Apex Legends Season 6 Double XP Week Is Here to End the Season

by in Apex Legends | Oct, 30th 2020

Respawn Entertainment has announced that players can enjoy double experience right now in Apex Legends. This special Apex Legends Season 6 double XP is to end out the season properly with double the experience that you would normally get.

Respawn Entertainment Announces Apex Legends Season 6 Double XP Week

This was revealed by Respawn Entertainment, noting that there is about a week or so to go until the next season. In preparation for that, players can hop into the battle royale game right now and enjoy some Apex Legends Season 6 double XP for the next several days.

While it isn’t a full week, players can end the season right with the double experience until the end of this season, which happens to land on Wednesday, Nov. 4. Until that day, players will be able to enjoy the Apex Legends Season 6 double XP.

This special double XP week, or extended weekend of sorts, is a great way to cap off what has been a decent season of battle royale in Apex Legends. During this time, players will have double the account experience, specifically, that you would typically participate in matches.

This boost until the end of the season won’t last long, so players interested in taking advantage of it should do so while they still can. The beginning of Season 7 is rapidly approaching and will be here next week to usher in players to a new location, legends, and more.

This Double XP Is Supposed to Make Up for the Shorter Season

This Apex Legends Season 6 double XP week is especially great for those who haven’t finished the paid or free version of the battle pass this season. There are many items that you can get through it, so this double experience should help you get closer to that max tier.

This is particularly important since this current Season 6 is a little bit shorter than we originally thought it would be. Initially, it was planned both in the backend of the game, and from leaks we heard that it would end about a week later on Nov. 11.

However, Respawn Entertainment decided to move the season forward to Nov. 4, which is quite unusual when we will typically see battle royale seasons delay and never start earlier than usual. But because of this surprising but awesome change, there is one negative of it.

The one negative aspect of this switch is that players now have less time to enjoy the current sixth season of battle royale. Sure, it is only by a week, but that can be unfortunate for those who thought they had that week to grind everything out and finish up the Season 6 battle pass.

This Is a Great Time to Check Out the Fight or Fright Event

As such, this Apex Legends Season 6 double XP week likely is to make up for that matter so that players have double the experience they would get in the next week. Even though the season ends a week early, you can use that time and get double the progression to make it more evened out.

In addition to making up for the fact that we will have a shorter season in Season 6, this is an excellent opportunity to check out the Fight or Fright Halloween limited-time event that is going on currently. The fan-favorite event from last year has returned for a second go around.

This time around, the Fight or Fright event is back and bigger than ever before with a twist on the normal battle royale style called Shadow Royale. This limited-time mode is available during the Halloween event and is a spookier take on the usual battle royale match.

In this game mode, players are sent to the special and beloved Kings Canyon nighttime map introduced last year during the initial version of this event. But the spooks and scares don’t end with the creepy and dark map that players have to explore, loot, and survive through.

How the Shadow Royale Game Mode Works

The Shadow Royale mode is also special for its inclusion of the shadows that players have to deal with. Whenever you die in this game mode, a special event happens instead of your teammates’ usual ability to be revived if they pick up your tag.

Instead, you will be sent back into the game immediately but as a shadow of another realm where you can quickly run around the map and take out other players in the match. Your job is to protect your squad so that they can survive longer than you did and make it to the end.

At the end of the Shadow Royale match, the team with the final human players remaining will win it all and be the match’s victors. This terrifying take on the usual battle royale experience is excellent, and you can now enjoy double the experience from playing it.

The Fight or Fright Halloween event, along with the Shadow Royale game mode, is scheduled to end when the current season and its double experience are supposed to end next week. This event is only sticking around until the end of the season, so you should check it out while you still can and collect any cosmetic items that you are still missing.


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