Apex Legends’ Next Event Leaks as War Games

by in Apex Legends | Mar, 15th 2021

Apex Legends is going crazy with limited time events right now and it looks like that won’t be changing anytime soon. A new Apex Legends War Games leak has appeared, revealing yet another event that seems to be coming soon to the battle royale game this season.

Apex Legends War Games Leak Occurs

Four Major Events Are Coming Soon

According to Shrugtal, there are a total of four events that will happen in season 8, excluding the Anniversary Collection Event, which makes it more like five in total. That is a lot of events for a single season but it seems that Respawn is packing it full of content this season for everyone.

Chaos Theory is the first of these four events and is going on right now while the next one is going to be a new one known as the Chinatown Market sale. This one seems to be less of a major event and just something that will randomly happen for a little bit later this month.

The sale is rumored to go live March 27-April 13. It will happen for a few weeks but, from what we can tell, it looks like it will just be about the new skins that will be sold in the shop rather than something like the Chaos Theory one that brings new game modes and stuff to Apex Legends.

After the Chinatown sale, though, it will reportedly be the Apex Legends War Games leaked event. That is going to be the next major event that will bring some new game modes, likely some changes to the legends, and it is rumored to be coming around April 13-27.

What We Know About the War Games

Little details are known about this new War Games event other than we are going to get a ton of new items and skins that will be part of it. We imagine that it will likely be a collection event of some kind, similar to the Chaos Theory one right now, and have some free and paid items for players.

In fact, the prize tracker was also included in the Apex Legends War Games leak. The prize tracker is known already and gives us a pretty good idea of what is to come in the near future. It seems that it continues the feud that is going on right now between Maggie and season 8 hero Fuse.

Their rivalry has led to some crazy stuff this season already and it looks to get even crazier with the Apex Legends War Games leak. The description on the prize tracker seems to indicate that new crazy game modes are coming every 48 hours and will offer some unique rules for players.

Through those, players will be able to progress through the prize tracker for the event and potentially gain some of the many items like the two weapon charms, epic Rampart skin, epic 30-30 Repeater skin, rare Crypto skin, and the Caustic trackers as mentioned earlier.

Leaked Story Event and Golden Week Sale

It is clear that the Apex Legends War Games leaked event might be the final major one for the season. After that, there are going to be two more things to come but they are likely either in season 9 or not nearly as substantial as the upcoming War Games.

The first of these is actually not the fourth and final leaked event but something hidden. Shrugtal believes that there will be a secret story event that will happen April 16-May 4. This is something that will likely add some backstory to Apex Legends and get players ready for the next season.

Meanwhile, the fourth and final event we do know about other than the redacted story one is the Golden Week sale. This is likely to celebrate the Golden Week holiday time in Japan and, like the Chinatown Market sale before it, should bring some new skins and other items for sale for a limited time.

These four events, plus the hidden story one, should make sure that players have a lot to do in Apex Legends during season 8 and potentially into season 9. It is possible that so much is happening right now because of the recent Nintendo Switch launch.

That new version has been anticipated for a long time and is finally here in the middle of the season, so it is great to show some love to the new players as well as the already existing platforms with these new limited time events.


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