Apex Legends Raiders Collection Event Brings Back Winter Express and Legends Changes

by in Apex Legends | Dec, 3rd 2021

Apex Legends is about to host its first major collection event of the current Season 11. The Apex Legends Raiders Collection Event has been announced. It will be the latest limited time for players to check out, including new content, returning fan-favorite content, and, of course, new items. 

Apex Legends Raiders Collection Event Dates Revealed

The Apex Legends Raiders Collection Event has been revealed and will be the latest collection limited-time event for players to check out. Given that this is a collection event and not one of the other types of events that Respawn sometimes does, it is all about collecting new items. 

This means a brand new event prize track to progress through during the event and plenty of new skins and the like that will be available through the store for your favorite legends. But the best part is that items are not just in this event, but there is new content for players to enjoy, too.

The Apex Legends Raiders Collection Event will begin next week on Tuesday, December 7, 2021, and will last for two weeks in total until Tuesday, December 21, 2021. During this time, players will have the chance to collect these items and check out the available limited-time game mode. 

The Apex Legends Raiders Collection Event is a themed experience coming at a fantastic time, just in time for the holidays. It is a bit unfortunate that it ends before the end of the year, but it is still a welcome event at a time when some players have off from school and work and can take advantage of what this event offers. Here’s everything that you need to know about the Apex Legends Raiders Collection Event. 

Winter Express Game Mode Will Return

For the most important part of the Apex Legends Raiders Collection Event for many players, the limited-time game mode will be available during the entire event. And it just so happens to be one of the most popular event modes that have ever come out for the game. 

The beloved Winter Express limited-time game mode is making its grand return and will be offering the chance to try out one of the most unique game modes to ever release in Apex Legends. This popular game mode will be on the returning second battle royale map, World’s Edge.

For those who do not know how Winter Express works, it is a special mode that is not necessarily like any of the normal battle royale game modes that have been released in the title. If anything, it is most similar to the Arena mode that came out this year and has become popular in its own right. 

Instead of 20 squads of three players each, like in a normal battle royale, there are only three squads of three players. The goal is to capture the train each round or be the last team standing alive on it. Either one will work and the dynamic is a crazy one that is always changing. 

This is mainly because the train is always moving, except when it stops at one of the five train stations. It is a wild experience and one that is not built on looting the train or anything else. Instead, the teams are given a predetermined loadout in the battle. 

Each legend’s particular loadout changes every day while the health kits are infinite. So, if you can, you could take a chance to pause and heal yourself, though that will be challenging with the way that the Winter Express is handled. 

Though it is a moving train, it is a tiny take on the Winter Express train. This version of the train only has three cars in total, so there is not much room to find cover and heal while in the middle of an intense fight. 

Players should also keep in mind that this game mode does not have a downed state or any death boxes. This effectively means that you will not be able to get loot from fallen allies and enemies, nor will you be able to revive someone. This means that you have to take advantage of the health kits and the ammo that enemies drop when they die. 

Prize Track and New Items

It would not be a new event without a prize tracker for players to check out. That is exactly something that is part of this latest event for Apex Legends. Since this is a collection event, in particular, that means that there are a lot of new items for players to get. 

Even if you do not want to spend any real-world currency in the game’s store, you can focus on the prize tracker that includes a ton of free items for you to unlock. There is roughly the standard amount of prizes that players can get from this new tracker, including a mix of filler items and great ones alike. 

There are, of course, standard items like minor Apex packs and some currency in the game, but there are major new items that you cannot get anywhere else. This includes what looks to be a fantastic weapon charm and special skins for a couple of the weapons. 

However, the star of the prize tracker in the Apex Legends Raiders Collection Event is the Crypto skin that looks fantastic and is right around the middle of the prize tracker. This is great since you do not have to finish the entire tracker to unlock the new skin for the character. 

How the prize tracker works is similar to past ones where you need to earn points every day of the event through the various challenges to unlock items. You will need 5000 points in total to unlock all of the items in the prize tracker for this event. 

The problem is that you can only earn up to 1600 points a day in the game through the challenges, so you can only earn all of them after about four days in total, and that is if you maximize your challenges every day. Some stretch challenges can give you four unique badges if you do them in the event. 

Beyond that, there are the special items that you can get in the event. There are so many different skins that you can get in the store for various legends, including the brilliant Lifeline, Revenant, and Valkyrie skins. 

In total, there are 24 items that you can get through the store. Technically, you do not have to spend any real-world currency to get them. That said, it takes a fair bit of grinding to get enough to unlock the items the other way. 

However, if you can get all 24 items through whatever method you prefer, you will unlock the new Wattson Heirloom set. This includes the Energy Reader heirloom item, perhaps the best heirloom item we have seen yet for a legend in Apex Legends.

Legends Bug Fixes

With this update that will include the new limited-time event, Respawn is taking the time also to include a ton of bug fixes and even some balancing changes. Starting with the bug fixes for the legends in the game, Wattson has a fair number of fixes in this update. 

First up is a fix for her fences sticking when trying to place a node near the fence and cases where the nodes would ignore the player collision. There is an issue with the blueprint line not showing players will place the fence, Caustic’s ultimate ability not being stopped by the Interception Pylon, and arc stars damaging the pylon.

For the latest legend in the game, Ash, there is a fix for bleeding when shot. She will now show sparks when damaged, similar to her fellow robotic counterparts, Pathfinder and Revenant. The audio for her ultimate has also been increased, based on the feedback from the community about it. 

There is also a fix for Ash where she would have a strange grid pattern that would randomly show up on her rare and common skins. For Valkyrie and Revenant next, there is a fix for the Death Totem Revenant ability causing Valkyrie’s skydive to become problematic when timed together.

Also for Valkyrie, there is a fix for her Birthright skin that would cause the jetpack controls to clip into her hands while in the first-person perspective. 

Arenas and Other Bug Fixes

Moving to the Arena side, there is a fix for where Seer would continue to charge his tactical ability even after it reached zero uses in that round. There are also changes for the reconnect times to make it shorter since the matches are shorter here.

Arenas also have a fix for the missing ammo UI on the common, rare, or epic CAR versions. The missing horizontal black bars that do not show up while spectating should appear now. And for those strange situations where the death tab would be missing from the shop window.

There are fixes for more elements of the game in other areas, including the new Storm Point map. The places where players could camp where they were not supposed to, like near the Command Center that should no longer be possible. 

There is a fix for the Loba Edition that fixes the issue in the store where it would show up with no price found for it. For the Volt SMG, the reactive skins now have reduced special effects, based on the feedback given by the community. There are other fixes for issues involving skydiving faster after spamming the ping button, dive trails not unlocking properly, and more. 

Legends and Weapon Balancing Changes

Last but not least, in this Apex Legends Raiders Collection Event update, one of the most important changes are the balancing ones for legends and weapons alike. For Seer, there is a minor boost for the popular character that sees his Focus of Attention detonation delay be reduced from 1.6 seconds to only 1.4 seconds. 

This weapon has been both nerfed and buffed in some interesting ways for the arc star weapon. The base damage has been reduced considerably to only 10 now from 30, while the shield damage multiplier is four times rather than three times, but with the reduced damage, the max is now 40 instead of 90. 

Furthermore, sticking an enemy will now apply a slow debuff to them, bringing back some of the old ways of handling it. When you do not stick someone with it, the slow debuff will be based on the distance from the center of the detonation. 

For the Splatter Rounds attachment, this item’s increased magazine capacity aspect has been removed entirely. When it comes to crafting, the shotgun ammo, sniper ammo, and arrow crafting output have been reduced to a single stack. 

One of the coolest additions in this update is the new custom reticle color system. Players can now select a custom reticle color, including various RGB colors that you can manually select or stick to the recommended favorites that Respawn has come up with. 

You can change your reticle color by heading to the settings, finding the gameplay settings, reticle, and then customizing. There are four different environments that you can quickly preview your reticle color in to ensure it is the right one for you. 

We were not able to cover a lot more in this post for the Apex Legends Raiders Collection Event, including some of the more minor fixes and the like. For more information about what is coming alongside this new event, be sure to find the full patch notes for the event update here


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