Apex Legends Season 11 – Escape Launch Trailer Showcases Tropical Paradise With a Hint of Danger

by in Apex Legends | Oct, 21st 2021

Season 11 of Apex Legends looks to bring a lot of significant changes to the game to excite players and keep the game feeling fresh. So far, we’ve seen the reveal of a new playable character, Ash, who comes to Apex Legends presumably after the events of Titanfall 2’s story campaign. Fans will also see the debut of a new weapon in the CAR SMG, also making a return from the Titanfall series. Throughout the events that have taken place during Season 10 of Apex Legends, players have discovered subtle easter eggs and hints to the new theme of Season 11, as well as hints to a possible new map set to debut in Season 11. Now, Respawn has released an animated launch trailer that confirms many of the suspicions fans had as to whether they should expect a new map and theme for the upcoming season, which the Apex Legends team have deemed to call ‘Escape.’ 

Apex Legends Season 11 – Escape: Beaches, Beefcakes, and the Blaze of Gunfire

If there’s one thing to commend Respawn and the Apex Legends team over, it’s their creativity and ability to give their player characters personality that really distinguishes them from one another. In the new Apex Legends launch trailer for Season 11 – Escape, Bangalore and Mirage make their way to a tropical paradise for a brief reprieve only to be met with danger in the forms of other Legends hunting them down and new endemic life that’s looking to prey on our heroes.

We’re introduced to Ash and given the opportunity to explore this new tropical paradise – or hellscape. The CAR SMG also makes an appearance, and we’re given a brief glimpse of Ash’s abilities, which allow her to reposition in gun fights and close the distance. 

At one point in the trailer, Ash throws what looks to be a possible Heirloom at Mirage after stepping outside of the portal, showing us what we can possibly expect to see in Season 11 – Escape. It’s not certain as to whether this Heirloom is Mirage’s or not, so we can only hope to get more clarification later on.

The trailer ends with the announcement of a new gameplay reveal trailer for Season 11 Escape. Fans of Apex Legends can expect the trailer to drop on the 25th of October, which could give us more insight on gun changes, new weapons, and new mechanics that could possibly be arriving in Apex Legends when Season 11 – Escape launches. 

With tropical map and theming, we may also get summer related skins for some Legends, especially with the cheeky nod to fans who have been asking for swimsuit skins by including a revealing shot of Fuse that we hope was at least PG-13 from the waist down. It was a cute moment that really shows how in touch the Apex Legends team is with their community.

Apex Legends Season 11 – Escape will go live November 2nd. We’ll keep track of updates as they come out. 


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