Apex Legends Mobile Soft Launch Will Happen This Year

by in Apex Legends | Jun, 24th 2020

If you like battle royale games on mobile, you might be happy to know that a new one will be making its debut on Android and iOS by the end of the year. EA has confirmed that Apex Legends will be the next game to hit mobile devices, having its Apex Legends mobile soft launch this year.

EA Confirms Apex Legends Mobile Version

This week’s news comes from EA (via IGN) this week when the company’s CEO, Andrew Wilson, noted that EA and Respawn Entertainment have talked about having the Apex Legends mobile soft launch by the end of this year. This was in the middle of one of the EA Fireside Chats recently.

In the Fireside Chat, Wilson talked about the specifics of EA’s mobile business and how that is doing, noting that Plants Versus Zombies 3 is currently in soft launch, but that isn’t the only mobile game that the company has to look forward to this year.

Also, they have “talked about” having the Apex Legends soft launch by the end of this year. There are six or seven other games in “various stages of incubation or production” or finalizing phase. To this point, EA feels good about the mobile business.

This is interesting, as it is the first official confirmation that we have had for the Apex Legends mobile version of the game besides some offhand development teases, let alone a potential Apex Legends mobile soft launch by the end of this year. While this isn’t surprising news, it is interesting that this is how it comes out.

Apex Legends Could Be Huge on Mobile

It would have made more sense to have this be an official announcement soon. Still, EA and Respawn Entertainment were possibly going to channel the original launch of the popular battle royale game and have the mobile soft launch be a sort of surprise.

After all, the original Apex Legends was kept a secret largely until right up until the moment the game launched, with the first official info on it coming out just before the game itself did. That was an unprecedented moment for a AAA game like this one, and it worked wonders.

Apex Legends had one of the most successful launches for a game, especially in the battle royale genre. It defeats records that many of its predecessors, like Fortnite had already set in the process. EA may want to have a similar situation for the mobile version as well.

Historically, mobile battle royale games have done considerably well and, in many cases, performed better on Android and iOS than their console and PC counterparts. Such is the case for PUBG Mobile, a game that is leaps and bounds more popular than the original version of the game, so much so that it was the most successful mobile game in May of this year.

Apex Legends Fills a Gap on Mobile

Mobile battle royale games are extremely popular and there are plenty of them on the market right now like the aforementioned PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, and Call of Duty Mobile’s battle royale mode. Still, there is certainly room for Apex Legends to pop up on Android and iOS as well.

You could argue that the space needs a game like Apex Legends since it has some unique functions and features that you won’t find in the other games in its genre. It blends aspects of character-based games like Overwatch and the battle royale format, creating something wholly unique.

Selecting your favorite hero and leaping into battle with some friends as you use your abilities to complement each other would be amazing and unique for Android and iOS users in the battle royale genre. We could see a mobile version of the game being very successful.

But what makes this whole situation even odder is the fact that we just got an announcement regarding new platforms for Apex Legends last week. Last week, EA hosted its EA Play Live event, which took the place of the standard E3 event that the company usually hosts each year.

It Seems Odd This Wasn’t Announced at EA Play Live

With E3 out of commission this year, EA took its announcements to a digital format. One of them was regarding the new platforms that Apex Legends is coming to in the future. It was announced for both Steam and Nintendo Switch, both of which will come later this year.

Steam is a great announcement since it means that PC players won’t have to use EA Origin as the only way to play the battle royale game on that platform, something that many PC players don’t like. And it is also great for Switch players. This means another battle royale game to play and fulfills one of our desires for the game for this year.

What seems strange about this whole scenario is why not just announce it is coming to mobile as well in the same event? It is possible that the event was recorded a while ago and that things have changed to make it more possible for the mobile version to release this year, but that seems odd.

We will have to wait and see, but it does seem like the Apex Legends mobile soft launch will likely happen later this year. Details on if both Android and iOS will be supported at that launch are unknown at this time and if the mobile version will have cross-play like the Steam, Switch, Origin, PS4, and Xbox One versions will.

And it is still unknown if the game will be available on the next-gen systems at their launch this holiday, either. But stay tuned as we are likely to find out more soon.


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