Apex Legends Olympus Map Is Reportedly Delayed From Season 6

by in Apex Legends | Aug, 4th 2020

It is nearly confirmed that Apex Legends will be getting a brand new battle royale map soon. Unfortunately, the third map for the game will likely not show up when we thought it would. The rumored Apex Legends Olympus map is going to take a little bit longer.

Apex Legends Olympus Map Has Been Reportedly Delayed

Though Respawn Entertainment has yet to confirm that there is even a new map coming to the battle royale game, many signs are pointing towards this happening. And now a new rumor is that the so-called Apex Legends Olympus map has been effectively delayed.

A YouTuber known as Winchester has posted a rather intriguing video regarding Apex Legends and its rumored upcoming map. The content creator is not one that we are too familiar with or have covered in the past, so we want to preface that you should take this with a significant grain of salt.

On the other hand, Winchester’s information is potentially accurate, as the Brazilian YouTuber has been correct about certain leaks in the past and is officially sponsored by EA. Though the video is in Portuguese, a helpful internet user has helped us out with a translation.

The problem with this is that this could be an inaccurate translation, so we are not only reporting on this from a rumor, but the translation isn’t exactly official either. That said, what the YouTuber had to say in the recent Apex Legends video is certainly good news.

A YouTuber Leaked the Delayed Map

First and foremost, it looks like the third map for Apex Legends is happening, known at this time as Olympus. We were right that the planet of Psamathe will get its map, found in the major city of Olympus.

The Apex Legends Olympus map has new details that the YouTuber could find out through a “trusted Apex Legends source.” This source is, in fact, the most trusted source that Winchester has at the moment, so this could be a developer or employee at EA and/or Respawn.

Supposedly, this is the same person who previously leaked the YouTuber with information regarding the Mirage Heirloom and the destruction of Skulltown. According to this reportedly trustworthy source, the Apex Legends Olympus map will not be making the Season 6 launch as originally planned.

Until now, Respawn Entertainment had been planning on having the new Olympus map launch with the sixth season of battle royale, something that made a lot of sense based on how the developer has done stuff in the past.

Olympus Map Likely Has Too Many Issues Right Now

But the problem is that teams had to start working from home during the development of this new map as we know already happened because of the pandemic situation. Because of this situation, the map isn’t in a state that could be released to the public.

Some rampant bugs and issues are causing crashes and other problems that would make the release of the map a terrible experience for everyone. To ensure that the new Apex Legends Olympus map is ready to go, it has been delayed past the Season 6 launch.

None of this sounds that far-fetched as there is likely going to be a new map soon; it just seems that Season 6 isn’t where we will see it. After all, the Broken Ghost questline began in Season 5 where players could enjoy a more PvE experience.

It offered players missions that you could do alongside your friends and do some rather interesting tasks. The rewards from these missions happen to be precious lore that has fleshed out the backstory of the universe and the game.

Apex Legends Has Teased Olympus Recently

As part of this, the game emphasized the planet of Psamathe heavily and the city of Olympus. The very end of the Broken Ghost story heavily implies that players are being welcomed to Olympus as if a new map will open up soon.

The importance of the planet and city couldn’t be understated, as we mentioned previously in our coverage of the location, as it is home to a couple of different legends. It is also where Loba lost her family to Revenant, with both characters being the focal points of the Broken Ghost story.

It looks like the Olympus map is going to happen at some point, as we have two maps currently. It made the most sense for Season 6 to be the debut spot for the third map as the second map showed up in Season 3.

But due to this rumored delay, it is likely now that the new Apex Legends Olympus map will come out either later in Season 6 or 7. The former is less likely, as we don’t see such a major event like a new map dropping in the middle of a season, so our wait could be several months now.

In the meantime, though, Season 6 will drop with at least some major changes for the World’s Edge map. Respawn has been teasing some major additions and changes to various locations on the second battle royale map that will likely take the place of what was going to be the new Olympus map.


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