Apex Legends Most Popular Legend Has Changed Once Again: Who Is It Now?

by in Apex Legends | Dec, 14th 2021

Apex Legends is a battle royale game with a meta that is constantly in flux due to the legends system that it operates with. As such, the Apex Legends most popular legend conversation is almost always changing since characters will get balanced over time. 

Apex Legends Most Popular Legend Revealed

As of the current Season 11, though, it looks like there is a different character who has stepped up to the plate to claim the title of Apex Legends most popular legend from the previous one. Unfortunately, this person is also not too surprising and someone we know quite well. 

The Apex Legends most popular legend during the current Season 11 is Wraith. News that Wraith is the most popular character in the battle royale game is none too surprising as it is a title that the beloved portal-hopping character has held in the past.

Overall across the entirety of the 11 seasons that we have had in Apex Legends to date, the most popular legend of all time would have to be Wraith. However, it just so happens that she has not been the most popular legend for a good portion of the current year. 

News of her return as the Apex Legends most popular legend comes from the Apex Legends Status Twitter account that compiles information and data about the battle royale game. They recently released the latest info about the community and the game’s current state in Season 11 Escape. 

First Time Since Season 9 for Wraith

They noted in their recent tweet that the Apex Legends most popular legend had changed back to Wraith for the very first time since Season 9. It has been almost two whole seasons that Wraith has not been the most popular character, which is pretty astounding since Wraith dominated the seasons before that. 

At this time, Wraith is the most picked character in the game, beating out Octane, who has fallen back into second place for the time being. The percentages are fairly close between the two, though, so there is always the chance that we could see Octane make a comeback anytime soon. 

At the time of the post from Apex Legends Status, Wraith sits at around 11.3% of players picking her, while Octane is currently just a few decimal points behind her at 11% even. That said, both of their pick rates are down at this time; Octane’s has just decreased a whole lot more. 

Wraith’s pick rate is down almost 4% from her previous high of almost 11.7%, while Octane is down a whole lot, decreasing 8.25% to pave the way for Wraith to return to the top spot in the battle royale game. The data collector noted that this could be a side effect of the Winter Express limited-time game mode or a possible meta change in the overall community. 

Other Stats Revealed for Legends

The Apex Legends Status website also includes some further details about the legends, their pick rates, average levels, and more. For instance, the average rank for players who pick Wraith is Gold 2, while their overall level is around 534, showing that they are long-term players. 

On the other hand, Octane players have a slightly higher average rank at Gold 3 and a lower overall level at 420. From there, it drops to around 9% for the third-place legend that is Pathfinder. Fourth-place goes to Bloodhound who is down around 9% from their previous spot.

And fifth-place is none other than Ash, the latest legend to join the game in the current Season 11. Ash is in a fantastic spot as a balanced character and one of the most welcome legends that we have had in recent memory. 

A lot of times, there are typically two routes that a new legend will go when they are released in a season. They will go the route of either being way too popular and powerful to the point of needing a major nerf, such as what happened with Seer, and that nerf will either bring them down to a healthy place or make them crash and burn in the case of Seer. 

Current State of the Newer Legends

Seer is now the fourth-least popular legend in the game, losing out to all of the other legends released this year due to this change. On the other hand, there is the alternate route that some new legends take, which is not being powerful enough and needs a boost but is not typically enough to get them to a higher place. 

For instance, this is seen in characters like Fuse, who came out and was quite underwhelming, has received some boosts in the past but remains one of the mid-to-lower tiered legends in the battle royale game. Fortunately for Ash fans, it looks like the latest simulacrum is one of the few to come out and be in a solid place. 

There is no need for a buff or nerf for Ash. She has easily found a nice spot in fifth place. She is almost tied with Valkyrie, another new legend who was too powerful and needed a nerf to settle her into a more balanced place. 

Both Ash and Valkyrie, though, are examples of legends who can come out and become a staple in Apex Legends without breaking the game in the process. Hopefully, this is something that Respawn can keep up in the future with the Season 12 legend and beyond. 


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