Apex Legends Season 11 Ranked Split 1 Will Feature Storm Point

by in Apex Legends | Oct, 28th 2021

Apex Legends is about to enter the 11th season of content, which means a new legend, new map, various changes, and more. As part of this, the Apex Legends Season 11 ranked split will happen, once again resetting the ranked tier of players down to a lower level and offering the chance to try again. 

Apex Legends Season 11 Ranked Will Feature Storm Point

Like in previous seasons, this new season will include the ability for players to check out not one, but two ranked splits within the same season of content. The ranked split means that players will deal with two resets of their tier this season, starting with its launch and midway through.

However, part of the most important aspect of the Apex Legends Season 11 ranked split is that each split will feature a very different map used competitively. In the case of Season 11, you can probably already guess what one of those two maps will be. 

As expected, the first Apex Legends Season 11 ranked split will feature the brand new tropical island map known as Storm Point as the next destination that you will be able to visit competitively. This brand new map is likely to be a fan favorite, so this is a welcome decision and an unsurprising one. 

The same situation happened with the launch of Olympus in Season 7, where it was the exclusive ranked map for the start of the season. A similar situation is now happening with Storm Point to get players adjusted to this brand new destination. 

World’s Edge Will Likely Be the Second Ranked Map

The Apex Legends Season 11 ranked split will begin with Storm Point as the focused map where players will be able to check out all of the new points of interest and see what the layout of the island is like. As the largest map in the game thus far, more than 15% bigger than World’s Edge, this will be a significantly large area. 

You will want to figure out your favorite rotations, landing spots, loot areas, and so on early so that you will be able to keep up with the other players in ranked. It might even be more beneficial for some to just play this new map in unranked, figure it out first, and then head to the ranked mode. 

As for the map that will come after Storm Point in the second Apex Legends Season 11 ranked split has technically not been announced, but we can infer based on what we know. Once again, Respawn is reducing the number of maps in Apex Legends to only two for the upcoming season. 

Those two maps are Storm Point and the second map in the game, World’s Edge. Presumably, this means that World’s Edge will be the second-ranked map in Apex Legends for the second half of Season 11. Unfortunately, Kings Canyon and Olympus are sitting this particular season out. 

Changes to Arena Ranked

Beyond just the two maps that will be in the Apex Legends Season 11 ranked splits for the next few months, some major changes are also happening. For instance, ranked is going to continue for Arena, but the difference is that it will follow a ranked split system like battle royale. 

There will be two splits for ranked Arena always to encounter the soft reset midway through the season. Furthermore, sorry Skull Town fans, but the maps in Arena are reduced to only include the custom-made Arena maps from now on. 

Encore’s introduction, there is now a wide selection of Arena maps, so all of the pre-existing locations from the battle royale maps are leaving the game. And it does not end there as Respawn noted that 40% of all playtime is spent in ranked, so more major changes are on the way. 

Ranked Point Changes in Battle Royale

This time around, the Apex Legends Season 11 ranked battle royale mode will feature further changes for how you receive ranked points. When you eliminate someone in a ranked match, it will now consider the tier differences between the victim and you. 

This means that when you kill someone higher than you, the game will notice this and reward you with more ranked points than before. The example given is that a platinum player takes out a diamond player and will now receive 12 points instead of 10. 

In this situation, it is worth noting that Apex Predator and Master tier are treated as the same, so even if you kill one of the very best players in the entire server, it will not give you more points. There is also a final, flat per kill bonus that will be given to you based on the placement at the end of the match. 

In practice, this means that, for example, you are a platinum-ranked player who teams up with a diamond friend. At the end of the match, your duo team ends up in second place with six kills (including assists) against diamond players and three against fellow platinum players. 

In this event, you will get 12 points for each diamond kills and/or assists in the match and only 10 for the fellow platinum kills. Because of this, you will get 102 ranked points from kills alone, but your second-place finish will also net you 10 bonus points per kill, resulting in 90 extra points. 

However, there is a maximum kill point ranked point in each match and that is 175 points, so be sure to keep this in mind. Lastly, in the Apex Legends Season 11 ranked split changes, you will have to play your usual placement matches to determine your rank when the new season drops. 

For Arena, because of the new split system, the start of the season will feature players needing to play 10 placement matches like always. However, the second split will be a soft reset, so you will only need to play five placement matches when that happens. 


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