Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence: Rampage, Ranked Arenas, More

by in Apex Legends | Aug, 3rd 2021

Respawn Entertainment has begun the latest season of battle royale content for Apex Legends. It only comes every few months, so it is an important moment, but the long-awaited Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence is finally here for players to start digging into. 

This season is notable for a few reasons, not least of which is the number itself that has brought us to the 10th season for Apex Legends. We are now in the double digits, but the season is pretty standard overall and does not do too much outside of the expected content. 

Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence is the theme of the season. Respawn continues to do away with the usual numbered seasons in favor of themed ones, like what was started in Season 9 with Legacy. By the time you read this, the season should have already begun on all platforms, so here’s everything you need to know about Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence, from the new legend to other content and changes. 

Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence: Seer Is the New Legend

Kicking off the Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence patch notes that we have for you is the new legend players have to look forward to in Seer. Obi, or Seer as he goes by in the Apex Games, this new battle royale character is one of the most unique that we have seen in the game to date. 

Seer is a fascinating new character with one of the best and most elaborate backstories in the battle royale title to date. Born with strange, cursed eyes that spell doom for everything around him, he is a mystical character that is already unique compared to most legends. 

We will have a full breakdown of Seer soon once we’ve had some time playing as him, so stay tuned for that guide soon, but we already know the new Recon character’s abilities. It begins with the passive known as Heart Seeker.

Heart Seeker will allow the player to visualize and hear the heartbeats of the enemies around them when aiming down the sights to find out their location. Interestingly enough, he can aim down the sights and use this passively even when he lacks a weapon. 

The tactical ability known as Focus of Attention will launch his microdrones to give a delayed blast that will go through walls, revealing the enemies there and also their health bars for you to see. Plus, it will interrupt their actions, giving you a chance to know where they are, know how much it will take to kill them, and interrupt them for a short time as well. 

And, finally, there is the ultimate that is known as Exhibit. This will launch a sphere around a certain area to give away the footsteps of enemies running around this area or firing their weapons. Overall, I would say that Seer’s abilities are some of the best in the business. 

Seer has the potential to be the best Recon character in the game and one of the must-have legends in the title. There is no matching his deep ability to find other enemies and hunt them down in elaborate ways. We will need some more time to play the character to give you a better idea, but Seer looks to be a must-have from the onset. 

You will be able to unlock Seer through the usual methods of paying the real-world currency to unlock him instantly or using the in-game currency you have collected over time. It will just depend on your situation, and whether or not you want him right away, no matter the cost, or are willing to grind to unlock him. 

New Rampage LMG and Map Update

There is a single brand new weapon that players can use in Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence: the new Rampage LMG. It has been some time since we had a new LMG in the battle royale title, and this one is here to offer a fascinating niche in the LMG category. 

The legend, Rampart, has created Rampage. Likely named after herself, the new Rampage LMG is a powerful one that fans of longer-range, heavy-duty rifles will probably prefer. This is a brilliant new mid-range weapon that will do well in longer fights. 

However, the downside to Rampage that you should keep in mind is that it is not built at all for those close-range scenarios, so players should plan in that regard with a better-suited close-range weapon. But when you use this heavy ammo LMG, you will find that it is one of the most powerful in the game. 

Rampage’s damage is amazing, but it does also come at the cost of the fire rate. The fire rate is rather slow, especially when compared to other mid-range and LMG weapons, which is why it is not suited for close combat, but this made up for the fact that it is strong otherwise. 

However, there is one way to boost the fire rate of the Rampage and do much better with it. Rampart has ensured that this firing weakness can be eliminated in certain situations. You can load up the Rampage LMG with a thermite grenade. This will power it up to have a much faster fire rate and truly go on a Rampage against the enemies you face in combat. 

You will have the chance to show off your new Rampage LMG on the map of World’s Edge that will be the main focus of the upcoming season. With each new season of Apex Legends, one battle royale location is selected as the one to get the main set of map changes. 

This time around, it is World’s Edge, which is no surprise given that it has not received map changes on this level since the sixth season of Apex Legends. We have already covered the gist of the map changes that you will find in Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence, but these are the general ideas that you should know about. 

For starters, the mining from the Hammond corporation resulted in the emergence of lava and shaking around the planet. To help with this, the corporation has taken over the new Climatizer named location to try and make the land cooler. 

This has resulted in a large snowy area in the northern section of World’s Edge and more lava streaming across the map. It has led to the destruction of certain areas, like the new Lava Siphon location and the addition of gondolas for players to traverse using. 

Ranked Arenas and Quality of Life Changes

Arena was one of the greatest post-launch additions to Apex Legends since the start of the game, and it is being expanded upon in Season 10 with the launch of ranked Arenas. Battle royale will not be your only way of earning a rank and progressing through the tiers for the first time. 

Arena will have a separate ranking system similar to what you know already in battle royale. You will have 10 placement matches at the start that will determine your initial placement in the tiers, so you will likely have some insanely tough matches to begin with and/or easy ones as everything is figured out. 

The general idea of ranked Arenas is the same, with special rewards being given to players each season and ranked split if they can reach certain tiers in time. But the difference here is that the ranked points are much more straightforward compared to battle royale. 

There are no entry-ranked point fees here but also no AP for kills, so your points will almost solely be determined by basically the win. If you win, great, you get some points. If you lose, you will probably lose some in the higher tiers of the ranked system, so keep this in mind. 

For starters, there is some general quality of life changes in Apex Legends this season with the new win streak badge. These badges award players for getting two, three, four, or even five wins in a row. There is a new Hold On response for enemy pings that you can give to tell your teammates to wait for a moment. 

There are some visual changes to ensure that the heirloom sets are telling you what is related to that heirloom item. There is also a more detailed open Apex packs button that will tell you what kinds of packs you have left to open, like legendary, epic, and common ones. 

Legend Balancing

A new season means new changes for the already existing legends in the game besides Seer. There are some significant changes this time around. Kicking off the new balancing changes is Fuse. The Season 8 legend is getting some boosts to make him a better legend overall. 

When Fuse uses the Motherlode ability and hits some enemies with the ring of fire, it will let the entire team know the location of the enemies caught by it. The explosion duration for the tactical ability will now increase by 100%, basically doubling its time. 

And last but not least, the Grenadier passive ability can now be toggled on and off if you would like to throw the grenade normally, rather than the enhanced version that Fuse has. Overall, these changes are not here to increase his damage output but to make his abilities more useful to Fuse players and their teammates, too. 

For Horizon, some more changes will reduce some of the nerfing that happened in the Legacy season. The slowdown after the initial Black Hole pull has been reduced not to be nearly as bad, while the gravity lift speed has been bumped up to a solid compromise. 

On the Revenant side of things, there will be a visual and audio cue given to players when the Death Totem protection is about to end. This is useful for your team and can be seen and heard by other players, so keep that in mind. 

There is also a new slow debuff that will happen for a moment after you have been recalled to the Death Totem, which could result in some awkward moments if the enemies know where you have returned to.  

And, lastly, we have Caustic. This complicated defensive character is one that Respawn constantly has to be careful with, as buffing too much can result in him dominating the meta while doing too little can return him to the olden days of being a useless legend. 

In this latest season, a mix of boosts and nerfs have happened with Caustic this time around that should keep him in a balanced position. From now on, gas damage from him will start at five damage per tick, but this will increase by one damage point indefinitely every other tick. 

To boost the character, the cooldown on his tactical ability is now 20 seconds instead of 25. For his ultimate, the cooldown was reduced to only three minutes, rather than three and a half minutes, but the duration has been subsequently reduced to only 15 seconds, instead of 20. 

For more on the specific weapon changes, bug fixes, and other minor updates that have happened in Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence, be sure to check out the full patch notes right here from EA and Respawn. 


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