Apex Legends Season 11 Escape: Ash, Wattson Changes, Much More

by in Apex Legends | Oct, 29th 2021

Apex Legends is entering a new season with Season 11 Escape. The 11th season of the game includes some of the most important and biggest changes we have ever seen for the battle royale title in a long time, as seen in the comprehensive Apex Legends Season 11 patch notes. 

Apex Legends Season 11 Patch Notes

The official Apex Legends Season 11 patch notes include the multitude of changes and features in the Escape season. This update has so much new content, including the usual seasonal content and the more special additions to the battle royale title. 

The new season of Apex Legends may have already dropped by the time you read this post, but it is not here just yet at the time of writing. The actual release date and time have still yet to be revealed by developer Respawn Entertainment, despite being right around the corner. 

We know that the Season 10 Emergence battle pass will end on Tuesday, November 2, 2021, which tells us that the new season for the game is likely to drop on that same day or the following one, November 3, so either way, it is only a matter of time until this new season has arrived. 

We compiled the Apex Legends Season 11 patch notes ahead of time so that you can find the most important content, ranging from the unsurprising new legend to the brand new battle royale destination that we will be able to check out very soon. 

Ash Is the New Legend

To begin with, there is the brand new legend featured in the Apex Legends Season 11 patch notes. Ash is the new character that players will be able to use in combat. She is just the latest simulacrum joining the battlefield as the focus for the Escape season. 

Ash is a familiar character to Titanfall and even Apex Legends veterans, having played an important role in both. She was known as Dr. Ashleigh Reid as a human, but that was soon stripped from her as she was turned into this simulacrum and became a villain in Titanfall 2. 

Since her defeat, she has become one of the overseers for the Apex Games and has been an active shadow since the start of Apex Legends. However, it is time for her to make her debut as a participant in the Games, and she is a wild one with a fascinating set of abilities. 

For starters, there is the passive ability that Ash has that is known as Marked for Death. Her map will show her the nearby deathboxes that have recently appeared so that you can get some loot. Furthermore, she can interact (once per box) with the deathbox to find the remaining teammates of that player. 

The tactical ability is Arc Snare and has her throw a spinning snare that will damage the enemy tether the first enemy that gets too close to it. Then last but not least, we have the ultimate ability that is known as Phase Breach. 

In true Wraith-like fashion, this ultimate will open up a one-way portal that you are then able to use to get to a targeted location. The portal will stay open for a short time, allowing anyone (both friend and foe) to use it during this window. Ash is a brilliant and not too overpowered legend, seemingly very balanced, and we will have more to say about her in the coming days as we kick off this 11th season of content. 

Storm Point Is the Fourth Map

The Apex Legends Season 11 patch notes then take us to the main destination and the brand new locale that players will be excited to visit in the new season: Storm Point. That is right; for only the third time in the game thus far, Respawn Entertainment is releasing a brand new map in Apex Legends. 

This has only happened twice before, in Season 3 and 7, and the timing is just right for it to happen again. It has been just around two years since the launch of World’s Edge as the first post-launch map for Apex Legends, while it has been around a year since the release of Olympus in Season 7. 

With the launch of Storm Point, we are escaping to a tropical island on an unfamiliar and new planet in the Apex universe, hence the theme of this 11th season of battle royale. Storm Point takes place on an island in the middle of the ocean on the planet known as Gaea. 

We’ve already broken down the entire map and everything you need to know about it in our map guide, but the gist is that it is a deserted island that was not always the case. This beautiful oasis was once home to the energy colony for the IMC. The ruins remain to show what was once there. 

There are about 17 points of interest that you will find on this island that are the main named locations that you can visit. Some of them are abandoned facilities while others are natural observations and still more are remnants of the failed civilizations that tried to make it in this harsh but gorgeous landscape. 

Three settlements have appeared over the centuries, but no survivors remain. With this being the case, Storm Point is now becoming the main battle royale map for the upcoming Apex Games season. Players will find that it is the largest map to date, 15% larger than the next-biggest one: World’s Edge. 

At the center is the massive mountain that stands as the centerpiece of the map and features the highest points you can visit on any map in Apex Legends to date. With Season 11, there are now four maps, so the game will go back down to just two for now. 

Storm Point will be the main map this season, but it will be accompanied by World’s Edge that will also act as the ranked map for one-half of the season. The smaller map pool in Season 11 should give plenty of time for players to get used to the largest destination in the battle royale game. 

There are changes on the Arena side of the game for maps, too, as now Arena will only have custom maps in its pool of locations. The fan-favorite named locations from battle royale maps are now gone to make way for Encore and the rest of the Arena-exclusive destinations that are going to be the only ones offered from now on. 

Car SMG and Wattson Changes

We already have a new legend and a new map, but it does not end there, as there is also a new gun for players to use in battle. The Car SMG switches from the Titanfall series over to Apex Legends to likely dominate as the new SMG gun. 

The Car is a very flexible SMG weapon capable of doing something that no other weapon in Apex Legends can do right now: use two different ammo types. It can use both the light ammo that is typical for an SMG gun in the game and the heavy ammo type, too. 

The flexible nature of the Combat Advanced Round SMG, or Car, means that the fully automatic gun is great for dealing some hefty damage but also being speedy at the same time. Given that this is floor loot in the new season, it is highly likely that the new Car SMG will dominate the meta to an extent. 

From there, we come away from the new features and additions in the Apex Legends Season 11 patch notes to the major changes for the 11th season. While this new season is technically all about Ash, there is also a case that can be made to say that it is also Wattson’s season. 

This is because the long-awaited changes to Wattson are happening in Apex Legends Season 11. The win rate has always been one of the best in Apex Legends, even though she is not exactly one of the more popular characters in the game. 

It is a known fact that, while the general populace does not like to use Wattson all that much, even when picking a more defensive character, the pros and top players of the leaderboard are very likely to pick her. These changes are here to make her not only a better legend but one that is more appealing to everyone. 

For starters, there are the general changes to improve the reliability of placing the tactical and ultimate items that she can use, making them more responsive overall. She can even now place her objects on top of surfaces above her eye level within reason. 

On the more negative side, her hit box is increasing, which will make it a bit easier to attack her. From there, we come to the tactical ability changes. The damage for touching her fences increased by 33% and the debuff duration for crossing the fence doubled. 

The recharge time has been halved, while the placement range is now 50% larger. There is now a largely decreased delay between the fences shutting off and them reactivating after an ally passes through them to make it easier to get enemies. 

While Wattson is readying and/or placing the fence nodes, she will move at an unarmed speed. You no longer have to wait for the animation to finish. 

For the ultimate Wattson ability, the pylons are now down to one you can place at a time, but they will last forever. The pylon will now have a pool of 250 shields to give to players, rather than the infinite shields. That said, it will be able to zap incoming ordinance even when it runs out of shields. 

Overall, these changes complicate, deepen, and enrich the experience of playing Wattson, likely making her a more viable and welcome addition to most squads as the defensive tank. 

Weapon and Gear Changes

There are also some changes to the weapons and gear in the Apex Legends Season 11 patch notes. For starters, the Triple Take rifle is coming back to the floor loot and will be taking the place of the G7 Scout, which will, in turn, be joining the supply drop loot with the double-tap trigger automatically equipped. 

With the Triple Take now back as floor loot, this means that it will have a longer charge time again, but the magazine is increasing at all tiers. However, in turn, the ammo consumed per shot and necessary for making the shot increases to three each. 

There is the dual shell hop-up attachment for the Mastiff and the 30-30 Repeater that will double every round for both of these weapons when you have them. The Mastiff, 30-30 Repeater, R-301, Car, and Longbow have been added for the fully kitted rotation, while the Peacekeeper, Rampage, RE-45, Flatline, and Charge Rifle have been removed. 

For the EVA-8, the fire rate is slightly reduced, while the Peacekeeper has an increased pellet size, a reduced choke-up time, and the choked-up shots will remain tight for a little bit longer when you stop aiming down the sights. Meanwhile, the Longbow has reduced damage. The L-Star has reduced barrel effectiveness, smaller projectile collision sizes, and slightly lower damage. There are more changes that you can find in the Apex Legends Season 11 patch notes here


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