Apex Legends Season 7 Legend Revealed

by in Apex Legends | Oct, 13th 2020

Respawn Entertainment has announced different Apex Legends characters in various ways before, but this latest one is one of the unique announcements that we have seen to date. That’s right; we already know the identity of the Apex Legends Season 7 legend.

Apex Legends Season 7 Legend Revealed Today

More importantly, this is an official unveiling rather than some leak or rumor that reveals the character early. Respawn has already confirmed who the Apex Legends Season 7 legend will be, even though we are still in the middle of the current Season 6.

Of course, this is major spoilers for the upcoming character in the seventh season of the popular battle royale game, so if you don’t want to know who the new legend is in a rather unconventional way, then you should probably turn back now. Otherwise, it’s time to get some significant spoilers for the next season.

First and foremost, the reveal comes from the Twitter user Frozenfroh who posted a video clip that showed off the new hero. Interestingly enough, this is not a leak at all, but it comes directly from the game. The Twitter user David noted that this is a spoiler for all of the challenges.

The new Apex Legends Season 7 legend was revealed through the new set of three challenges dropped today. They were the end of the Season 7 teasers that Respawn has been dropping lately. If you completed the new challenges, you would find out the identity of the new legend.

Season 7 Legend Is None Other Than Horizon

Completing all three of the challenges resulted in a video shared with the player. David shared this clip on Twitter with everyone who hasn’t done the challenges yet. In the clip, the user is on what looks to be the Kings Canyon map doing the new challenges.

After completing the challenges, a video begins on a screen near the user. We see some robot of sorts that the Twitter user later clarifies to be some drone reportedly. The user is thanking the player for providing them with data.

They conclude the video by revealing her face and introducing herself as Dr. Mary Somers with Horizon’s legends. The new Apex Legends Season 7 legend is going to be Horizon. The Twitter user then followed up their original tweet by noting that the drone is called Newtie.

The surprising reveal just happened after discovering some details about the Season 7 character. Horizon will be available for totally free as part of the Apex Legends Champions Edition that comes with every locked legend for free up until Season 7’s Horizon.

Players Can Get Horizon in the Champions Edition

Players will be able to get her through that bundle with a whole bunch of other stuff when it drops alongside the new season’s start next month. It will come with all of the legends, including the launch legends Caustic and Mirage, plus every legend released across the soon-to-be seven seasons.

In addition to that, players will get a ton of exclusive cosmetic items that you won’t be able to get anywhere else outside of this bundle. They include skins for the characters and weapons that will appeal to collectors plus 1000 Apex Coins that you can spend on other items in the game.

The excellent bundle is for players who are just checking out the game for the first time and want to pick up new legends like Horizon right when she launches. We don’t know too much about how she will play in the game as we only know her name and what she looks like.

However, many in the community think that the recently activated gravity lifts in Apex Legends hint at how the new character will play in the game. We initially thought that the character would be Valk because of this.

What Horizon’s Moveset Might Be

Valk was a character who appeared in leaks from the game’s files previously who was focused on aerial movements and hovering associated with the recent gravity lifts that joined Kings Canyon and World’s Edge. What is interesting is that many believe that Valk is now actually called Horizon.

If that is the case, then the hover-centric moveset could be Horizon’s when she releases in Season 7. We will have to wait and see for confirmation, but we know about the leaked moveset from before when Valk originally leaked last year.

In that massive leak for the game that included other characters like Rampart who released this season, Valk/potentially Horizon had her three abilities detailed. The tactical was Cluster Missile, allowing her to fire off some special rocket missiles at enemies.

Meanwhile, her passive ability was a unique one called VTOL Jets that allowed the player to hold down the jump button to hover around in the air, making it almost like another tactical of sorts. And lastly, her ultimate ability was Skyward, which allowed the entire team to launch into the air and dive again.

This will be a rather impressive and game-changing moveset if Horizon does indeed have it when she launches next month. It could have changed between the leak and her launch, so don’t expect these to be the same in Season 7. Stay tuned, though, as the launch of the new season is about a month away.


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