Apex Legends Paintball Game Mode Reportedly Leaks

by in Apex Legends | Jun, 24th 2020

If you’ve wanted a brand new game mode to play in Apex Legends, you might get that very soon, according to a new leak. A recent data mine has revealed the possibilities of an Apex Legends paintball mode that will potentially release soon.

Apex Legends Paintball Mode Leaks

The Apex Legends paintball mode leak comes from Twitter user and data miner for the game, Shrugtal, whom we have covered before. They are typically pretty good at mining the game’s files for new data, but this is just a leak at this point so take it with a little salt.

The user went through the most recent update for the game and discovered some interesting files that hint towards a new limited-time mode that could release in the future. The new game mode is referred to as “paintball” in the files, certainly giving us an idea of what it will be.

The new rumored Apex Legends paintball mode isn’t just showing up in the files with a name mentioning it, but it has whole files dedicated to it. This leads us to believe that it is likely a real thing and something that could be released very soon for Apex Legends players.

Among the files that the data miner was able to uncover in the game’s recent update are strings, audio files, and other code supporting the existence and completion of this potential paintball game mode. Also, the Twitter user posted a screenshot of some of the files for it.

Game Files Hint at What the Paintball Mode Will Be

The screenshot shows three files have the word “paintball” in the name, hinting at being related to that rumored game mode. The first file is noted to be something like a “graffiti mod,” which sounds intriguing and on point for a paintball game mode.

There is no telling what this graffiti mod could be, other than it might be what the game is calling the gameplay changes to make everything seem more paintball-like. This could mean something for the bullets showcasing paint on the characters when they are hit, perhaps known as “graffiti.”

And that is only the first file shown off. The second one has a description that states that it increases the magazine capacity and gives faster reloads. The magazines will have something like paint-loaded rounds that players will use in battle.

This is a file that changes the actual gameplay aspects of the new paintball game mode. It seems that not only will players have paint that they will shoot on other players, but the guns will have a bigger ammo capacity and have faster reloads for continuously fighting over and over.

How the Paintball Mode Could Change Gameplay

Finally, the third and final file in the screenshot reveals that it is possible to press a certain script command (perhaps a button in the file release of the mode). The bullet color will be different. This teases that it might be possible for players to choose which paintball color they have in the match.

On the other hand, it could just be coding in the background to randomize it for teams. It is uncertain if you can pick the paintball color or if it is randomly chosen for you at the start of the match. The latter might be true, though, as every team has a specific gliding color at the beginning.

Respawn could tie your paintball color into the diving color stream that your team has at the start of the match. This would be a great way to differentiate the teams from one another and also add more reason for why the different color streams exist in the first place.

The question remains of how else the supposed Apex Legends paintball mode will affect gameplay when it potentially releases. You will likely have paint appear all over your character’s model for the damage that they have taken, but will it affect more than that?

Paintball Mode Could Be Part of the Lost Treasures Event

Will all of the guns be the same as in the normal battle royale matches or will everyone have paintball-specific weapons to use in this new limited-time game mode? There are a lot of unknowns at this time. It all comes down to whether or not this is real.

The data miner believes that this game mode will likely come out in this patch version, so before the next major downloadable update comes out. This makes a lot of sense since the new Lost Treasures event launched with this same update.

The new limited-time collection event comes with a Crypto town takeover for the Kings Canyon map, new items to collect, Mirage’s heirloom set, and much more. One of the major parts is a sort of new game mode for players to check out known as Armed and Dangerous Evolved.

We have had Armed and Dangerous before in Apex Legends, but this is a new take on the limited arsenal game mode. Since it isn’t entirely new, the paintball game mode may come out in the future as part of this event and be a second limited-time game mode.

Unfortunately, we haven’t heard anything about another limited-time game mode popping up in the Lost Treasures event in season five, so this could be a surprise or be something that isn’t going to happen in this particular event. We will have to wait and see for now if the paintball event is going to happen or not.


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