Apex Legends No Fill Matchmaking Sort of Brings Solos to the Game

by in Apex Legends | Mar, 5th 2021

Apex Legends is one of the best and most popular battle royale games in the industry, but that doesn’t mean it is perfect. It has its fair share of shortcomings, like the lack of game modes, but the new Apex Legends No Fill Matchmaking feature goes a long way towards fixing that.

Apex Legends Still Lacks a Dedicated Solos Mode

Without a doubt, Apex Legends is a fantastic game and one of this author’s favorite battle royale titles. But if we were to give our biggest criticism overall of the game, that would be the lack of modes that every single other major game in the genre at least has an understanding of. 

Apex has been quicker than most to bring innovative new features to the battle royale genre like the ping system, respawns, and so on and introduce new maps pretty regularly. But it severely lacks in this department when it comes to game modes at helping players out. 

The game kicked off with its trios game mode. That was the only one for a very long time before we finally got duos as a permanent addition, and that is only some of the time in seasons, anyways. Having these two modes together is good, but it lacks some of the more popular ones, for sure. 

For instance, there is no four-player squads mode to date that is a permanent addition. There is no solos mode, either, for those players who want to play by themselves. But, fortunately, the new Apex Legends No Fill Matchmaking feature is a step in the right direction for solos. 

Apex Legends No Fill Matchmaking Feature Announced

One of the strangest things the game lacked until now has been selecting if you want to have a team play with you or not. Other games like Fortnite and Call of Duty Warzone let you select the “no fill” option not to have other players join you in combat. 

This makes it so that you can effectively play solos from now on in Apex Legends. So, in some ways, this new Apex Legends No Fill Matchmaking feature will make the game have a solos mode of a sort if a whole lot of players start using this to play by themselves. 

Of course, this is not a true solos game mode. All it does is make it so that you are able to not have a party in the already existing duos and trios game modes. But given that we now have this option, it does seem like Respawn Entertainment might be more open or even gearing towards a true dedicated solos game mode in the future. 

No Fill Details and Limitations

However, there are some severe limitations of the Apex Legends No Fill Matchmaking feature at this time. From what we know, it looks like each lobby you get into will be limited to only six possible solo players that used the feature not to have a team. 

Also, it is not available in ranked mode, which makes sense given that you are trying to do the very best that you can there and limiting yourself to playing on your own is counterproductive to that idea. That said, there are a few different reasons that a player would like to use this feature. 

For one, there is the obvious reason that someone might want to use the new Apex Legends No Fill Matchmaking feature: wanting to play by themselves or with only one friend. Let’s say you and a friend want to play trios but don’t want a third-party member; this is great for that.

It is also great for those confident players who want to see how they do against other teams of two or three players while playing by themselves. There are other more obscure but equally important reasons, like wanting to test some new ideas and legends in actual combat.

What This New Feature Is Useful for

You just unlocked the Season 8 hero Fuse, but you don’t know how to play him yet. Jumping into battle with other teammates who know him might put you in a situation where you are unfairly teased or made fun of.

But playing by yourself gives you a chance to learn the character and experiment a bit at your own pace to then be ready in the future to play with others. It is also great for exploring a new area that you’ve been wanting to check out, completing the various missions, and so on. 

Respawn Entertainment notes that it still believes Apex to be a team game even after this introduction but here is hoping that the Apex Legends No Fill Matchmaking feature is the first step towards a true solos mode. After all, some legends will work well on their own. 

In each of the new legend guides that we do, we always include a section for how a character plays on their own. Even though it is a team game, there will inevitably be moments when you are by yourself. Now, you can choose to do that without having some randoms join your party. 

The Apex Legends No Fill Matchmaking feature will drop in the game next week with the start of the new Chaos Theory Collection Event that celebrates the Nintendo Switch version launch. We’ll have more to share about that event in the coming days as we approach its release. 


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