Apex Legends Rampart Leak Reveals Abilities, Possible Season 6 Legend

by in Apex Legends | Jun, 26th 2020

Apex Legends is certainly getting a load of leaks this week and the latest one is the most interesting one yet. The release of the Lost Treasures event was marked with a new update and that patch has proven to be reliable in leaking new information for the game, like Apex Legends Rampart.

New Apex Legends Rampart Leak Revealed

This leak continues the same trend that was started earlier this week by the Twitter user Shrugtal who is known for reliably mining the data of Apex Legends for new information when an update is released. This has resulted in several leaks over the last few days since the Lost Treasures patch.

But the most important leak of them all is the most recent one that has to do with the Apex Legends Rampart character. If you’ve been following the leaks since last year, you will likely remember this character’s name as they are someone who has been mentioned several times in the past.

There is a new leak for Apex Legends Rampart. This latest one is even more important than any of the previous ones for the character, as they potentially point to them being the next legend to be released. We’ve already had abilities leak for Rampart in the past, but this is far more substantial.

Not only do we have a bit of a better idea of how the abilities for the character will work (more on that in a little bit), but we also have some new animations and other game files dropped for Rampart in the most recent update to Apex Legends.

What the New Files Reveal About Rampart

That last point is the part that makes it seem like we could see the Apex Legends Rampart character be the next hero to join the battle royale arena. While there were plenty of other leaked characters last year that haven’t released yet, they don’t have the substantial amount of info in the game files on them like Rampart does.

Twitter data miner Shrugtal noted this in their release of the game files this week, showing off a screenshot that revealed “a ton of new Rampart assets” and how this was very impressive for a character who hasn’t been released or confirmed by Respawn Entertainment yet.

Just taking a glimpse at the various files for Rampart, you can see names of features like turret mounts, graffiti decals, legendary frames, stuff to do with Octane and some of the other already existing heroes, and so on.

The list goes on. Likely, Shrugtal didn’t even show off all of the files for Rampart in the most recent update. They posted later on, noting what some of the files mean for the potential new character and they are even more revealing.

In the image, some files have weird names related to characters like Octane and Lifeline, but it can be hard to pinpoint what exactly the asset has to do with them. But the data miner clarified in a later post, noting that these are banner animations that Rampart has.

One of them has to do with fixing Lifeline’s drone, potentially if she is one of your teammates while there is one for them fixing Octane’s mechanical legs as well. And lastly, there is also one for dealing with loot bins, which is even more interesting and could point to what the new legend’s abilities will be.

These are all intriguing animations that could tell us more about this possibly upcoming legend, like how they are an engineer of sorts as leaks and rumors in the past have seemed to indicate. As far as we know, here is what the kit of Rampart will be like when they possibly release soon.

What We Know About Rampart’s Abilities

This is mostly taken from the Apex Legends Rampart leak last year, so much may have changed in the months since then. Respawn has been hard at work developing Rampart and other characters. We saw some last-minute changes to Revenant from his leaked abilities before he released, so don’t get your hopes up yet that this will be what the character has.

What is interesting from the start about Rampart is that we do know about the tactical, ultimate, and passive abilities that they will likely have but there is a weird thing with the passive abilities. Yes, you read that right, as the user has three passive abilities leaked previously.

This could indicate a couple of different scenarios for the character. It is possible that, for starters, these three are just in development for Rampart to figure out later on which one makes the most sense and will be the actual passive ability for the character, or none of the three at all.

The second possibility is that the three passive abilities, despite having three separate names, could come together to create the singular passive that Rampart has when they release. Still, it has three different sections to it. This isn’t outside the realm of possibilities as other characters like Lifeline have had multiple parts to their passive ability.

The first is cover fire, which allows you to overcharge your weapon damage when you are firing from cover. This is pretty self-explanatory, but it seems that your damage will likely increase when firing behind cover (more on that in a little bit).

The second is fixer, which allows you to repair friendly structures on the battlefield while you are in the melee mode. This is another interesting one that we will touch on in a bit. And lastly, there is the gunner passive that gives a boost to any LMG magazine you have and reload rate, emphasizing using those weapons as this character.

From there, we have the tactical ability known as Amped Cover. This is where the cover fire passive from before comes into play. You can use this tactical to build a place of cover for you and your team to fire from. It blocks incoming shots but also gives some boosts to your team’s outgoing shots.

Finally, we have the ultimate ability that is known as Emplaced MHG. This interesting ultimate allows Rampart to construct a mounted machine gun that anyone on the team can use to take out enemy players. It requires heavy ammo to use it, so, likely, this weapon will not just run forever on unlimited ammo but also make some sacrifices from the team’s ammo.

At the same time, though, it has a high ammo capacity that allows you to use it for a long time, but with the caveat, reloading it will also take a long time to accomplish. Overall, this weapon could be overpowered and allow teams to hold points while decimating any enemies who come near them.

Or, on the other hand, it could make the team vulnerable to being located by other teams and potentially have some weak points like behind them and so on that would be hard to cover, making this ultimate have its pros and cons to using it. That could keep the balance for this character, so they don’t break the metagame but offer something unique nonetheless.

Breaking Down Rampart’s Abilities

So, let’s break down the abilities that we have here. We have a character who certainly goes by their name, allowing them to create a “rampart” or wall of sorts for the team to hide behind. Then, they are also able to create a turret to take out enemies.

The turret part certainly goes in line with the most recent Apex Legends Rampart leak that showed animations in the files for the mounted turret, which means that this ultimate ability is likely to stay. But the passive and tactical abilities are where things get a little bit trickier.

While all three passive abilities may be part of the character when they release in the future, this doesn’t seem likely anymore based on what we know from the most recent update. The fixer one, in particular, certainly seems to be true, based on the existing animations for fixing Lifeline’s medical drone and Octane’s legs.

But this leaves a big question of what does fixing do? And why isn’t it the tactical ability when something like building cover for the team is? Most likely, that Amped Cover ability isn’t the tactical ability anymore. Instead, it is probably something that has to do with the engineer-like fixing mentioned.

It’s possible that what Rampart can do is fix the drone, legs, and loot bins to buff them in a way. Perhaps buffing the medical drone that Lifeline has will allow it to heal shields or something like that, too, and maybe this will make Octane’s speed boost last much longer.

And maybe “fixing” the loot bin will allow you to find better gear for your team when you open it up. If this was the case, the tactical ability would likely switch to something that is the fixing mechanic rather than creating the cover.

But not all hope is lost for the cover mechanic. It may have been wrapped up together with the mounted turret ultimate. We could see something where the ultimate creates a mounted barrier with a turret on it where one player can control the machine gun while the others can shoot from behind cover safely.

This would help the character still retain the defensive wall nomenclature while also being a versatile engineer who can repair stuff simultaneously. In this way, though, it makes Rampart a team player and someone that you want not to be the last one standing on your team, if possible.

Also, it kind of limits Rampart as you are better off using this character in teams with characters like Lifeline, Octane, and possibly Crypto if we had to guess or else the character is potentially going to waste. This is strange but could be the best way of balancing them overall in the metagame.

Rampart Is Likely the Season 6 Legend

Given everything that we now know about Rampart from the most recent update to the game, it is likely that they are the next legend to join the ever-growing roster. And this would most likely happen with the release of Season 6, given how Respawn has handled things in the past.

But there is further evidence to Rampart releasing in Season 6 than just the newly added game files and animations. In the previous leaks that we had, Rampart was marked as the 14th character while Loba was before them, marked as the 13th character.

Lo and behold, that that is how things have gone so far. Loba became the 13th character in Season 5 while Rampart now has updated files and could potentially be the 14th hero in Season 6. There is even more speculation that Rampart could be the Newcastle character mentioned in the Revenant teasers.

When we still thought Forge was the new hero, Newcastle was in second place in the qualifiers to enter the games after Forge, who was subsequently killed. By that order of business, it seems likely that Newcastle, or possibly Rampart as their in-game name might be, would join Apex Legends in Forge’s place. We will have to wait and see as Season 6 is still a ways away.


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