Apex Legends Revenue Reaches $1.6 Billion, Seasons 9 and 10 Most Popular to Date

by in Apex Legends | Nov, 4th 2021

Apex Legends is growing season after season, year after year, into one of the most successful battle royale games in the entire world. EA recently announced the new total for the overall Apex Legends revenue and it has reached some unbelievable numbers for the battle royale game. 

Updated Apex Legends Revenue Total Revealed

Though Apex Legends was far from the first battle royale title to release in the genre, it has quickly become one of the most insanely successful in the entire genre. The Apex Legends revenue grew rapidly in the past few months of 2021 to reach a new total that is immensely impressive. The total Apex Legends revenue has ballooned to more than $1.6 billion that Respawn Entertainment and EA have been able to accumulate over the past couple of years that the game has been available on various platforms across both PC and console systems. 

During the recent performance results for the second quarter of the 2021-2022 fiscal year, EA CEO Andrew Wilson gave investors and stockholders details about how well the company’s various games are doing at this time, as seen in the text transcription of the investors call that EA shared publicly with the community. As part of this, it was revealed that EA as a whole has experienced the strongest quarter two for a fiscal year in the history of the video game publisher, which is quite long and storied. This success shows that EA is only likely to continue to grow over time with more success on the way. 

This Past Quarter Was Apex’s Most Successful Period Since Launch

For the most part, the immense success that EA experienced in the past quarter was in no small part due to Apex Legends. The seminal battle royale title dominated the revenue charts for the publisher, with Wilson revealing that the two biggest games this year for the company have been Apex and FIFA.Altogether, this has pushed EA to increase its revenue projections for the rest of the year to a new grand total of $7.65 billion USD to be made throughout the fiscal year of 2022. That is a massive $225 million increase over the previous projections that the publisher was expecting to make. 

Furthermore, what is amazing about the success of Apex Legends is the fact that this past quarter of Apex Legends revenue was 150% more than what the game had in 2020. Even in the midst of the success of 2020 when many players were home and playing the game, 2021’s second quarter still outdid it and in a huge way, too. In fact, this past quarter was the highest overall amount of Apex Legends revenue that the game has ever made in a single financial quarter of the year since its release in February 2019. As such, it should come as no surprise that Wilson also revealed that seasons 9 and 10 during that time were the most popular of the game to date. 

Seasons 9 and 10 Further Grew Apex Legends

Ever since the launch of the game, the most popular seasons have been the most recent two. With season 11 still so new, it is hard to tell if it will even balloon the popularity for the game further than this, but it is extremely likely given the fact that season 11 includes the new Storm Point battle royale map. It looks like season 10 was even able to increase the overall viewership of the battle royale game on platforms like Twitch, with a 40% increase in hours watched on the social streaming platform when compared to its predecessor in season 9.

What makes this most impressive is the fact that, outside of Seer, season 10 was not really that notable at all outside of the events that it had. The content that it added to the game was honestly meager in comparison to past seasons, including its own predecessor, season 9 that gave us Arenas. This overwhelming success for Apex Legends is unlikely to stop anytime soon before the end of the current 2022 fiscal year. There is still the third quarter ahead of us that includes the holiday season and the current season 11 that is likely already breaking records in its own right. 

Apex’s Growth Is Unlikely to Stop Anytime Soon

Player reception has been quite good so far with the new Storm Point map, that is the fourth one in the game thus far. As the largest map in the title’s history, and by a fair amount, it is a great time to get in there and check out what is new with the game. It also helps that Apex Legends is now available on more platforms than ever, with Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam both releasing in the past year or so. To make matters more exciting for EA and Respawn, there is the likelihood of more money due to the upcoming Apex Legends Mobile release. 

It has been in testing for a while now, but Apex Legends Mobile is likely to release worldwide sometime in 2022 for Android and iOS devices. That will truly maximize the potential for the game finally as it will be able to join the likes of Fortnite, PUBG, and Call of Duty that are all already making waves on mobile. The investors in the financial call made it clear that they would like to see more content come out for Apex Legends in the near future and that is something that Wilson hinted at. Hopefully, if that does happen, it will be done in a way that involves hiring more people to help without having to resort to crunch in a studio that has notably avoided that whenever possible. 


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