Apex Legends Season 10 Teasers Begin With World’s Edge Shaking

by in Apex Legends | Jul, 15th 2021

Apex Legends is currently in the midst of the ninth season known as Legacy, but that time is slowly coming to an end. With likely only a few more weeks left in the season, it is now time for teasers for the next one to begin. This has seemingly already started with World’s Edge shaking. 

World’s Edge Has Begun Shaking

The World’s Edge shaking event is the first indication of what may be coming in the next season of Apex Legends. Whatever Season 10 ends up being called, much of the focus in the upcoming season of content will likely be focusing on the World’s Edge map.

The second one to be released in the battle royale title, World’s Edge shaking, has begun on the map in-game for players to experience for themselves. It all started with the first teaser for the next season at the Countdown named location on the map. 

When players visit Countdown, you can find a new device here in the main building that adds some more lore to the game and hints at what’s to come with the next season. This device can be interacted with while you are in the middle of a match, and doing so will cause a message to play for you. 

In this message, the player will be told that the “whole world’s shaking” and that they are getting Hammond Robotics to run some tests about what is happening with the planet of Talos. The message is seemingly there to point to World’s Edge shaking, but the teaser does not stop there. 

This Appears to Be a Season 10 Teaser

While you may not be able to feel the actual tremors in the planet at the Countdown location, you can head to certain spots on the map currently where you will be able to feel the shaking for yourself, even in the middle of a battle royale match. 

From what we have seen thus far, it seems that players will be able to experience World’s Edge shaking in a couple of different areas, mainly when it comes to the underground sections of the map. Places where players can go under mountains and the like are where you can potentially feel World’s Edge shaking yourself. 

This is not guaranteed and may not happen the entire time in a battle royale match, but you will likely experience it if you stick around in these types of locations often enough. More importantly, this is only the start of the teasers for Apex Legends Season 10, so we imagine that it will only get crazier from here. 

In this way, we believe that players will experience even more tremors as time goes on in the last few weeks of the Legacy season. It will likely start light in terms of shaking and then increase over time, leading up to the start of Season 10, in which we will see what this all means.

Season 10 Will Likely Have Major Changes for World’s Edge

Overall, it is likely that World’s Edge shaking means that we will see some major map changes for the location. This would be great news as we have not seen too many changes to the map in recent seasons. Outside of some balancing changes, there have not been many major events happen here since Season 6.

That was the last season in which World’s Edge was focused on as the main map for the battle royale season as the following season would feature the launch of Olympus in Apex Legends. The season after that would bring back Kings Canyon into the fold.

And then, most recently, the current Legacy season focused on giving the first major map changes to Olympus and some minor changes to World’s Edge as it returned to be the second main map this season. That said, these were minor and did little to affect the overall gameplay. 

It seems very likely now that we will see some new map changes for the second Apex Legends location in the upcoming season. This makes sense, too, since both Kings Canyon and Olympus are the two most recent maps to receive some major changes. 

How This Could Change the Battle Royale Map

In turn, this would make it clear that World’s Edge would be the next map to get some changes. However, it seems like the changes coming to the map will be potentially more widespread and crazy than what we saw in the past when it was changed in Season 6. 

After all, World’s Edge shaking leads us to believe that it will have to do with the lava that this location is known for. Lava has always been a decent part of the map that players need to watch out for, but not something that has ever truly dominated the map in a way that it could. 

With the changes in the past for World’s Edge, it seems that the corporations on this planet have likely disrupted the ecosystem and could cause an eruption or lava overflow. We can only imagine what this would end up doing to the overall map. 

Lava overflowing across the various named locations on World’s Edge would be a chance for Respawn to reintroduce World’s Edge in a new way. With the recent ability to check out the original Season 3 World’s Edge during the Genesis event, that was players’ chance to say goodbye to what we once knew. 

From here, I would not be surprised if Respawn introduces a new version of World’s Edge that is dangerous and vastly different. We can expect new map locations themed around lava and the volatile mechanic seeping throughout the map, adding additional problems that players have to worry about. 


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