Apex Legends PC Crossplay Details Revealed

by in Apex Legends | Jul, 28th 2020

Apex Legends will expand quite a bit later this year when it comes to new platforms, stores, and more. One of the biggest features that players are looking forward to is the crossplay functionality. We now know some new details regarding the Apex Legends PC crossplay and how it works.

New Apex Legends PC Crossplay Details Revealed

According to PC Gamer, one of the developers from the creators of Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment, has revealed some new info regarding how the Apex Legends PC crossplay will work. These were revealed by Jake Smullin, one of the software engineers for the battle royale developer.

Smullin posted a Tiktok of all things regarding the upcoming release of the Apex Legends PC crossplay feature and gave some necessary info in the process. It wasn’t shocking, for sure, but it was good to have confirmation regarding some concerns that players have had for a while now.

We now know without a doubt, according to Smullin’s TikTok video post on the social media platform, that the battle royale game’s crossplay will not require players to play together on PC and console at all times. Instead, it will work rather similarly to other games in the genre.

For those concerned about PS4 and Xbox One, no, you will not have to play with PC players at all times. You won’t have to worry about queueing up for a normal match of battle royale by yourself and then finding that you are suddenly with PC players, despite playing mainly on PS4 or Xbox.

Console Players Won’t Match With PC by Default

This was a concern as it is almost universally accepted that, most of the time, PC players have the advantage of first-person shooters like Apex Legends. This is something that has been the point of contention countless times in the past.

No matter what your point of view or opinion is on the matter, there is a distinct difference playing with keyboard and mouse and controller. It doesn’t matter which one you think is superior, as they are different either way and this can cause some problems in terms of balance in the matches.

Fortunately, so long as you are playing by yourself in Apex Legends, you will never have to worry about matching up with other players in a match on the PC platform if you are on console and vice versa. However, there is one way that you will end up playing with players on a different platform.

Players should keep in mind that if you are queueing up in the same party as a PC player while you are on a console platform, then it is fair game for you to be put in a match with other PC players. This is something that players should remember as it could make the matches a lot harder for some.

How Will This Affect Switch and Steam?

That said, just because you have a party member joining you for a match online doesn’t mean that you will be in a match with players on another platform. This only applies if one of the team members is on PC and/or console, and it is different from what you are currently on.

Otherwise, feel free to continue playing the battle royale game as you have been up until this point with your friends on the same platform as you. Because of the response to the Apex Legends PC crossplay feature, it is unlikely that this will be a problem either when the game comes to other platforms, too.

We already know that the game is coming to Nintendo Switch this year as well, and we presume that it will be the same situation as the PS4 and Xbox One versions. Switch players should only be concerned with playing with other players on their platform or maybe other consoles unless they team up with a PC player.

We also know that the game is likely to be mobile as well, though it hasn’t been confirmed yet whether or not that version of the game will be compatible with the console and PC versions. But regardless, we do expect the Android and iOS players to queue up together on mobile.

Will Steam and Origin Play Together by Default?

Lastly, the other version of the game that we know about already is the Steam version. Apex Legends will be coming to the Steam store this year, likely around the same time as the crossplay functionality on PC and the Nintendo Switch version.

But the question remains of how to handle the Steam version. More than likely, players on Steam will work the same as the Origin version in that console, and maybe mobile players will only play with them if they are queueing up with a teammate from that platform.

But how will Steam work in regards to the original Origin version of Apex Legends? If you were to try and play this game on PC, you would have to do it through EA’s Origin client. It will only come to Steam later this year for easy access there.

Will the Steam and Origin versions work together all the time for queues and the like? It seems likely that this will be the case, as one platform could easily triumph over the other one in terms of users using it, so it is best to bring them together, so the user base is as large as possible on PC. For now, though, we will have to wait and see as the Steam version and crossplay will release sometime this fall.


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