made to the torso and leg areas. But with these changes, Respawn notes that she will still be small and hard to hit. 

When it comes to Rampart, her Sheila machine gun has had her angle increased from 120 degrees to 180 degrees. This will allow her to view the enemies in front and hopefully boost her some. Also, during the build phase, the wall health has been increased from one health point to 45 while sniper rounds will still pierce through. 

For the latest hero, Horizon, the Gravity Lift cooldown increased from 21 seconds to 25 seconds. The 15 seconds cooldown timer will now start when the Gravity Lift disappears. This is to hopefully reduce the success of Horizon, who is the top legend at this time. 

There are some remastered changes to the Octane jump pad that will make it work slightly differently. The gist of it is that jumping from a standing position will launch the player in a higher arc equal to that of the old super jump that he had before changes.

Meanwhile, jumping from a crouched position will make for a lower jump but go farther in the horizontal direction if you are looking to get as much distance as possible. For Crypto, the single change is to remove the ability to stick arc stars to friendly drones. 

For Loba, the loot inside unopened care packages will now be visible through the Eye for Quality ability and accessible through the Black Market Boutique ability. For Caustic, all gas now dissipates as soon as the Caustic’s team is eliminated, removing the ability for those controversial after-death eliminations. 

And last but not least, the Mirage decoys will now create footstep sounds. It should make it a little bit harder to pick out which of the Mirages is the real one in combat. This doesn’t mean that there will be an onslaught of footstep sounds when you are near decoys, but it will be harder to make out the real from the fakes, at least. 

Weapon Changes

There are changes to the weapons in the loot pool beside the new 30-30 Repeater rifle. It has been added to the fully kitted rotation alongside the R-301, Mozambique, Longbow DMR, and the Spitfire. In exchange, the Wingman, Sentinel, Havoc, G7, and Alternator have been removed. 

The gold barrel legendary attachment has been removed from the loot pool of the game. The Double Tap hop up attachment is removed while the Anvil Rounds, as leaked in a video recently, is added back into the game. 

The Volt has been nerfed slightly to have bullet damage of 15 when it was 16 before. The Alternator, meanwhile, has been increased from 15 to 16. The Spitfire changed with more damage at 19 now from 18 but has increased reload speeds of 3.2 seconds when not empty and now 3.8 seconds. 

Finally, the EVA-8 has increased the fire rate slightly from 2.0 to now 2.1. For more on the Apex Legends Season 8 patch notes, be sure to check out the full official release notes, where everything, including the bug fixes that we were unable to go over, are noted. 


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