Apex Legends Mobile Version Reportedly Being Developed by Tencent for This Year

by in Apex Legends | Feb, 12th 2021

It looks like we may finally have some concrete details about the mobile version of Apex Legends if this recent rumor is to be believed. If true, it would mean that we will be getting an Apex Legends mobile Tencent version of the game soon. 

Rumor Believes That Apex Legends Is Coming to Mobile in 2021

The rumor comes from IGN India, where the site claims that it has heard from “multiple sources” about the upcoming rumored Apex Legends mobile Tencent version. According to these sources, IGN India believes that Tencent develops the mobile version of the battle royale game.

While Tencent will reportedly be the primary developer on this port of the popular free-to-play game, Respawn Entertainment will act as a supervisor overseeing the project and port. It seems that this will not directly involve the original Apex Legends developer creating the game itself. 

The Apex Legends mobile Tencent is rumored to be released this year on mobile devices, preferably in the third quarter of the year. This would put it somewhere in the July-September window, which does sound like a pretty solid place to release the game as mid to late summer would be an excellent spot. 

It is uncertain if the release of the Apex Legends mobile Tencent would be a full-on mobile release or if it would be in beta of some kind. It wouldn’t be surprising if the mobile version of the battle royale game launched only for one platform or specific regions, common with many mobile games.

Current Rumored Specs for Apex on Mobile

We reportedly know the general specifications of what players can expect from downloading and playing Apex Legends on their iOS or Android devices. According to the rumors, your mobile device’s requirements at this time include having to have an A11 Bionic chip or above or iOS.

That would mean that players would have to have an iPhone 8 or newer to play Apex Legends. That is pretty fair and would allow for a decent range of iOS users to play it. We imagine that the iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro requirements would be similar.

For those players who would like to play it on Android devices, though, they would need to have a mobile device with a Snapdragon 625 or higher to play the battle royale game. Of course, those are the specifications at this time, so they could easily change between now and release.

These specs sound pretty reasonable to us and not too harsh for a game released as a AAA free-to-play title on consoles and PC in early 2019. These are fair and would allow a solid number of users worldwide to play it on mobile for free. 

It Could Come to China First

That is if it launches around the world when this rumored Apex Legends mobile Tencent comes out. The fact that Tencent is developing it could mean that it might launch in China first before coming to the rest of the world later down the road. 

Interestingly, this lines up with what we have officially heard from Respawn Entertainment in the past. Before, the developer noted that it was looking into a version of Apex Legends for China, which would, presumably, be either a PC or mobile version that would work there.

From the rumors we heard last year, it certainly seemed like the mobile edition of Apex Legends would be what Respawn Entertainment and EA are aiming to release in China. So, in many ways, Tencent would be the perfect choice for bringing the battle royale game to Android and iOS. 

Tencent Is a Likely Choice for Developing Apex Legends Mobile

We are talking about the development team behind many of the battle royale and first-person shooter games that have come to China. Tencent is a massive company with stakes in Fortnite, PUBG, and even the Call of Duty series with Call of Duty Mobile. 

This extends beyond that to other massive games that aren’t first-person shooters like Honor of Kings (Arena of Valor) here in the West. If there is a game that needs to have a mobile version or needs to be brought to China, Tencent is one of the best options around. 

However, there is an issue with this that needs addressing. If this rumor is correct, it doesn’t guarantee that we will see the Apex Legends mobile Tencent version come out worldwide this year. I think it will come out in the world at some point, if true, but maybe not necessarily this year. 

This is especially the case if it is aiming for later this year. That could mean that it will launch first in China and then come out everywhere else after that. That would potentially mean also in 2021, but later on, so it could mean that we might or might not see it be released this year here in North America and elsewhere.

Regardless, it is likely inevitable that Apex Legends is coming to mobile at some point. With the launch of the Nintendo Switch version happening early next month and being developed by the third-party studio Panic Button, that will be the last modern console that players needed to play on. And in the past, the other game that has done such a thing, Fortnite, was also available on mobile. 


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