Apex Legends Ranked Arena Mode Announced for Season 10

by in Apex Legends | Jul, 9th 2021

Apex Legends has already expanded heavily in the game mode department with the release of the Legacy season. Still, it looks like players can expect even more additions soon. This is in the form of the Apex Legends Ranked Arena game mode that has now been announced.

Apex Legends Ranked Arena Mode Announced

The Apex Legends Ranked Arena mode was revealed during the EA Play Live Spotlight video hosted on YouTube today. In the lead-up to the EA Play Live press conference, held later this month, the publisher is committed to hosting smaller videos that highlight different topics.

Some of them will focus on just a single game for the Spotlight video. In contrast, others may give us tidbits of information sprinkled throughout a focus on the game’s development process. That is what happened during the recent broadcast, as it was not dedicated to new announcements. 

Instead, the EA Play Live Spotlight video was meant to be about the future of FPS games, honing in on the two major shooter games that the publisher has this year: the already released Apex Legends and the upcoming release of Battlefield 2042. 

Rather than give new announcements for these games, the talk was with a couple of key leaders from DICE and the formerly DICE LA devs (now officially known as Ripple Effect studio): Vince Zampella, co-founder of Respawn Entertainment, and Chad Grenier, Apex Legends game director. 

During the broadcast, the video would switch between groups back-and-forth as the teams discussed their games in detail. Not much new info came out of the video, though, as it was mainly about the themes, development breakdown, and general ideas for the future. 

Ranked Arena Will Release in Season 10

That said, one major concrete detail came out of the EA Play Live 2021 Spotlight YouTube video, which was about the upcoming Apex Legends Ranked Arena mode. This is a game mode that some in the community want to see release since Arena first came out. 

The good news is that we are finally getting an Apex Legends Ranked Arena game mode to join the already existing ranked mode for battle royale, and it will drop in the game with the release of Season 10. Unfortunately, we do not know exactly when that will be since Season 10 does not have a proper release date just yet. 

This is great news as it confirms that we are getting an Apex Legends Ranked Arena mode and will be in the next season for the battle royale game. That is something to look forward to since we do not expect to see any of the other leaked game modes, like Capture, arrive in the 10th season

An Apex Legends Ranked Arena mode makes sense since the game mode has taken off as the alternative to battle royale. Instead of featuring a game mode where 60 players are all battling for supremacy as the last team standing, it is a far more intimate and, arguably, competitive experience. 

Breaking Down Apex Legends Arena

The Arena game mode features only two squads of three players, each battling it out across several maps, including original locations not found in battle royale and others taken from the existing maps of Kings Canyon, World’s Edge, and Olympus. 

How the game mode works is that the two teams have one life each in every round they do, with the first team winning the required number of rounds winning the match. In a way, it’s a lot like the classic round-based modes from other shooters like Call of Duty and Gears of War, but with the Apex twist. 

The twist here is that you are all playing as the Apex characters who can use their abilities in battle, though in a limited sense, to balance out the game properly. This leads to a very hectic and strategic game mode that makes the player prove that they know the game and play their character well.

Arena Makes Sense for a Ranked Version

Given how competitive just the base game mode is, an Apex Legends Ranked Arena makes perfect sense. This way, the people who want to get deep into the ranks and prove how good they are can play that mode, while the players who want to enjoy it casually can check out unranked. 

We imagine that the Apex Legends Ranked Arena game mode will work similarly to the battle royale one, with multiple tiers and ranks for players to progress through, presumably to Apex Predator as well, with its unique rewards for every ranked split and season. 

If it works like the original ranked mode in Apex Legends, it will feature the base ranks that players can use to earn them ranked points to go higher and higher. But when they reach a certain point, matches will cost ranked points to enter, so if you do not want to lose ranks after the match because of that, you have to earn enough points in that match to keep it. 

As for when we will find out more about the release date for the Apex Legends Ranked Arena game mode and Season 10, we should find out more about it later this month with the EA Play Live conference. That will take place on July 22, and likely feature the first major news for the next season of the battle royale game. 


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