Apex Legends Portal and Half-Life Crossovers Are Coming to Steam

by in Apex Legends | Jul, 22nd 2020

Leaks are relatively common these days for Apex Legends, but this latest one is rather interesting as the source of the leak couldn’t be more clear and correct on it. According to a new leaked post, there will be some Apex Legends Portal and Half-Life crossovers soon.

Apex Legends Portal and Half-Life Crossovers Leak

That’s right, three of the biggest games in the history of gaming will be coming together to celebrate a very special moment: the release of Apex Legends on Steam. This upcoming release will be marked by the launch of some exclusive Apex Legends Portal and Half-Life items.

The source of this leak is a rather surprising one this time around. Usually, we get information like this from data miners and other leakers in the industry. Still, this one comes straight from EA itself. The battle royale game’s publisher posted the announcement of this a little too early.

The post wasn’t up for too long when EA was able to take it down, but that didn’t stop the Devtrackers website from grabbing the post and republishing it for the community to check out. Given the nature of where this leaked announcement came from, you can bet your Apex coins that this is likely real.

However, what most likely happened is that EA published the post a bit earlier than intended. It is even possible that the post originally finished yesterday. The company meant to schedule the post for a later date, closer to the actual launch of these crossover items, but published now instead.

Crossover Items Are Because of the Steam Release

This is because the Apex Legends Portal and Half-Life crossover items are kind of far away. They aren’t scheduled to come out until the release of the Steam version of the game, which itself isn’t ready to launch until sometime in the fall of this year.

But in the meantime, we can take a gander at the upcoming cosmetic items, which will only make the wait even more unfortunate. The post notes that in honor of the upcoming release of Apex Legends on Steam, there will be some crossovers with the Portal and Half-Life series.

Valve created those series, also known as the creators of the entire Steam platform, so this deal makes sense but is also rather surprising at the same time. Three different items, one from Half-Life and two from the Portal series, will be coming to Apex Legends through this crossover event.

Unfortunately, all three of the items are just gun charms, but considering that Respawn partnered directly with Valve to make these, it is likely that the latter had a say in what could be made, and this was the extent of the partnership for now.

What the Gun Charm Crossover Items Are

The gun charms are unique and amazing, though, and we can’t wait to see them release in the game. The first of these is the Half-Life crossover item that is one of the bone-chilling Headcrab Runners that might bring back some terrifying memories for anyone who has played the Ravenholm level in Half-Life 2.

If you want something equally scary, but differently, then the second gun charm offered through this crossover partnership may interest you. The second item that will be available in Apex Legends is the first of the Portal items.

This Apex Legends Portal item is a gun charm that focuses on the villain of the first-person puzzle series: GLaDOS. Players will be able to bring one of the greatest video game characters of all-time into the battle royale arena through this PotatOS gun charm. There is no telling what mayhem she could cause if she weren’t just a charm for your weapon.

And last but not least, the item that you will be able to get is a true crossover of sorts, bringing both Apex Legends and Portal together for a single gun charm item. This one takes the popular companion cube from the puzzle series and mashes it together with Wattson, who is holding it.

Wattson looks adorable in this gun charm. It is an interesting but understandable choice for her to hold the companion cube in this charm with her pylons. These items are all great and will be a welcome addition to the game soon.

How and When to Get These Crossover Gun Charms

Though the wait may be a while for collecting these gun charms in Apex Legends, actually getting them won’t be too hard at all. The leaked post confirms that players will only have to log into the battle royale title through the Steam version and receive them.

They are being given away absolutely for free through a limited time login event that will coincide with the launch of the game on the Steam platform. Considering it is already a free-to-play game, this means that Portal and Half-Life fans can grab the game and these items without spending anything.

When exactly will these items be available? The post reiterates what we already know about the Steam version of the game, and that is that it will release sometime this fall. The timing of this leak and how these items look completed at this point may be much more early in the fall than you might expect.

If we were to guess based on this leaked post coming out so early, we could see the Steam version release in either September or early October. We will have to wait and see as Apex Legends is currently only available on PC through EA’s Origin service.


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