Apex Legends SBMM Dev Response Is to “Deal With It”

by in Apex Legends | Mar, 2nd 2020

One of the most controversial and hated features in Apex Legends is the skill-based matchmaking system. The otherwise beloved battle royale title is famous for what it does right most of the time and its communication, but many players despise this gameplay feature.

There are countless Reddit threads, Twitter posts, and forum columns around the internet where players lament the Apex Legends SBMM system. Players hope Respawn Entertainment eventually addresse it and remove it from the game entirely.

Respawn addressed this in the past. They noted that they hear the outcries from fans. However, we haven’t heard much regarding it beyond the fact that it is still here. Thankfully, a Respawn developer gave an apparent and direct response over the past weekend.

Respawn Developer Responds About Skill-Based Matchmaking

Respawn Entertainment principal coder Michael Kalas responded to a user asking about the removal or change of Apex Legends SBMM on Twitter. A few days ago, Respawn announced the start of the System Override collection event in the game.

As per usual for the comments of new announcements on Twitter, most of them celebrated the new event that includes the upcoming Octane heirloom set. However, a few comments veered off track about adjacent issues in the game.

TheIllusiveMan wasn’t interested in talking about the event but the Apex Legends SBMM system instead. The user asked if the system could go away in the Play Apex game mode and offer more randomized matchmaking in its place.

According to the Twitter user, this ensures that players can enjoy playing with lesser-skilled friends and have fun in the game without having to worry about the predators who they match up with and destroy them.

TheIllusiveMan also stated that who these highly skilled players get matched with can make them “not want to play the game ever again.” It didn’t take long for the comment to reach the top of the Twitter thread.

Many players were in favor of the change that TheIllusiveMan presented. Some even went further and gave their ideas. Users want to see a bracket for low-level players in the game to match with each other, so they never have to deal with high-level enemies.

Once they reach a certain level in the game, the so-called “protection” gets removed and randomly put into matches. You could match with anyone rather than base it on your skill level. However, not all the comments were positive.

One of the developers responded to TheIllusiveMan’s post with a simple GIF that certainly did enough to convey the message.

It was the popular GIF of wrestler and actor Dave Bautista standing on the ring ropes and looking at the camera until it zooms in and sunglasses are layered on his face. The most important part is the simple caption that comes along with the GIF, saying “deal with it.”

Kalas’ Response Is a Really Poor One

Kalas’ response to the user about the issue was to “deal with it.” It gives off an air of complacency that the developer has no intention of changing the Apex Legends SBMM system.

Before we go any further, we should mention a few things regarding this response. For one, Kalas is one of many users who work on the game. Possibly, this does not reflect the opinions and stance that Respawn has on the matter.

It could still happen or in the works for the battle royale matchmaking system. Also, the GIF could be a joke on the developer’s part, but that is hard to read from the vague tweet.

It reads as a serious tweet. The developer insists players should deal with the fact that this is how the system works. That could be incorrect, but it is hard to tell for now until we have official word from Respawn.

Regardless of all of that, this is a poor response from Kalas to the community and TheIllusiveMan. It shows poor taste with the attitude given off. Kalas doesn’t seem to care about what the players who make the game think.

Why the Apex Legends SBMM System Is So Disliked

The skill-based matchmaking system is disliked because it matches you up with other players around your skill level. Many times, though, these players leap and bound beyond your capabilities. Players will be wrecked match after match in the process.

While standard for the competitive scene and ranked modes, it is also used in the normal unranked game mode. Like other games, it makes sense to have ranked be skill-based while the unranked randomize so players can practice and have fun.


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