Apex Legends Season 7 Launch Trailer Reveals Olympus, Trident, and More

by in Apex Legends | Oct, 28th 2020

The Apex Legends Season 7 launch trailer is finally here ahead of the brand new season’s release. This trailer is our first glimpse at the seventh battle royale season. It includes many details about what’s to come, including the new map, what Horizon is like, and the first vehicle.

Apex Legends Season 7 Launch Trailer Is Here

If you are interested in checking out the Apex Legends Season 7 launch trailer, you can watch it here. There is a lot that happens in this trailer for the new season. We’ve got all of the details regarding what is coming next week when the season drops.

The Apex Legends Season 7 launch trailer begins with Mirage and Rampart running towards the rocket ship that recently appeared in the game. Unfortunately, they don’t make it in time, so Pathfinder helps them follow the ship to the new location.

That location is none other than the brand new Olympus map that will launch with the beginning of Season 7. This is our first glimpse at what the third battle royale map looks like, even if the trailer is just a cinematic one, and it gives a solid idea of what we will find there.

As we expected from the initial announcement that we would get Olympus recently, we can tell that the large city is floating in the sky above the rest of the planet. Overall, it does look a bit smaller than we expected, but that could have just been the bird’s eye view that made it seem that way.

What the Olympus Map Is Like

Though it is a floating city island, it doesn’t seem to be nearly as dense as we thought it would be. There is a lot of greenery to the island map that makes it a lot more varied than we expected. In many ways, it kind of looks art style and design-wise like something you would see in games like Immortals Fenyx Rising or even the Hercules section of Kingdom Hearts 3.

But perhaps that is the point since the Olympus map is, well, called Olympus and based around the Greek gods’ home floating in the sky. There are several different districts that you can see on the battle royale map, with green plains and open areas in between them.

The space between the urban districts does seem rather small but gives you a nice little breath of fresh air between the skyscrapers and metropolitan locations. For the most part, the map’s different areas look pretty generally the same: little urban districts.

But there are a couple of them that we can see that are pretty noteworthy for a couple of reasons. The first is the southern middle section that looks to have some towering factories or something that leads up to the center of the city.

Trident Vehicle Revealed

On the west side of the map, one section is somewhat small but has some of the tallest towers on the map. But the one place that is the most interesting is the arena at the center of the island. This arena is at the top of a mountain, overlooking everything else in the city.

As the ship with the trio of Mirage, Rampart, and Pathfinder is descending towards the city, they are shot down by a massive laser turret that, presumably, has nothing to do with the actual gameplay on Olympus. Mirage ends up in a beautiful garden area before being rescued by Pathfinder and the Season 7 legend Horizon.

The duo arrives on the brand new Trident vehicle. It is reminiscent of the speeders you would see in Star Wars and allows the team to blast around the map with ease. This is the very first vehicle in Apex Legends and hints that Olympus might take a while to get across.

After this, we get the first look at Horizon’s abilities. We thought that the character would have a lot to do with anti-gravity abilities, which seems to be true. However, what’s surprising about this Apex Legends Season 7 launch trailer is that it seems those abilities focused on the enemies rather than helping your team.

What Horizon’s Abilities Seem to Be

Horizon is seen throwing down an item that blasts a trio into the skies for her teammates to shoot them down easily. The trailer ends with seeing Horizon gliding up into the sky and then launching some object that sucks enemies into it and then explodes.

From what we can gather from this trailer, it looks like the leaks were right in that Horizon can hover, possibly just due to her passive. But then her tactical ability allows her to send enemies flying into the sky for easy kills. And lastly, her ultimate seems to suck players in and then explode.

If these are Horizon’s abilities, she could be one of the most aggressive and game-changing players around. She is a crowd control character, the likes of which Apex Legends has never seen up until this point.

We will have to wait and see what exactly Horizon’s abilities will be soon. Season 7 will launch on Wednesday, Nov. 4, following the Fight or Fright event, and the patch notes should reveal everything we need to know, so stay tuned.


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