Apex Legends Player Ban Leads to Unjustified Threats for NRG Lulu

by in Apex Legends | Oct, 23rd 2020

Every single day all across the world, many, many accounts in online multiplayer games are going to be banned. Some will be for good reason, a very slim margin could likely be considered unfair, and it helps maintain balance. But this latest Apex Legends streamer kills ban is pretty wild, to say the least. 

Reddit User Posts About Apex Legends Streamer Kills Ban

While bans are happening all the time in online games, it isn’t every day that a ban is able to make the news for one reason or another. But, lo and behold, one Apex Legends player was able to do just that. It all began with a Reddit post that was dropped this week on the game’s sub-Reddit. 

The Reddit user KongoBoom posted a thread that was titled “killing streamers got me banned.” That simple post alone went into detail, noting that they were playing a recent match of Apex Legends when their teammate happened to be a hacker.

What’s important to keep in mind is that this story is from the perspective of this Reddit user only, so we are probably only getting one side. The user went on to note that the hacker Gibraltar player happened to wipe out the Twitch streamer LuluLuvely while unfairly playing the game.

The user noted that they received a ban in Apex Legends for what their teammate did, when they had nothing to do with the hacking that went into the kill. The decision was made when the Twitch streamer sent a clip of the kill to Respawn Entertainment directly.

Why the Ban Happened

The Apex Legends ban was swift for KongoBoom, who claimed that they were just part of a hacker’s team and had nothing to do with it or killing NRG streamer Lulu. It didn’t take long for this Reddit post to get a lot of attention in the community as it seemed like a pretty case closed sort of deal. 

From the user’s perspective, they were in the wrong place at the wrong time on a team with at least one player who was a known and confirmed hacker. Since they were on the team with them in the clip, it looked like Respawn Entertainment banned them for potentially being part of it. 

In this way, it looked like this was an unfortunate situation of being guilty by association. But the Apex Legends streamer kills ban post was locked in the Reddit community (more on why that happened in a moment), it was able to receive 2226 comments in total and is sitting at a 53% upvote status right now.

Needless to say, it was one of the most viral posts that we have seen in a very long time for a seemingly random Apex Legends player. However, the story doesn’t end there at all. The Twitch streamer involved in the Apex Legends streamer kills ban, NRG Lulu, actually responded to all of this. 

Eliminated Twitch Streamer Reached Out to Help

NRG Lulu saw the Reddit post and apologized publicly to the user for being banned alongside the Gibraltar player who was clearly hacking, even if this Bloodhound player in question was not. To help with this, Lulu pushed the Reddit thread to the “right parties” to get it fixed.

Overall, this would seem like a very simple case of Respawn banning everyone in the party just to make sure that all potential hackers are gone but this is where things get really interesting regarding this Apex Legends streamer kills ban.

The mods had to step in on the Apex Legends Reddit to create a list of all of the relevant comments and posts about the situation. In the midst of that, the mods had to reiterate that sending harassment, death threats, and more should never happen in the community and isn’t allowed in Reddit.

Those are things that did happen because of this situation as many players in the community were outraged with the situation but handled it in a very wrong way. This led to many users sending death threats directly to Lululuvely.

This is evidenced by the fact that the KongoBoom user posted another Reddit thread today to a different Reddit called Apex Outlands. This may have been because of the fact that the user was likely not welcome in the main Reddit thread for the game anymore.

In this new Reddit post, the user noted that they are sorry for what has happened to NRG Lulu. The user stated that they didn’t expect all of this to happen to her, with people literally sending her death threats even though she simply reported a hack and even offered to help the user out by pushing their Reddit post.

They stated that they stand by her and these death threats need to stop, which they absolutely need to. Unfortunately, that isn’t even the end of the story as this whole unnecessarily crazy ban event was able to elicit a response from Respawn Entertainment itself, likely due to the overwhelming attention.

Ban Actually Gets a Response From Respawn

We have seen moments where Respawn and other game developers out there have had to go on the record to respond to a player being banned in order to clear things up or fix the situation. But the craziest part is that this happened for just some random Bloodhound player in the community.

Usually, moments like these happen for a pro player or popular content creator who gets a ban for one reason or another. But in this case, the sheer outcry from the Apex Legends community and perhaps NRG Lulu pushing the thread caused the developer to actually respond to the ban case. 

What is intriguing is the response from Apex Legends on Twitter. They noted that regarding the recent ban of a Bloodhound player, all it has to say about the matter is that the Bloodhound user “appeared to have multiple other banned accounts that they have used.”

Furthermore, it seems that the Reddit user “has a history of attempting to evade bans and was partied with the cheating Gibraltar.” As such, Respawn made it clear that it stands by the ban. Due to the user editing the post and this news, the thread was officially locked and can no longer be commented on. 

It seems that the user was apparently a cheater after all who was in a party with the hacking Gibraltar and was caught. This makes this situation one where the player used the circumstances to try and get out of the ban (apparently once again) but they have been caught in the act. For now, it seems the ban stands and this is a closed case but it could develop further in the future so stay tuned.


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